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2/12/19- Ralph Northam and Virginia’s First ‘Africans’

Earlier this week controversy erupted when infanticide proponent and Virginia governor Ralph Northam referred to the ‘first indentured servants’ from Africa who are said to have arrived in Virginia in 1619. Hot debate then ensued over whether the first forced laborers in Virginia, whether slave or servant, were European (e.g. Irish) or African, when the answer is neither.

There are a few problems around Northam’s wording:
1) Blacks around the world with no African heritage, from Asia to the Pacific islands to the Americas, were described for centuries as ‘African’ and ‘Ethiopian,’ among other terms, which indicated ethnic features, not a place of birth.
2) There were some actual Africans in Virginia, and many were indeed indentured servants, not always inter-generational slaves. In the Caribbean and North and South America, many Africans came with ship crews as relatively well treated personal or household servants, rather than being stacked by the hundreds below deck as field hands, which seems to be a fabricated idea based upon one endlessly circulated sketch of an alleged slave ship.
3) Around twenty people who had come from somewhere in Maryland and who-knows-where, if anywhere, prior to that were unloaded off a boat in a river tributary near Newport News Virginia in 1619. No direct evidence, only wild conjecture, suggests that they came from Africa. Internal, short-distance transfer of native American slaves by land and over water was common and characteristic of the real American slave trade, and was in all likelihood the case here.
4) As discussed in the Trans-Atlantic Deception post, Virginia historical societies have had plaques commemorating the event changed from ’20 and odd negras’ to ’20 and odd negroes’ in recent decades, and in recent years to ’20 and odd Africans,’ a fraudulent act when the first, quoted only in John Rolfe’s memoirs, is the true wording. ‘Negras’ is significant because from the 16th through the 18th centuries, Spanish and Portuguese colonists, the largest slave-trading groups, commonly referred to American natives as negro and negra, depending on the gender, since the areas of the Americas they first encountered had large black populations. Changing it to ‘negroes’ severs the link to this period.

To put this into a broader historical context, voluminous evidence proves that:
1) Natives in Virginia and surrounding areas were already cultivating tobacco en masse, in an organized fashion
2) Europeans took over these existing agricultural installations, which were sized in the hundreds and thousands of acres, surrounded large towns and cities, and were already interconnected by road networks stretching as far north as Canada and as far south as Central America
3) The natives in this area, and the Southeastern US more broadly, as well as New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, were overwhelmingly of ‘black’ ethnicity, as universally depicted in period illustrations, with non-black natives, primarily concentrated in the Plains and Southwest (and in Latin America primarily as mixed-race peoples), a small minority there.
4) These American natives were referred to variously as ‘negro,’ ‘of African race,’ and ‘African,’ with narratives that they actually came from Africa fabricated in the 20th century.
5) As it is in most cases, the truth is nuanced and grey when it comes to the real heritage of modern-day black Americans, since ample evidence establishes all of the following are correct:
A) The slave trade story is wildly exaggerated and many aspects of it are outright made-up, but there were limited numbers of post-Columbians who were African and of no pre-Columbian American descent
B) There were pre-Columbians (apparently the first Americans) who were ‘black’ as defined today, but were not of African descent. Some are traceable only to America dating back at least tens of thousands of years, while others appear to have migrated from India, East Asia, and the Pacific islands over a period spanning approximately 600-3,000+ years ago.
C) There were pre-Columbians who were not black and of North Asian/Siberian descent
D) There were pre-Columbians who were not black and of East Asian and near-Eastern/European descent
E) There were pre-Columbians who were black and were of West African descent and/or were influenced by pre-Columbian West Africans (esp in the Caribbean but also parts of South and Central America) who arrived much later than indigenous black Americans, probably over a period from 2,500 to 600 years ago.
F) The extent of slave rape and voluntary intermixing with non-black Americans in recent centuries is wildly exaggerated, but some of the latter has occurred, mainly in recent years and decades. The huge chunk of ‘European’ DNA showing up on genetic tests of many black people with no known white ancestors is not from white Europeans, it is indigenous American DNA that is shares European haplogroups but since it is not a reference population, is classified as generic European / Eurasian. As for ‘sub-Saharan’ DNA, most of that is ‘next-closest,’ since again, indigenous black American is not a reference group and therefore is not possible to appear. See the post for more on this topic.

Because all of the above groups intermixed variously before and after European contact (after contact, intermixing with blacks by mixed race and Siberian-descent Indians became legally prohibited), most people in America today who identify as black are probably mixed from all of these groups, not to say equally, but still mixed. Notwithstanding, the evidence suggests the lion’s share of heritage is indigenous American, a fact diametrically opposed to establishment narratives.


Below is a handful of the hundreds of exhibits contained in the Trans-Atlantic Deception post, specifically those dealing with Virginia and the early tobacco industry:

A) Mid-18th century Virginia tobacco ad
B) Cigar store Indian, 1790
C) 18th century Virginia tobacco ad
D) Cigar store Indian, 1870, description reads ‘it does not depict the typical Plains Indian, but rather an Indian of the Powhatan and Pocahantas period’
E) ‘Negro,’ painting of native Peruvian by Baltazar Compañón, Bishop of Trujillo Peru.
F) Figure from Museum De Moriaan (Morian [meaning Moors’] Museum), Gouda Netherlands (its original name, later changed to ‘National Pharmacy Museum,’ now merged with other collections as Gouda Museum, the Morian portion of which primarily features pipes produced in the city to smoke newly introduced American tobacco.
G) Cigar store Indian by William Rush of Philadelphia (ca. 1790), sold for $66,000 at auction (see rear view)
H) Cigar store Indian, provenance unknown (see more)
I) ‘Tinker figurine of wood representing a standing Indian, possibly Powhatan’ (ca. 1750)
J) British Museum description: ‘Tobacco paper; a native American, holding a tankard and long pipe, leaning against sheaves in front of a barrel, a slave gathering sheaves (presumably of tobacco leaves)’ (mid-18th century)
K) ‘Native Temple of Virginia Indians’ (John Ogilby, 1671)
L) Bromley’s tobacco label (ca. 1760)
M) Paper mache cigar store Indian (ca. 1900). The description reads ‘ They appeared in front of tobacco shops, usually over doorways, and were called Black Boys or Virginians . . . Many of these figures, whether they be crafted in wood or later composite, were destroyed due to their now un-politically correct nature and today they prove scarce.’
N) ‘Tobacco Plantation’ (Richard Holmes Laurie, 1823)
O) ‘Easy Negro’ plaque, with Florida Indian headdress (1853): ‘Me’s de boy of all de nation, Me no like to work in de Plantation. Me radder sit wid friend and have a joke, And have a pipe and have a smoke.
P, Q) Tobacco ads, early 20th and 19th centuries
R) Full version of Oxford Dictionary (subscription only), defining the word as “a dark-skinned person of any origin. In early U.S. use usually with reference to American Indians”
(Note: Regarding tobacco in particular, there are no images of non-black Indians associated with the tobacco industry in Virginia and elsewhere prior to the late 19th century: most blacks are depicted as natives, i.e. are in native American, non-African dress, and all natives depicted are black.)

