What’s behind the increasing media deception? Fake aliens and other potential endgames

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In manipulated news events, such as a staged false flag operation or a completely faked event, there is usually an obvious, immediate agenda, whether the initiation of a war, the enaction of gun control or more security theater, the glorification of a nation’s space program, or the demonization of a company, politician, or some other target. It might be contended that there is no broader goal behind these acts, that they aren’t part of a larger plan, just ad hoc ways to achieve ever-changing objectives or sustain the status quo of the day. If this and nothing more is the case, there would be no ‘end game.’

Personally, I disagree and believe that one-off, one-dimensional operations are an old stratagem that has increasingly fallen out of favor over the last 50 to 100 years, particularly the last ten. More lately, the specific policy or public opinion change sought by the deception has become secondary to the psychological and epistemological effect on those subjected to it, the mind-fudge of it, pardon the expression. The ritual of telling the lie and the continuing evolution of the process by which the public is hoodwinked has become more important than the concrete, immediate consequences of the lie itself.

Many people given to analyzing manipulated events observe their increasingly contrived nature, and feel reassured that the conspirators behind them are getting lazy or arrogant and becoming less effective. However, they overlook that executing perfect deceptions on a regular basis would be prohibitively difficult, and more importantly, counterproductive to the objective of gradually numbing the public’s ability for critical insight, which I submit is their primary, over-arching goal. As events get more and more ‘sloppy,’ i.e. identifiably engineered, on the other hand, yet are widely believed, the standard of credulity drops incrementally. Once the public buys one lie, subsequent lies are easier to pass off. Putting moral considerations aside, why not push the envelope and go bigger? When the public’s capacity to suspend disbelief becomes elastic enough, and the news cycle consists of a yet higher proportion of staged and, even better (for them), outright fake major events, the rulers will be able (and to some extent currently do) operate on a script they themselves write as they go along, where the ‘official’ version of reality is little more than a never-ending movie broadcast on the major news networks.

The ‘proof bar’ has been lowered in a variety of ways. In a new trend, news anchors often refuse to say the name or show the face of the supposed perpetrator of a major crime.  Any basic journalism at all on him, e.g. on his identity, his motive, or how the crime was committed is discouraged as ‘giving ‘him’ the publicity he wants.’ Instead, sentimental memorials of the supposed killed are aired, interspersed with panelists, politicians, and alleged family members calling for tightened gun restrictions, more intrusive surveillance, or some other new imposition of control of the people at large. Photos and video of major crime scenes have been withheld from the public indefinitely, on the grounds that showing them would be disrespectful to the victims’ families and generally distasteful. In the past, conversely, photos of crime and war scenes were considered something the public had a right, even a duty, to see, so that they could come to terms with the disturbing reality of what was happening in the world around them. Not to say they weren’t also often fooled about the true story behind what they saw, but they demanded at least a modicum of direct evidence on which to form a judgment.

With regards to documentation from any investigatory government agencies that might substantiate what was said to have occurred in an event, police and FBI reports, even for conventional, apparently non-terrorism-related crimes, are inexplicably classified or heavily redacted. In the farcical Sandy Hook report, for example, 64 of 175 pages were fully redacted, and most of the others were so heavily redacted as to be completely unreadable. Yet there is nothing whatsoever about the Sandy Hook tale that we were told that would suggest any redaction might be needed: a 5-minute, one-man event with little planning, no accomplices or informants, no connections to a larger network, no communication with anyone at all. This kind of official cover-up was also perpetrated at the Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino shooting, and many other alleged recent massacres.

What we are left with for evidence of what happened are written reports from major news networks- or more often, reprints from the two main news agencies that produce the bulk of their daily narrative, AP and Reuters- as well as testimony from people claiming to have seen the event or known the victims: direct visual or audio documentation of the actual crime or crime scene is seldom provided. The authenticity of these supposed witnesses and family members or spouses of the victims, who are typically paraded before the public immediately after the event (often on the same day) for interview marathons, most of them in TV studios (but sometimes in front of green screens to make it appear the interview is happening near the scene), has become highly questionable to say the very least (e.g. 1, 2, 3). To say more, they (at least some of them) are actors.