See also these highly illuminating exhibits from state laws and census reports:

A) Testimony of South Carolina cotton planter Harry Hammond to Congress, 1901, describing Yamasee Indians, formerly Guale (see Gullah), one of the larger Mississippian or Mound Builder tribes who were the predominant group in the Southeast and Midwest at the time of European contact several centuries prior.
B) 1890 US census, appendix on American Indian populations: “The Yamasee or Jamassi, were one of a small number of isolated tribes, or dark complexion, found widely scattered among the inhabitants of North and South America . Supposed to have been immigrants from Africa prior to European discovery of America.  . . . If this is so, it explains why D’Alyon persisted in slave hunting about Beaufort [South Carolina] (1520), these negroes being valuable as laborers, while Indians were worthless. It were strange, too, if negroes first occupied this section where they now predominate.
C) “The gruesome attack of the Indians on the English, in Carolina, West Indies, on 19 April 1715, and some days after, in which action the barbarians tortured many men” (depicting Yamasee War of South Carolina; Peter Schenk the Younger, 1715)
D) Negro Law of South Carolina (1848), declaring that ‘the race of slave Indians. . .is extinct [and hence the previous part of the proviso (distinguishing slave from free Indians) has no application’] since the last act was passed in 1740; in other words, black natives had by this time been stripped of Indian identity and become labeled as genericized, non-tribal negroes.


NBA Hall of Fame player and coach Isiah Thomas surprisingly was able to leak some of this true history on a live TNT post-game broadcast last year:


2/10/19- Christopher Columbus: Another One for the Fake History Bin

In the extensive post on ‘black history,’ none of which you’ll hear about this month, there were a few asides and appendices that I think merit their own posts but may have been missed by some readers. And with the talk of fake history, black and otherwise, I feel I should offer some good examples of what I mean, and this one satisfies both needs. It’s my contention that one of history’s towering figures, ‘discoverer’ Christopher Columbus, did not exist in name or likely at all, and is an imaginary or composite character meant to act as a lightning rod or effigy of sorts, to apologize for and distract from the various conquerors and slavers aka ‘explorers’ who sacked the Americas in the late 1400s and early 1500s. If he has any link to a real person whose name we do not know, it is likely a loose one.

Cristóbal Colón, Columbus’ name in Catalan, the language of Barcelona where his voyage was commissioned, literally means ‘anointed colonist’ or ‘Christ-bearing colonist.’ The Catalan word Colón, colonist or colonizer, does not come from Columbus or the age of colonialism and long precedes his birth, dating back to Roman times. In modern Castilian aka Spanish and Italian (as Cristoforo Colombo) his name literally translates to ‘Christ-bearing / Christbearer Dove,’ deriving from Latin ‘Columbus’ (dove, masculine), ‘Christus’ (Christ/Anointed) + ferre (to bear). The surname, originating from his wool-weaver father, is supposedly purely incidental, having no relation to these words.

Columbia is the symbolic name for the United States that survived as Washington DC, District of Columbia, essentially means ‘Doveland’ in Latin. Dove is an imprecise term, colloquially referring to a low-pigment variant of a rock dove aka street pigeon, or in the case of weddings and magic acts, an African collared dove aka turtle dove with a similar or same, rare white-color mutation. It is peculiar that in addition to doves, almost all the images around contemporary Christianity are white: doves, lamb (when sheep are rarely white in nature, white being a bred strain), white baptismal garments, white Communion host (representing the body of Christ), white depictions of Jesus and early saints who were in reality brown-skinned Middle Easterners, etc, many significantly darker than today’s. Do I believe this lightening of Christ and Christianity was intentional? Yes. I know this is an uncomfortable suggestion, and some might say that it’s normal for people to depict God like themselves and with Europeans having taken the conquering position, Christ became white. True, but I believe there’s also an agenda at play. The idea would be to have darker-skinned people worship a supremely friendly, generous white man while they were being slaughtered, expropriated, and enslaved by white people, in order to help short-circuit rebellion. Obviously modern-day Christians have nothing whatsoever to do with this agenda, and implying Christianity has perhaps a millennia or more of this kind of baggage isn’t meant to challenge anyone’s faith, but it does raise the possibility of dual systems: organized religion, with worldly political and economic interests, and overarching theology and spirituality. They do not exist as one, rather the latter can be said to have been co-opted and distorted, perhaps beginning at some point in the High MIddle Ages. That organized religion has been abused does not negate its worth, least of all spirituality’s. Similarly, just because some parents abuse their children hardly means family relationships are a bad thing, for an attempt at an analogy.

In April 1493 Columbus’s first letter was supposedly delivered to Luis de Santángel, the finance minister to Ferdinand and Isabella and who is said to have introduced Columbus to them and persuaded them to finance his voyage. The letter announced the discovery of the Americas (“esta carta. . .de las islas halladas en las indias” literal translation: “this letter, on the islands discovered in the Indies,” meaning the East Indies/western Oceania) and was published in a Latin translation in Rome ‘probably in May 1493.’ On May 3rd and 4th 1493, the Bulls of Donation were released by Pope Alexander VI, ordering that “that the Christian religion be exalted and be everywhere increased and spread. . . that barbarous nations be overthrown and brought to the faith itself.” This sanctioned the conquest and conversion of all indigenous peoples and their removal into reducciónes, essentially slave labor and re-education/’culturization’ camps (often euphemized as “indigenous forced labor”) that were mostly run by crown-appointed Jesuit missionaries, with the inmates classified by skin tone and ethnic features and eventually sold off as chattel slaves or released as lower-caste freemen over the subsequent decades.

If one looks into the origin theories around Columbus, there are about twenty of them, built on dozens of inconsistent, low-credibility documents. Yet these competing theories have to be taken seriously given the dubiousness of the evidence underlying the establishment/’official’ biography. I believe the identity of Columbus, while perhaps having some real basis, was for the most part invented by the Spanish crown and its associates and promoted into a salient figure across Europe/the Western world by the Vatican, the site of nearly all publishing at that time, and that the letters were likely forged or doctored after the fact in Europe (they were admittedly written in Europe, after the voyage), based on fiction and the experiences of one or multiple persons of different identities and names. To reiterate, we have an absurdly suggestive name, incomparably cloudy and contradictory birth information, indirect transmission of voyage accounts, and an obscure death. This is clearly not a completely real person. The purpose, as stated above, was to clear the way and take the blame for the thousands of raiders who would follow, and to provide a false foundation for colonial and pre-colonial history by means of a few forged letters. If issuing independently unverifiable tales from a single point of publication to fool the masses seems like a quaint characteristic of the past, consider the stream of hoaxes emanating from NASA, from the Moon missions to Challenger to Mars roving.

Like false flaggery, which is akin to throwing a paper airplane at the teacher and pointing at a friend, these are all simple, mostly grade-school-level concepts at play, but they work:

1) I didn’t break in, the door was already open / He started it.
2) Make them believe we’re gods (or closer to God than they are)


2/5/19- In the ‘Post-Truth Era,’ Real History is Quietly Replacing the Fake, Tin-Pot Censorship Notwithstanding

By now you’ve probably witnessed the frequent lamentation by the establishment media on the ‘post-truth era’ we’re supposedly living in since Trump’s election. Everything and anything is being increasingly questioned by large chunks of the population, and establishment-owned academia has lost much of its sway. Some of the questioning is ridiculous and sloppily handled, but contrary to what we’re being told, much isn’t, and some of the more extreme claims touch on worthwhile lines of inquiry, even if the detailed pictures they posit as fact rest on what are at best vague outlines or mere possibilities. Of course, I’m not remotely setting up Trump as some Moses-like figure for open-mindedness and intellectual exploration, only as a symptom of a society desperate to extricate itself from all vectors of establishment management. To try and wrap up this trend and nip it in the bud, the media needs to lock it into an easily explainable framework, so they associate it with Trump and chauvinism, and use terms like ‘bro science.’

Independent scholar Graham Hancock recently gave a TED talk that amounted to a prelude to relatively fresh, ground-breaking information on Earth’s and thereby humanity’s past. Hancock’s signature argument is that a cataclysm wiped out an advanced human civilization around 12,000 years ago, the well founded case for which washes away much of what is thought to be known about human history and anthropology, and perhaps geology. The assumption that past peoples were advanced is drawn from the fact that they went everywhere, on purpose, and knew everyone, clearly evidenced by shared symbology. Some of Hancock’s assembly of evidence can be found in this three-hour debate on Joe Rogan’s podcast where Hancock and Randall Carlson put forth compelling evidence as stand-in establishment guardian and ‘skeptic’ Michael Shermer is put to shame (link). I’m not aligned with Hancock’s points of greatest emphasis or some of the assumptions his vision rests on, and I absolutely don’t discount everything we’ve been taught about the past, but the major aspects of history and anthropology these true skeptics of history pick apart are indeed in need of examination, deconstruction, and often disposal. The obscure realm we’re left with is more real a history than the ‘settled,’ 100,000-plus-year-long narratives confidently stated in textbooks. So-called historians who remain closed to this buried evidence and intolerant of the unknown and unknowable are essentially playing in the establishment sandbox, and aren’t engaged in much more serious a pursuit than sports commentators.

The TED presentation, published on one of its many subchannels and perhaps arranged by a well meaning lower-level employee, was quickly attached with a warning that the information was ‘outdated’ and ‘outside TED’s curatorial guidelines,’ advising viewers to ignore it in favor of more ‘credible’ sources linked in the video description. YouTube channel Bright Insight, himself a leading YouTube-based source of some of this neglected evidence, covered Hancock’s talk and TED’s disclaimer well in his most recent video (link; starts around 13:45). Channels like Mystery History, with whom like Hancock I also don’t quite align myself, have become demonetized and besieged with selective copyright claims. Caught between a rock and a hard place in the information age – where internet use and digitization allows for surveillance, but also enlightenment, and where counter-messaging/propaganda has become ineffectual compared to earlier decades – ‘open’ governments of the West now feel censorship, shadow and overt, has become necessary, but its employment has been clumsy and transparent, and as always, pushes people in the opposite direction that is desired.


1/30/19- Jussie Smollett: Another Cooked-up ‘Hate Crime’

‘Hey aren’t you that fagg*t n*gger?’ [Douses with bleach] ‘This is MAGA country!’

Give me a break. This increasingly suspect story has all the hallmarks of a manufactured incident: shifting accounts, strained believability, and great establishment benefit. Who are the no-talent scriptwriters coming up with this dreck? Probably the witting and unwitting media-intel henchmen writing network TV shows, whose transparent messaging mirrors what we see in these ‘news’/propaganda-matrix features.

The question we have to ask is, are real hate crimes in the US anything more than exceedingly rare? Like school shootings and airplane terrorism, they border on being a wholly manufactured class of event, where the vast majority are mischaracterized, staged, or faked outright. If anything, ‘hate violence’ is on the wane, and the media talking point of ‘our ever more deeply divided nation’ doesn’t seem to have much basis.

I’ve been throughout the US and in many parts of the world, in countries ‘developed’ and not, and don’t think I’ve ever once witnessed a hate crime, or anything even moving in that direction, and as far as I know, I don’t know anyone who has witnessed one. Insensitive, eminently un-PC comments? Sure. Schoolyard bullying? Absolutely.  As for actual violence, I believe nearly all bigots are cowards in real life, who keep their feelings secret to the grave and rarely venture them beyond the keyboard or outside close company. Were Hollywood’s version of reality to be true, [violent] hate crimes would be a commonplace, almost unremarkable street occurrence, but the only place hate crimes seem to reach us is the TV screen.

Matthew Shepard’s murder, which sparked the first hate crime legislation and which continues to be wrongly invoked, was a drug-related, possibly romance-related hit committed by two gay men and set up to look like a hate crime. A very large number of high-profile hate crimes against various minority groups have been clearly shown to be self-inflicted wounds staged for attention and sympathy, and many of the rest were lightly and often inconclusively investigated. While neither I nor anyone I’m aware of has exhaustively studied the subject, I can say that among the highest-profile, somewhere from a near-majority to large majority have been shown to be from dubious to proven fraudulent, as is nearly everything the media says and focuses on. To answer the counter-propaganda that ‘black-on-white’ hate crime is rampant relative to the opposite, I’d contend almost all of these are crimes of opportunity that have almost everything to do with risk/reward, and little to do with race.

Surely there is occasional violence against minority groups. But whenever it starts lacking it is predictably ‘refreshed’ to create the opposite impression, and whether they stage the event themselves, mischaracterize it, or blow it out of proportion, the divide-and-conquer media-intel propaganda machine is almost always behind it. Along with mass shootings, war-trigger events, and space-related accomplishments, alleged incidents of hate-based violence must move into the ‘fake/engineered until proven real’ category.


1/24/19- Riced Cauliflower + Legume = Win as <$1 Bowl Base or Side Dish

I recently tried out what is now a go-to side, or a base for stir-fry/hash-style or ‘bowl-based’ cooking: any type of bean, pea, or lentil mixed with a comparable amount of riced cauliflower (frozen, for convenience) instead of rice, plus sauteed onions (which go with pretty much everything and anything) to add some moisture and sweetness. Cauliflower is much better on the glycemic front, and serves rice’s role of absorbing flavor and breaking up the mushiness of legumes, while carrying more fiber and a much stronger micronutritional punch per calorie. A hearty portion can be added to any meal for under $1 in ingredients, almost guaranteeing reasonable healthiness (or at least health-neutrality) of the meal, unless you go out of your way to spoil it, and from there the possibilities are endless. Of course, with all the bean/legume talk, I’m not necessarily advocating every-meal or even everyday consumption of them, or elimination of rice, but it’s always nice to have some cheap, [IMO] fault-free staples to add to the rotation.