The divorce of the public from verifiability of major news events has been achieved in part by the consolidation of 90% of TV and news media into six companies, specifically the acquisition in recent decades of the vast majority of local newspapers by national conglomerates owned by a handful of billionaires or, along with much of the rest of the economy, by complex networks of corporate structures controlled by mostly unknown bank shareholders who manage the nation’s money creation mechanism. Since being bought out, the subsidiary local papers have focused more coverage on national stories out of the perceptual sphere of their readers, and less on local happenings. Readers decreasingly experience the people, places, and events covered on any sort of direct or real-time way, if ever, and have no way of determining the authenticity of reports. The centralization of the media has been key to deceiving the public; doing so in a decentralized, locally focused media context would be impossible.

Watering down individual and societal epistemology and dulling critical analysis is part of the media propagandists’ overall program to dominate the American people by creating divisions between large groups and discouraging trust and interaction between people in the real world, so that the average person’s fundamental information- and culture-scape consists almost exclusively of scripted material beamed in from a small handful of major ‘content providers’ via TV and the internet, rather than from sensory perception, participation in local society, and the traditional media of face-to-face interaction and reports from independent, local news sources. This is not by any means to say that there is no worthwhile material put out by large media companies or that it is all propaganda, only that this underlying agenda, sadly the raison d’etre for major news networks in America these days, should be kept in mind when ‘interfacing’ with those sources (although when it comes to TV shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC, almost all of them do contain some degree of hidden or overt psychological programming).

Whether or not this mission to stretch of the limits of gullibility has been consciously considered by manipulators of events, it is being accomplished all the same. If the shift to ‘fake mode’ from conventional, violent false flag strategy for psychological reasons is not in fact intentional, it has other benefits that may explain its occurrence. Most importantly, it allows the event engineers to completely control the scene and avoid the pitfalls of real events. There are no lawsuits from family members, no crusades by grieving mothers and fathers to uncover the truth, no surviving victims who saw too much, no outside witnesses or prying, independent reporters. ‘Players’ in these operations, some of whom are reused for different events and even for roles in the same event, can be kept in check with money, blackmail, and threats of violence to themselves and their loved ones, with examples likely being made on occasion. If any were to run to a media who is at the root of the power structure and actively involved in most of the deceptions, not only would their story go unreported and censored on search engines and major social media platforms, but they might not make it through the hour. If one does try to expose some of the truth and is hard to eliminate right away, he or she is discredited, framed, and/or ignored in the meantime. Contrary to popular belief (or more properly, contrary to propaganda intended to create an illusion of popular belief), evidence of conspiracies is leaked all the time, but with an uncooperative media and hostile intelligence network ready to pounce on whistle-blowers, it is not widely circulated and quickly becomes buried and labeled as myth or ‘conspiracy theory.’

Whatever the precise longer-term effects on the populace of believing in faked events are, whatever the motivations or strategy of the manipulators, the fakery is in fact happening, and none of it is good for Americans or the world.


What the Big Daddy of Lies Might Be

Some of the more likely mega-lies now being primed by smaller-scale events are:

1) A (fake) alien invasion or encounter, or other cosmic event, like an Armageddon-esque asteroid collision
2) A (fake) dirty bomb, nuclear attack, or chemical attack
3) A (fake) pandemic, like the hoax measles outbreak of 2014, and the ebola hoax of 2015, but far larger

These plots, particularly the first, are among the few potentially viable ways to herd the world’s population into a global government, one of the major near-term goals of the international political and financial elite. An aside on who exactly is being spoken of here: For at least 125 years, arguably much longer, an international cabal has been trying to establish a world government. With an agenda sometimes referred to as the New World Order, it conducts its business through a network of globalist think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and World Economic Forum, among many others, as well as secret and semi-secret societies like the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Club. The group is not all-powerful by any means, but does heavily influence and sometimes outright control most of Congress, much of the federal judiciary, the banking system; Hollywood, most major news and TV networks and major publishing houses; and the largest natural resource companies, among some other core industries and institutions. It should be noted that these are not the kind of people most people think of or want as leaders, let alone world leaders. While they are all deeply corrupted by power, a disproportionately high number of them are also practicing pedophiles and pederasts, and many engage in satanic and occult rituals. The cabal’s publicly known plan is to consolidate nations into continental unions, and then into a world government. If you doubt the group exists, a tiny glimpse into it like this might help convince you. It cannot be defined as just a confluence of interests, as some have suggested, but, with respect to certain policies and at certain moments at least, an organization with some kind of leadership that I won’t claim to know the details of like some others do. Its goal could be described simply as centralization: of population, government, education, food, media, medicine, culture, and money, in both the private sphere and public sphere. It has no identifiable values other than more power and control into the hands of the few, the 0.0001%. Its enemies are the family, the local community, and any kind of movement for decentralization and independence- political, social, and economic, from the national to the individual level.