1/22/19- Chemtrails Go Mainstream; and the Catchall Hoax That Is Climate Change

Not long ago, well under ten years, chemtrails were regarded as the exclusive domain of the arch conspiracy theorist. To accuse someone of ‘believing in them’ was thought to be a great insult. And among the dim, detached, and dissonance-intolerant, they’re still in the realm of the non-existent and fantastical. But today, establishment publications and CIA directors openly call for their ‘implementation.’ Endless evidence, however, proves they’ve been happening for at least a decade or two, if not much longer.

Chemtrails are particulate chaff sprayed from planes, consisting primarily of brain-damaging metals like aluminum and barium, which are firmly causative of Down syndrome and dementia. The modern euphemism for them is ‘geoengineering.’ The ostensible goal is to block the sun to stop the greenhouse effect (though it may actually amplify it, bringing their wanted warming to fruition). Life consists of four building blocks: carbon dioxide, sunlight, water, and oxygen. The first two have now been deemed enemies of the state, in the ultimate human conceit of stopping climate change.


As for climate change, sea levels greatly go up, they greatly go down. They were 400 feet lower before, leaving a continent’s worth of previously human-inhabited land underwater. The alleged case for Climate Change is all smoke and mirrors: hurricanes have not in reality gone up, neither have tornadoes or earthquakes. ‘Disasters’ of great magnitude are part of nature’s workings. There has been no warming for 20 years now, since the brief ‘global warming’ spell of the 1960s through the 90s ended. According to bonehead climatologists the world should have ended 4-5++ times already. Some people insist ‘it’s different now,’ and I don’t entirely disagree; but the climate is supposed to shift slightly every so often, perhaps every decade or two. Due to my line of work I’m acutely aware of the daily weather, and it’s still 85-90 in the summer and 30-35 in the winter here, as it has been my whole life. It snows a few times every year, we have dry spells and wet spells, the leaves fall and grow back. Some years seasons seem short, other years long. Not much has really, identifiably changed.

The establishment (and its minions or useful idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is obsessed with Climate Change because in terms of a basis for world government, it’s the last stop before Fake Alien Encounter / Invasion, which if they fail to execute successfully, would spell their end.

Don’t get me wrong, I almost voted for the Green Party last election and strongly believe in environmental protection and restraints, and being good stewards of the Earth. Reducing pollution and conserving ecosystems are solutions. Climate Change is a tax-and-control scam. And the establishment lives and dies to scam and enslave us, not solve our problems.


Linked here is a YouTube-censored documentary Skyscratch, which provides a wealth of evidence that chemtrails have long been ongoing: Skyscratch: The Geoengineering Cover-up


1/21/19- Revisiting Indian Drummer vs. MAGA Hatters

After viewing more footage, the kids do appear to be rather douchey and likely drunk. On the other hand, they’re 16-year-olds, who tend to act like asses, exponentially so when drinking. But again, they didn’t appear to surround the drummer, and it’s an odd thing, even at a protest, to walk up to people drumming extremely loudly and singing something no one else understands, and drowning out their voices, ostensibly to ‘bring peace.’ The Indians I know wouldn’t think that’s at all a normal thing to do (if they wanted to break up a fight, they would do it like anyone else, by speaking English and attempting to calm and separate the two parties).

What exactly was supposed to happen at that point? If it was just to create a distraction, mission accomplished; but exactly what reaction is to be expected? My previous assumption that this was amidst a ceremony of some kind doesn’t appear to be true, which makes it all the more bizarre.

The drummer Nathan Phillips looks to be a full-time protester who shows up at events around the country, likely with the knowledge of or notice to the media, and picks fights with people he thinks are disrespecting Indians. In this case he was “coming from an Indian rights’ march,” a sphere that’s crawling with shadow-gov spies and agents provocateurs. Was Phillips just a ‘protest-hopping’ Good Samaritan or was he looking for a confrontation? What the reportage should really be about, if anything, is the debate between the MAGA teens and the Israelite group. Phillips had nothing to do with the arguing groups, and he and his drum could be inserted into any context of disagreement between any two groups, which makes the whole encounter smack of a setup cooked up by media-intel scriptwriters.


1/21/19- Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul: Join or Die [Politically]

Establishment turd Howard Dean recently condescended to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and in my view issued her a veiled threat, by saying ‘I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing’ in throwing her hat in the ring for the presidency (link). Armchair generals on the left and right alike have decried her calls for peace and non-intervention in the Middle East, labeling her ‘President Assad’ for resisting the repeated anti-Assad false flaggery, and attempting to seek diplomacy before bombs and nation-building.

Gabbard is by far the most palatable candidate on the left: pro-peace, pro-civil-liberties, anti-scams. She stands far above grope-happy Joe Biden (link) (see also), corrupt party henchwoman Kamala Harris, tent-fold, too-old Bernie, and the infernal Hillary. As much as I disagree with Gabbard over economic policy, I’d certainly have voted for her over Trump. (Unless Trump ends or restrains the Fed, he’ll be hamstrung from making a big impact economically. Although I have appreciated his less-interventionist foreign policy, bluster aside.)

Rand, for all his compromises, is the best of the high-profile right. He shares ground with Gabbard on war, civil liberties, incarceration and the War on Drugs, and a number of other issues: many of the most important issues, and those that the executive branch can most influence.

Both candidates apparently want to be president. Hopefully neither can be so dumb as to believe they will sail to a nomination; the odds of it being scuttled by the establishment party mafias and the highest-profile radio host and podcaster opinion makers on both sides are sky-high.

For a year or longer I’ve spammed the internet with calls for a Paul-Gabbard third party ticket to break the D/R duopoly, and it seems to have gained some traction, surely with the aid of others. Unless it comes to fruition, 2020 will be another pathetic ‘lesser of two evils’ election. If Rand isn’t interested, Justin Amash could be another viable choice, though his name recognition is far lower.


1/21/19- The Indian Drummer-MAGA Teen Affair: A Whole Lot of Nothing

I have no idea why the Indian drummer was present at the event, or what he was protesting for or against. I have no idea with what ideology or agenda the MAGA hatters were precisely aligned. I haven’t had the time to investigate, and even if the full truth is being reported, it really doesn’t matter. The kids may be disrespectful, delusional punks. On the other hand, the drummer may be senile and out to lunch; political protests, while crucial to a functioning democracy, tend to attract the unhinged. Or more likely, as is almost always the case, the truth of the matter is highly grey.

I know a number of full blooded, reservation-residing Native Americans and am familiar with some of their ceremonies, and I believe all good-natured, well intentioned spiritual practices/actions should be treated with respect, not mocked. The percentage of Americans who would be classed as more ‘pro-Indian’ than me is not high. Were I as a young teenager approached at a street protest by a chanting Indian drummer, I’m not sure how I would react. Should I back away, should I stand and listen, join in myself? While I don’t envision myself being there in a MAGA hat, I might crack a smile just due to the total abnormality of the situation, especially if contagious laughter from friends were to spread.

There are really no evidence the kids did anything other than apparently support Trump and smile. I saw little show of unequivocal disrespect, and no anti-minority comments or chants as reported.

Aside from that, there’s a few complicating factors here:
-High school males who may or may not have had a few drinks have a tendency towards brash and often highly stupid behavior, so strongly that such behavior can be called a normal step in development, and can never be stopped in all its forms. Were it to completely stop, I would be highly concerned.
-Native American imagery and ceremony has long been co-opted by non-Indians to promote political causes that have little or nothing directly or in some cases at all to do with Native American interests.
-In a world where people actually support and vote for a murderous, traitorous political candidate for the world’s most powerful elected office, and some actually pretend she is a paragon of virtue to be admired, can you really blame simple-minded, immature high schoolers for reacting to this absurdity by swinging in the opposite direction? Such is the danger of our intellectually and ethically bankrupt political climate.

So as usual, this seems like a custom-designed/spun scenario exploited by the media-intel complex. It’s almost as if they use these scenarios, in conjunction with their frequent fake and staged events, to divide the American people. Stop being predictable pawns in the establishment media’s predictable machinations: tune them out, and turn them off.


1/20/19- The Case for and Against Legumes

This morning I came across a video by Michael Greger from five years ago (link) citing studies that, like the study from earlier this week, suggest dose-dependent lifespan increases from legumes, where every 20g added (of legumes, not fiber) was associated with an 8% decrease in all-cause death, which is consistent with the higher end of the 6-27% range below. (I don’t eat vegan or endorse all of Greger’s positions, but his channel is chock full of useful information and helps illuminate patterns by the sheer volume of content and studies reviewed). I think it’s time to take a look at the case for and against this class of plants.

The case for: A) Are among the most plentiful and ubiquitous food groups in nature and have been eaten and cultivated for as long as we firmly know anything about human diet B) Do not promote diabetes and may prevent it, where meals of 70-80 grams of carbohydrates produce no harmful spike in blood sugar and do not seem to result in any weight gain C) Reduce high cholesterol, may reverse arterial blockage, and strongly appear to prevent heart disease D) Are consumed across nearly all blue-zone (i.e. highest-longevity) cultures (with the others eating high-fiber diets) E) Characterize diets of past, culturally extinct societies marked by health and high lifespan, where in historical texts legumes are called pulse (today a less common synonym). F) Do not cause intestinal distress or gas if eaten often, as gut bacteria begin to adjust to consumption from immediately to 48 hours. If the body can permanently adapt to something within 2 days, it is indeed a natural thing to eat.

The case against: Mark Sisson and other paleo marketers carved their bookselling niche (something I bought into, and did glean much good information from) in large part from demonizing phytic acid (which means plant-ic acid), which legumes contain but where the compound is dramatically reduced by soaking, and may have benefits such as cancer protection. Meanwhile they touted nuts and seeds, which contain as much or more phytic acid as legumes and grains do, and some far more (e.g. almonds, Brazil nuts, others); because ‘Grok,’ who as mainstream / establishment historical and anthropological narratives begin to crumble may be more a fictional than factual personage. I think Sisson and the Paleo movement helped a lot of people eat better and become more knowledgeable, but at some point you need to separate the wheat from the chaff, the marketing schtick from what belongs with the broader truth.


1/17/19- The ’20/20 [Whole-Food-Based] Fiber Diet’

More on the thrilling subject of dietary fiber:

Last week a long-term, comprehensive study (link; the publication wrongly characterizes whole grains as specifically health-promoting, when only general fiber is referred to) was published concluding that a high-fiber diet (defined in the study as 25-29g/day, which is also the government’s RDA) results in a 15-30% reduction in all-cause mortality. Not only that, but that there was a ‘6-27%’ further all-cause reduction for every additional 8g/day, pretty stunning considering fiber was the only lifestyle factor being measured. I take studies with a grain of salt, since most of them, or the institutions and organizations from which they originate, carry some kind of agenda; nonetheless, they merit at least passing consideration (if just for propaganda awareness purposes), especially since this one is consistent with anecdotal experience and historical and cultural observations. For instance, I don’t believe it’s any coincidence that nearly all ‘blue zone’ cultures consume high amounts of fiber-rich fruit and legumes.

Given the extra benefits of more fiber, shooting for 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x the RDA seems reasonable without risking permanent residence in the bathroom, and should result in substantial protection against major diseases like heart disease and diabetes, potentially approaching total protection, leaving one to be taken out by accidents/homicide, rarer diseases, occupational cancers, or the inevitable end from pneumonia in old age, etc. As for less common diseases, the immune and general health effects of optimum circulation and stable blood sugar undoubtedly lower one’s risk of those illnesses too, hence the all-cause findings. It’s important to note the study didn’t look at supplemental fiber, so a tub of Metamucil or psyllium husk, while maybe doing some good, won’t necessarily confer the same benefit.

Vegetables might be supposed to stand among the best sources, but levels are lower than one would expect, and it’s very difficult to reach even the ‘high’ RDA from them alone; 5-6 servings might only yield 12-15g, with fruit containing slightly more per serving. Only incorporating legumes, or very large amounts of certain grains (which presents weight gain problems), nuts, and seeds, can get one to maximally protective levels. A strategy of getting half from whole fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and half from legumes thus seems the most reasonable, and most health-protective. A can of beans, which might be just one serving/portion to a bigger or even moderate eater, usually contains 20-30g fiber. [Since legumes, which include beans, lentils, split peas, etc., contain far more fiber, more protein, and lower pesticide residues (especially when dealing with crops with glyphosate / Roundup Ready strains) than grains, and are much more strongly associated with good health outcomes than grains, they would seem to be highly preferable. I myself eat most grains but only on occasion, and avoid wheat mainly because of the extreme gluten levels of modern cultivars, and the widespread use of glyphosate in wheat farming].

So if you stick to snacks of whole fruit and nuts, have one or two veggie-heavy meals each day, and eat a can’s worth of beans or lentils with your lunch or dinner (ideally soaked and cooked yourself), shooting for about 20g daily from each source, you should be set on the fiber front, among many others; where with only 20g from one group or the other, you may be lacking. Getting at least 20g of fiber from a variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables also makes micro-nutritional sufficiency and broad-spectrum cancer protection likely. We can call this the 20/20 diet (or 25/25, 30/40+, depending on your caloric intake and goals). Or for the crossfitters, COBAD. Now that I’ve started my new diet ‘movement,’ book offers are currently being accepted; fortunately there are no products to patent or supplements to sell.