Assuming it was executed successfully, faking an extraterrestrial event would be the easiest and most permanent method to usher in a world government, and require the least violence and collateral damage. The concept of fake aliens is not from my imagination; take the War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938, in which millions were initally convinced that a Martian invasion was real. Or some lines from a series of Ronald Reagan’s speeches in the 1980s: ‘Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.’ ‘I’ve often wondered, what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by a power from outer space, by another planet. . . wouldn’t we come together to fight that particular threat?’ ‘Just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held, if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet.’ Or what global government advocate Henry Kissinger reportedly said in a speech at a 1991 Bilderberg meeting:  ‘If [Americans] were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence . . . it is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government’ (the quote has been characterized as misattributed, but is only unverified, since the secretly recorded tape has never been produced publicly. Given Kissinger’s other confirmed quotes, I doubt he did not say it.)

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Clinton remarked, ‘If we were visited some day I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. May be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. Think of how all the differences of the people on earth would seem small if we were threatened by a space invader.’  ‘The dimensions of physics are such that I would be quite surprised if in the lifetime of people no older than 30 here we don’t discover some form of life in another universe. So I think there are lots of biological, on earth, and other discoveries in the heavens that those of you who are younger will get to see unfold, you’ll have all kind of problems with them but on balance it will be a plus. And it’ll make life much more interesting.’ Why would Bill Clinton be sure that we will have an alien encounter in the next 50 or so years, when there haven’t been any in the last 8,000 years of recorded history? And why would he confidently say we’ll have ‘all kinds of problems with them’? Nonsense references to the ‘dimensions of physics’ doesn’t provide an answer. Sounds like a case of either loose lips or predictive programming by Clinton. Barack Obama had a similar conversation with Kimmel last year, and just this week Hillary Clinton stated to Kimmel that she would ‘get to the bottom’ of alleged UFO secrets. This short documentary offers more in-depth treatment of the fake alien subject.

If anyone can come up with a better way to bring in a global government than a pretend alien invasion, I’d certainly like to hear it. The fake aliens might even make demands or suggestions that echo existing globalist agendas, like telling us we need to implement a global carbon tax or eliminate cash to avoid takeover or imminent extinction. Whatever the outcome of a standoff or conflict, you can be sure it wouldn’t be detrimental to those in power.

Of course, with the latter two of the above three scenarios, it is entirely possible, more likely even, that the event would be engineered but real. It’s also possible that we would get the second and/or the third, and then the first later.


The Rumored Alien & UFO Files Are a Hoax, There Is Nothing to Disclose

While it’s clear that the moon landings never happened and that man has never passed low Earth orbit (primarily due to the impossibility of penetrating the Van Allen radiation belt with 1960s technology, but also for the simple fact that half a century later no one has ever been back, as well as the vast evidence that the films were shot in a southwest US desert, likely by Stanley Kubrick), it appears that not only have we not been out there, but also that ‘they,’ at least as far as we know, have not been here: that the legendary ET secrets of the US government are not extraterrestrial at all, and that ‘UFOs’ are government-classified, experimental aircraft rather than alien craft, possibly designed to appear otherworldly on purpose to build the background for a fake encounter later, and potentially to be used in one when the time comes. (It’s perhaps more likely that the disc-shaped craft are not of secret, advanced technology or even do not exist, with the reports being outright fake or the craft just conventional airplanes or helicopters modified to appear extraterrestrial. Producing a hundred-odd fake reports and bad-quality fake videos over several decades is hardly impossible.) Events like the implementation of the European Union and Euro currency, intended from the beginning as a stepping stone to world government, were publicly initiated at least 50 years in advance; planning half a century and much longer in advance is commonplace at the highest levels and could apply to the gradual fabrication of a mystique around Area 51 and other empty claims of classified ET knowledge.