Here’s how this might look over the course of a day:
One can (or equivalent) pinto beans (31g)
6oz riced cauliflower (4g)
1.5 cups broccoli (3.5g)
5 oz dark leafy greens (5g)
1 medium onion (2g)
1 medium tomato (1.5g)
Half medium avocado (5g)
1/2 cup walnuts (2g)
1 cup blueberries (3.5g)
Half large apple (2.5g)
1 medium kiwi (2g)
Total from ‘supersources:’ 31g
Total from other: 31g


1/9/19- Thoughts on the Trump/Pelosi Wall Speeches

Contrary to Pelosi, there’s nothing fundamentally immoral about a wall per se. If there is a village of people who have consensually formed a community and choose to build a wall for defense and to regulate entry, so be it. There’s nothing fearful about one either, beyond a healthy level of caution one may have of external peoples and their intentions.

When you put a wall around a country of 320 million people who live under an unelected, insane shadow government that [now routinely] fakes events custom-designed to destroy civil liberties and regularly deceives and kills its own citizens, has purchased 5 billion hollow point rounds of ammo for no apparent reason, practices military takeover of mock towns that look exactly like American towns, and writes manuals for domestic re-education camps; it gets hairy. There’s also a problem with what I view as an absolute human right to move about the Earth, when you are blocking free movement from ocean to ocean.

If it’s not secretly for it, or just seeking increased division of the people, the shadow government’s opposition to the wall really comes down to one thing: suppression of national sovereignty. At any moment, the people can assume control and end it all: the monetary scam, the imperialist MIC, etc. They don’t want people believing that they have autonomy, that they control their destiny and the land they live on. If a people believe they can control their borders, they also believe they can institute a non-scam monetary system and put an end to debt bondage, and ‘take back’ their governments.

There could also be something of a domino effect, where if an American wall were built, Mexico might increase security on its southern border, maybe build its own wall. And many European leaders and populist/nationalist leaders worldwide might feel emboldened to enact more aggressive migration controls in the wake of a wall success.

Obviously we have a nationwide drug/opiate crisis (with most entering via ports, by car/truck or ship), but I don’t believe there is a migration crisis aside from the engineered caravans that could each be stopped by the military (including by marginally entering Mexico, if they refuse to do anything about it) and require no wall. I happen to have known many illegal immigrants and these days, it’s fairly unusual to hear of a recent arrival. Nearly as many have gone back to their countries to retire (or found living in the US not to be worth it) as remain here and plan to remain (with a huge percentage of those remaining fully committed to retiring in their homelands, building or having built retirement homes, etc.), let alone are coming in. Certainly, net illegal Hispanic immigration appears to be decidedly negative. The strongly positive period seems to have been from 2002-2007 during the housing boom when labor demand soared. The vast majority of Hispanic illegal immigrants who are here now (and plan to stay long-term) have been in the country for more than 10 years (not uncommonly 20+), are ‘out of the shadows’ and on some kind of track for legal residency or citizenship (and thus protected from deportation), and have US-citizen children, almost all of whom speak accent-free English and have never even been to their ancestral homeland. That ship (mass deporting the plan-to-remains) has sailed.

While I remain against the wall, I also view nationalism as one of the only bulwarks against the One Worlder agenda to erode national sovereignty and supersede nations with a world scientific-financial dictatorship, like they attempted to move towards with the failed European project. I don’t always support the nation-state and believe that in most contexts a city-state scale or smaller would be optimal, but that’s not going to happen anytime very soon and nations are what we have. Excepting violence, an ‘any means necessary’ defense against these anti-democratic forces – i.e. situational support for nationalism –  must at times be adopted.

Instead of insisting on a wall and nothing else, Trump should promote and exercise national sovereignty by crafting a deal that includes a permanent removal of political and economic incentives to problematic migration: reform of welfare and tax policies (no payouts/refunds to non-citizens/-residents), voter ID, and citizenship reform (15 or 20-year delay for voting rights). If Trump refuses to consider this kind of meaningful reform, our radar should be up that something else is afoot.


1/4/19- It’s Different This Time, Until It’s Gone

In December 2016 I called for a major stock market correction. At the time the Dow was at 19,993. It shot to 26,800 by October 2018, and egg might have appeared to be on my face, but then it sunk to 21,500 bringing what seemed to be fantasy-land 15-16% annualized gains closer down to Earth. Now it’s seemingly rebounding, and some may feel ready to hang in and await the certain, if gradual, climb back up; but will there be one?

Rewinding 30 years to December 1988, the Dow stood at 2,168, after a recovery from the pre-mania 1987 levels. I vaguely remember what things looked like then and the next few years, and aside from the internet – which while aiding the world, has probably had a neutral impact on the domestic economy – they aren’t fundamentally different now. And where consumption and quality have risen in some areas, in others quality-for-money has dropped: many products are weaker, thinner, smaller, for the same adjusted price.

The question to ask with regard to the stock market is: operating on the premise that things have steadily improved, and that a gain is expected at all, what is a reasonable return to expect for taking no personal risk (no liability for company misdeeds, accidents, or debts), locking up no money whatsoever (where you can pull the rug out from the company and sell with no notice), knowing almost nothing about the companies you are invested in (e.g. index and fund investing), and doing absolutely no work? Again: risking, committing, knowing, and doing nothing. Short of being taken as a mark and fleeced for everything, which is probably the most rational expectation, I’d say it’s somewhere between -2% (the approximate return rate of cash) and +3%. What is a reasonable growth rate over a long-ish period of time? I’d say 2-3%, maybe less. The problem is that that rate in stocks has been 9%. People like to feel that they earned the money, that things are normal, when things are WAY into Ponzi territory, where a few get rich, and the rest always get rocked.

So what does a healthy 3% annual gain over 30 years look like in Dow terms: 5,255, a 75% further loss from the recent lows. Sound crazy? Well the Dow stood at ‘just’ 6,500 in 2009, before QE and the PPT stepped in and pumped it back up, perhaps much before it had hit its real low. Looking at all core economic indicators other than stocks: home prices, consumer prices, GDP, wages, they have risen by between 2 and 3% per year, equivalent to 2x to 3x after 30 years. But let’s say a 4% gain year after year was to be expected: Dow 7,031. 5%? 9,369. 6%? 12,451. 7% is 16,503, but that’s deep in the Ponzi zone.

To the 401k’ers who have reaped huge benefits – half of them based on company contributions – it’s time to count your ‘blessings,’ realize your profits, and avoid getting Madoff’d sooner rather than later. If you stay in, understand that this is gambling, not savings and investment, and this is a Fed-run casino, not a free market. And of course, if we get an inflationary scenario, the Dow number will soar while its purchasing power plummets, an empty victory. To those who will ‘stick it through,’ when the bubble gets big enough there isn’t always a comeback: in the Great Depression, stocks took 20 years to rebound. In Japan, they’re still nearly half off their highs of 25 years ago.