The myth of a undisclosed extraterrestrial knowledge appears to have been entirely manufactured. One has to ask, why would almost all these sightings and all supposed collection of alien equipment occur only since the 1940s, just as the globalist movement began to gain steam in the wake of World War II? Why is there no physical evidence of contact whatsoever for the centuries and millennia of recorded history before that? And why does only the US, constituting 6% of world land area, have and been able to hold these secrets, and also account for a near majority of sightings?

The answer to all these questions is because exactly none of the sightings were likely real. Almost half (48%) of all UFO sightings have occurred in the US. 61% of UFO sightings have occurred in Five Eyes partnership nations (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and a further 6% in core NATO countries (Spain, France). Only one UFO (16th century) has ever been sighted over a landlocked country. This would only make sense if the UFOs were of terrestrial origin and wanted to avoid entering foreign airspace. Over the last 400 years, 82% of UFO sightings have been in the US and its close allies (Five Eyes + France and Spain), plus South Africa and Brazil, a combined 4% of countries, the latter two of which are relatively easily accessible from US airspace without crossing into other foreign airspace. 87% of sightings have taken place in just 12 countries (the above, plus Mexico, India, and Iran), or 6% of the world’s nations. Only 7% of UFO sightings have taken place in Asia, Africa, South America, and [non-Australia and New Zealand] Oceania (places that lack support and leadership for world government) even though these areas constitute 73% of inhabited land area. Granted, some of this discrepancy may be due to relative lack of English language reference material produced in these areas, but not all of it. English is a global language for reference content, especially open source content, and English-speaking UFO watchers zealously track and record historical and contemporary sightings worldwide, not just in their own countries.

From the 1940s to present, there have been at least 145 reported UFO sightings, while from 204 BC (the first UFO sighting) to 1944 there were only 16 reported sightings, and zero claims of potentially recovered technology from crashed aircraft. The average number of UFO sightings per year since the founding of the United Nations has risen by 28,100% (281x) compared to prior years back to the first sighting. If you measure back to the beginning of recorded history (roughly 8,000BC), the number of sightings per year has jumped 168,700% (1,687x). The probability in a 14-billion year old universe of a 281-fold spike in real alien contact precisely coinciding, down to the year, with the formation of the first global governing body, and with the professed and real need for alien contact to justify world government, is zero, let alone a hugely disproportional number (8x more than average, weighted for land area) of those visits happening in one country (the US), the country that is the place of residence of many to most of the major proponents of world government. Not to mention that it was Laurance Rockefeller who spearheaded the ‘Disclosure [of UFO technology] Project’ in the 1990s. The group submitted a 991-page Freedom of Information Act Request for supposed UFO files and helped revive public interest in alien secrets.

Not a single government or individual prior to the formation of the UN possessed or even claimed to possess the slightest scrap of alien technology or specimens, yet we are to believe that over the last few decades our current government has managed to collect complete aircraft, bodies, and a mountain of other items. No, the truth is that the bulk of the increase consists of the mere witnessing of unusual-looking, experimental government aircraft by people who then reported an alien UFO, with the rest likely being hoaxes perpetrated by both the establishment and copycat private citizens. The reason most of the sightings occurred in the US and its closest allies is because it was riskier to conduct the test flights in foreign airspace. The disc shape associated with aliens and UFOs is the shape of experimental government aircraft.



In addition to presenting government-created aircraft as alien UFOs, a fake ET encounter might cast classified weapons technology, such as a directed energy weapon, as alien technology and turn it against mankind. This may have already happened as a real-world test on 9/11. The physical evidence around the demolition of the buildings is consistent with the theory that the Twin Towers were destroyed with mini- or micro-nuclear devices, though it remains possible that directed energy weapons were used alone or in conjunction with nukes. DEWs are real weapons that are publicly known to have been produced in small scale only, though they could theoretically exist in large scale.

This is not by any means to reject the possibility that intelligent alien life exists, but, putting all preceding points aside, there is a theory about them that is compelling, which states that most intelligent societies will eventually take one of two paths: the first is to destroy themselves with their technology and go extinct or nearly extinct. For all we know, that may have happened here. The second path is to avert self-destruction and then become an interplanetary or intergalactic civilization. In the latter case the civilization would be so much more technologically advanced than us that they would have little to gain by making contact, and would ignore us until the unlikely event that we became similarly advanced in scientific knowledge. Of the prospect of their coming here to ‘help’ us, providing technological shortcuts to a civilization not evolutionarily prepared to use the technology properly would be irrational, dangerous, and lacking any point.

The fact that the political elite have been foreshadowing an ET event for some time does not bode well. The Project for a New American Century, a group headed by Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Paul Wolfowitz, fantasized about the ‘new Pearl Harbor’ needed to achieve security goals in a policy paper just one year before 9/11, and they soon got their wish. An interim or alternative staged operation to a fake cosmic event or pandemic could be a nuclear or dirty bomb attack blamed on Iran, or even a dirty bomb pinned on the Western intelligence creation that is ISIS. Whatever the precise timing, I believe we are likely to see a major push for global government in the form of a fake major event within the next 5, 10, or 20 years, unless public opinion turns further against them than it already has and makes doing so too risky, a not unlikely possibility that may be well in the works.


Faked Events vs. Staged vs. Provoked vs. Spun Events

To elaborate on the nature of the aforementioned manipulated news events, there are four main kinds. The first is a faked or hoax event, in which the thing that is said to have happened did not in fact happen. For example, an elementary school ‘shooting’ in which no shots were fired and no one died, and many of the characters involved were fabricated identities, ‘bombs’ on a crowded city street that were actually harmless pyrotechnics, or a Bonfire of the Vanities-inspired tussle between a cop and a black person that never occurred and was intended to fuel political division and racial strife.

In staged events, the second type, the effect of the reported action did occur, but the actors were otherwise: a team of professional snipers or other gunmen carry out a shooting to be blamed on a crazed quasi-libertarian activist, or a real bomb is planted by someone other than the Muslim terrorist or ‘homegrown extremist’ framed for it. An example of a staged event would be the Oklahoma City bombing or the 9/11 attacks, the latter of which also contained elements of all-out fakery.

Provoked events are when the actor and result are as we are told, but the victim or his sponsors intentionally provoked the action. The best example would be Pearl Harbor, which was purposely provoked by economic measures and allowed to be maximally effective by FDR and top Navy brass, in order to provide an excuse for the US to enter into World War II. (1), (2)

Spun events are unprovoked, organic events that happened as reported in physical terms, but are misrepresented or distorted by the media, e.g. with regards to the motive of the perpetrator. A case of a spun event would be the killing of Matthew Shepard, cast by the media as symbolic of a nationwide epidemic of violent persecution of gay men by straight men, but which was likely a drug deal gone wrong or a personal beef, where the victim and both of his killers were gay.

All four of these stratagems continue to be carried out, and some are hybrids, such as the murder of protesters in Maidan Square in Ukraine by outside provocateurs, not police, in order to fuel a partially genuine movement. Others are a mix of hoax and reality, such as the 9/11 attacks. Disinformation agents such as Alex Jones short-circuit analysis of events by promoting a a dogmatic, single-minded perspective: in the case of Jones, that manipulated events are all staged, but never all-out hoaxes, resulting in what is known as limited hangout, or for a variety of Youtube commentators further on the fringe (often paid agents tasked to look crazy to discredit conspiracy researchers), vice versa, where all major events are faked (to the broadcast news networks, of course, the suggestion that any US events would be engineered in any way is utterly unthinkable). The reality of event manipulation is much less predictable, and more nuanced. Cycling event types and mixing and matching features of the various categories frustrates and fatigues attempts to expose them while providing enough variety to keep the casual observer from noticing a pattern.


How Can We ‘Win’? Hint: It’s Not Just About Keeping Our Guns

A friend of mine once opined that preoccupation with gun ownership for protection against both private and public criminal elements distracts from the need for the more important defense of the mind. If you give in to mass media and government manipulation and are steered in the desired direction, you have effectively given up your guns. For a people and the individuals within them to secure freedom they must maintain a critical perspective on authority- which most certainly includes the largest news networks- as well as the means for self-defense and some measure of economic independence. The absence of any one of those three ingredients can, though by sheer luck sometimes doesn’t, result in enslavement. Guns alone aren’t enough.