For believers of the Trump winning/deals narrative: even granting Trump maximum credit, there’s no softening most of this blow. On the campaign trail he himself said we were in a ‘big, ugly bubble.’ 5,000, 7,000, 9,000 Dow doesn’t mean Armageddon: for most Boomers and other retired/retiring it will just mean goodbye plans of ‘golden’ leisure, hello humble retirement of yore (i.e. 50 years ago). For the rest of us, it will just be back to the [longer] grind.

There are certainly some alternative viewpoints worth considering: that even today, there is nowhere that on all fronts (scale, track record, infrastructure, culture, language, etc.) is as business friendly as the US (probably true; but to what [rapidly shrinking] degree?); I would argue that this reality or notion has already driven the other aforementioned markers (GDP, consumer prices, etc.) to the heights they are now (80% lower than stocks). That the US military and intelligence machine has the world hostage, and any Dollar/US detractors can be punished. That the stock market is likely to be the investment vehicle for more QE, since it can be hidden from the public, where Fed purchases of real estate, food, or consumer goods would be more apparent and politically unviable. That historical scenarios (e.g. Mexican hyperinflation) suggest stocks are a great inflation hedge. All true, and perhaps countervailing forces against Dow <5,000. The question is what of these is already firmly baked into prices, and what is bubble material? I’d say mostly bubble; only invest what you can afford to lose.


1/1/19- Connect Soaring Chinese Diabetes to American Cheeseburger Obesity for a Key to Good Health

There has long raged a debate in the ‘health community’ over the primary cause of diabetes: sugars and starches, or animal fats and proteins? Substantial evidence indicates that it could be either of them. But the primary cause of diabetes strongly appears to instead be a lack of fiber. Where do you get fiber? The whole plant foods that are ubiquitous in nature: fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, legumes. In the context of high fiber, both starches/sugars and animal foods can be safely eaten.

Most vegans and vegetarians I’ve met are in better than average health, and not infrequently in excellent health. But so are most in the loosely defined paleo camp, many also in excellent health, the ones that go heavier on the veggies, fruits, and nuts, and lighter on the bacon and cheese. What members of both of the internet-warring groups generally have the most in common is a high fiber intake.

The fiber of the vegans slows glucose uptake, which prevents insulin overwhelm. Among the paleo, it flushes out excess fat and cholesterol, preventing cellular fat saturation and ‘insulin lockout.’ Typically-high paleo antioxidant consumption cuts down on the oxidation of fat and cholesterol, protecting arteries. Either diet can be healthy and not promote diabetes or heart disease if practiced judiciously. It’s my belief that high fiber, whole-food-based micro-nutritional sufficiency (which itself almost guarantees high fiber), and the avoidance of toxic compounds (pesticides, pollutants, many pharmaceutical drugs, etc.) are by far the three most important dietary factors, and are attainable in a wide variety of cuisines, modern and traditional; given them, the notion of great objective superiority of one diet/movement over another is for the most part an illusion.

But some diets are just bad. Who are in the worst health in America, to be blunt? Those who eat the most animal or oil-based fat and cholesterol – sources of which have no fiber – along with high consumption of fiber-free starches/sugars: frequent eaters of burgers, cheesesteaks, sandwiches, fries, chips, breaded meats, ice cream, etc.. Fiberless fats and carbs are each potential triggers for diabetes, but it usually seems to be these double whammies that push people over the edge. Refined starches also cause inflammation, which oxidizes animals fats and cholesterols, making them more likely to stick to arteries. This dietary subset weighs heavily in the studies that both of the above camps cite: depending on the study, they appear variously as high-meat diabetics or high-starch diabetics, when the ‘two’ groups of study subjects are almost certainly the same people, and serve to tip the studies’ conclusions in one or the other direction.

Referring back to the title, Chinese wealth has risen several fold over the last two decades. Meat consumption has gone up in proportion, with imports now needed to satisfy demand. Diabetes there has also risen sharply, to crisis levels. The cause? Copious amounts of fiberless white rice, paired with much more [fiberless] meat and less [fiber-rich] vegetables: the analog of the American sandwich or burger diet.

So how can one craft a diet avoid these fates? Look to Hispanics with their higher than average longevity, most probably due to their custom of eating beans alongside meats. What do I myself do? Try to incorporate the best of both worlds: beans and legumes ‘from the vegans,’ and healthy fish and meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, greens, and other veggies ‘from the paleo’ (not that the latter had a monopoly on fruits, nuts, and vegetables), often eaten in combination, where fibrous carbs replace the refined.


12/30/18- A Case Against ‘The Wall’

If Trump and Congress wanted to secure the border, they could easily do it: simply station 10,000 armed border agents (a third of them on the clock at a given time) in off-road vehicles every 500 yards (the proposed wall length is 900 miles), at a cost of say $1 billion per year ($100k/year total cost per agent), an amount equal to just 0.1% of the annual ‘defense’/’intelligence’/security theater budgets and less than half as expensive as projected wall maintenance costs, setting aside construction costs. Upon any entries, which could be detected by drones, large teams of border guards could swarm the group and hold them until speedy trial and deportation. This would immediately stop all illegal crossings by foot, rendering them a waste of time and money.

If Trump and Congress wanted to stop abuse of welfare, the medical system, and other public troughs, they could easily do it: just change eligibility requirements and verify SSN at application, let alone before a check goes in the mail. If Trump and Congress wanted to stop the employment of illegal immigrants, they could do so by similar means. Trump could effect these changes himself by appointing sympathizers to Cabinet positions, who could then shape new agency policy and practices.

But he and they don’t apparently want to do any of that. Like gun control – where the sought bans involve guns that kill a tiny percentage of murder victims, yet are formidable against an occupying military – isn’t about guns, but about general control of people, border control also seems to be.

The US is almost like an island. The days of Five-Eyes Canada as a haven for protesters of US policies and ‘draft dodgers’ (i.e. people who don’t want to participate in illegal wars not declared by Congress) have been over for decades. That leaves only the southern border as a practical, affordable, universally available way out. Empires rise and always fall, sometimes spectacularly. A time might come where Americans choose to move themselves and their possessions to Latin America, if only to begin the process to relocate elsewhere. If the shoe were ever on the other foot, the wall supporters would be clamoring for its destruction.

Perhaps the most important civil liberty is the right to leave, to remove oneself from a situation one doesn’t like or support, and a wall puts a potential end to that, given the wrong leadership. To those who say Trump has a mandate, obviously not all popular mandates are valid, and Trump ran on much more than a wall.

While I oppose TDS-linked, blind obstructionism, with which anti-Wall sentiment has much overlap, and I do believe there is an agenda to flood Western countries with foreign migrants – as a means to prop up the perpetual growth model with ‘fresh blood’ amid changing demographics, and introduce greater linguistic and cultural heterogeneity as a means of division or non-cohesion – there are other, less permanent ways to deal with immigration-related problems. If Trump wants his victory and truly wants to stop illegal entry and reduce its costs, there are many other ways to achieve it, and yes, they do work.