At the expense of being a broken record, if a high enough percentage of people, maybe only 2, or 5, or 10%, abandon faith in the major networks and simply stop believing in staged events and other media lies, and crucially importantly, share on occasion the fact that they do not believe the lies with the people around them, the power structure as it stands today will quickly collapse. If this comes to pass, one of two things will follow:

A) Those in power will try to bring us down with them, and initiate a real nuclear war, EMP attack, or major pandemic, or go for broke with a fake alien invasion or other fake, global extinction-threat catastrophe in hopes that resistance to the mega-lie has been overestimated and proves too small or disorganized to succeed.
B) They (i.e., the powers behind most governments) will retreat into the shadows from whence they came and where they mostly now reside, roll back their ambitions for the moment and preserve the economic and political gains they have made in the real world outside of ‘the cave,’ and rethink new machinations later, in the context of whatever paradigm comes into play next.

The former is what they would like us to believe will happen so that we will remain cowed and go along with their agenda. Personally, however, I believe the latter is much more likely. History is littered with universally failed attempts at global takeovers and other scuttled grand plans. The ‘powers that be’ benefit well from the non-shadow sphere and have amassed enormous material wealth in semi-legitimate business concerns, and are unlikely to imperil it by pushing too hard and risking the wrong kind of revolution.

If the people wake up to their shenanigans or an awakening is feared to be imminent, they will probably abandon most of their political ships for the moment and blend back into society for the sake of maintaining stability and preserving existing gains, allow the system to evolve relatively unmanaged for a time, and ride into the sunset as ultra-wealthy individuals, with some of them trying to diabolically influence society in a new way later on; ‘justice’ in the form of punishment for their actions is not likely. The best kind of win we can hope for is a return to a world shaped more by genuine, organic events and small-potatoes conspiracies, and less by mass propaganda and species-threatening, global arch-conspiracies.



Many major recent news events are being completely faked, and increasingly so. In some of them, actors, fake deaths, fake explosions, and fake blood are used to deceive the public. More are being faked, yet they are widely believed, incrementally expanding credulity and shrinking the capacity for critical analysis. One goal of this shift to ‘fake mode’ is to control every aspect of the scene and to prevent lawsuits, outside witnesses, and surviving victims who saw too much. Another goal is likely the acceptance of a mega-scale fake event as a real event. Events are faked in furtherance of an objective, like gun control or more intrusive surveillance. The biggest near-term objective of the cabal behind these smaller-scale fake events is to institute a world government. The most effective fake event to usher in a world government is probably a fake alien invasion or encounter. The myth of secret knowledge of aliens and UFOs and tropes of disc-shaped spacecraft and large-headed green aliens have been manufactured by people in- and outside government, likely in preparation for this fake ET encounter. There is no secret alien knowledge or recovered alien technology: UFO sightings are not of aliens, but are disc-shaped, experimental government aircraft, or possibly experimental craft of non-government, terrestrial origin. That or most of the reports were fake or the aircraft that were seen are not secret, advanced government technology, but merely conventional airplanes or helicopters dressed up like alien craft. A third possibility is that none of the sightings actually happened. A large amount of statistical evidence above proves that no recent UFO sightings were of real aliens. This is not to say there are not aliens, only that they haven’t visited us and let us know about it anytime recently. While an increasing number of events are being faked, there are still events that are staged and involve real violence and death, events that are not staged but are misrepresented by the media, and an overwhelming majority that are not staged or manipulated. These obvious facts need to be affirmed because there are disinformation agents on the internet who portray conspiracy researchers as believing everything is faked so that the latter will be dismissed by their peers. A mass awareness of the methods of event manipulation and of the nature of major news networks and social media companies as propaganda organs won’t result in a utopia, but will derail extinction-level mega-conspiracies and allow society, culture and politics to return to a decentralized, locally focused, human scale. This awakening may already be well underway, but don’t expect the propagandists themselves to report on it.


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