But as for me personally, I don’t support drones and armies of border patrolmen either. Solving immigration problems requires only the will of our so called representatives to remove economic (stopping welfare payouts) and political incentives (instituting voter ID and restricting voting rights perhaps for 20 or so years, comparable to Switzerland). At that point only immigrants with needed skills and/or a non-state support network will come, and immigration will self-regulate. It worked before and will work again.

The continued argument that a voter ID requirement is discriminatory is out of touch and condescending to blacks and other minorities. Maybe it applied to 80-year-olds in 1960s rural Mississippi. Today, all people who vote also have a photo ID.


12/20/18- Reuters: ‘In Syria Retreat, Trump Rebuffs Top Advisers and Blindsides US Commanders’

What appears to have happened in Syria is that the funding and management of ISIS by its Western-intelligence creators that we saw under most of the Obama administration all but stopped shortly after Trump took office, allowing Syria’s democratically elected president Assad to retake his shattered nation and begin to rebuild. The Western power structure is hell bent on a destabilized, non-secular Middle East to preserve a Western role of policeman in the region, and ISIS was their latest device.

It’s hard to cast the ‘retreat’ in a negative light. Whatever you think of his persona and red-button bluster, Trump, in terms of his actual record, has been the best president on foreign policy in almost 40 years. That’s not necessarily saying much; a mild rollback of worldwide US-led terrorism and destabilization would be enough to qualify. And Trump’s ‘rebuilding’ of the $750 billion/yr military (plus hundreds of billions more in ‘intelligence’ and security theater and veterans care costs, adding up to about a cool $1 trillion per year) offsets much of the benefit. With regards to the Kurds in the northeast, I doubt Erdogan will invade once Assad fills the power vacuum. And as for ‘blindsiding’ the troops, true support of the military is bringing them home in safety and sanity to provide actual defense to the nation they agreed to serve.

But I won’t hold my breath before the shadow government throws a tantrum and sabotages Syria and/or the wider region in hopes of drawing renewed US intervention. Staged Iran-linked chemical attack in 3, 2, 1…?


12/19/18-  In the Shadows of the Shadow Government: FM 3-39.40 and Domestic Re-education Camps

Since 9/11, a hybrid fake-staged event perpetrated by American and foreign shadow-government elements in which there were no Muslim hijackers or passenger planes, we’ve seen several abhorrent, anti-American pieces of legislation and the erosion of civil liberties. For example:

NDAA 2012:
-Legalized indefinite detention and assassination of US citizens who are suspected terrorists
-No requirement to disclose why, how, or even if a person was/is detained or assassinated

NDAA 2013:
-Legalized the use of propaganda inside the US against US citizens, who were previously ‘inadvertently’ targeted by propaganda allegedly meant primarily for a foreign audience

These developments are almost universally known in the ‘conspiracy community.’ But others – chiefly in the form of field manuals and training exercise instructions, or video footage of exercises (where, for instance, soldiers storm mock American towns and arrest protesting residents) – have been mostly forgotten with the passage of time, such as the Army’s FM 3-39.40 ‘Internment and Resettlement Operations’ leaked in 2012. The field manual describes the operation of re-education camps consisting partially or entirely of domestic, US-citizen detainees. We’ve seen a lot on Chinese internment camps recently, but the US has at least one 147-page blueprint for its own. Here are some excerpts:

Psychological Operations Officer [the re-education prison warden]
3-55. The PSYOP officer in charge of supporting I/R [internment/resettlement] operations serves as the special staff officer responsible for PSYOP. The PSYOP officer advises the military police commander on the psychological impact of military police or MI actions to prevent misunderstandings and disturbances by detainees and DCs. The supporting I/R PSYOP team has two missions that reduce the need to divert military police assets to maintain security in the I/R facility. (See appendix J.) The team:
-Assists the military police force in controlling detainees and DCs [displaced citizens].
Introduces detainees or DCs to U.S. and multinational policy. The PSYOP team also supports the military police custodial mission in the I/R facility.
Develops PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and acclimate detainees or DCs to accept U.S. I/R facility authority and regulations.
-Gains the cooperation of detainees or DCs to reduce the number of guards needed.
Identifies malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders within the facility who may try to organize resistance or create disturbances.
-Develops and executes indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.
Identifies political activists.
-Provides loudspeaker support (such as administrative announcements and facility instructions when necessary).
-Helps the military police commander control detainee and DC populations during emergencies.
-Plans and executes a PSYOP program that produces an understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.

Rehabilitation of U.S. Military Prisoners and Detainees
The rehabilitation of U.S. military prisoners has long been practiced . . . These new detention procedures are based on rehabilitation and reeducation programs for Islamic extremists developed in Singapore and Saudi Arabia and incorporate lessons learned from Abu Ghraib and other recent and historical U.S. involvement with detainee operations . . . The rehabilitation of detainees plays a critical role in counterinsurgency operations and benefits the overall counterinsurgency.

Military Police Support to Resettlement 10-40.
Operations typically include controlling civilian movement and providing relief of human suffering . . . The authority to approve resettlement operations within U.S. territories is at the Secretary of Defense level and may require a special exception to Title 18, USC (Posse Comitatus Act).

Agencies Concerned With Internment and Resettlement Operations
U.S. FEDERAL AGENCIES: E-1. The DOD, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other federal agencies provide support for I/R operations . . .
SUPPORT TO CIVIL SUPPORT OPERATIONS: Civil support is the DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities. (JP 3-28) Civil support includes operations that address the consequences of natural or man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.
2-40. The I/R tasks performed in support of civil support operations are similar to those during combat operations, but the techniques and procedures are modified based on the special OE associated with operating within U.S. territory and according to the categories of individuals (primarily DCs) to be housed in I/R facilities. During long-term I/R operations, state and federal agencies will operate within and around I/R facilities within the scope of their capabilities and identified role. Military police commanders must closely coordinate and synchronize their efforts with them especially in cases where civil authority and capabilities have broken down or been destroyed.


Our freedoms are on the books, but so is our enslavement, buried in some executive order or manual. In the way that a police officer can legally commandeer your car in certain circumstances, provisions are in place for executive seizure of all infrastructure, all corporate and personal assets (property, vehicles, bank accounts, etc.), and indeed, all people. The various ’emergency’ trigger events can all be made to happen instead of waited for, which is why it’s so important to be able to critically analyze these events for authenticity.

And of course, just because some jokers at the DoD wrote up a manual for something by no means implies unparalleled disasters and domestic FEMA camps will come to pass, even if they are desired. To the contrary, there isn’t a single historical empire that did not miss the mark on all its grand projections and prognostications, and fail in all its objectives, sinister or otherwise, before too long; such is the nature of the power-mad at the top of the system.

Apologists might say, well what is the federal government supposed to do in the event of an emergency? Shouldn’t they at least have a plan? The federal government, even before nationwide roundups, is already completely outside its Constitutional mandate. If there were some emergency the states and their people should deal with it as they see fit. If the states allow the federal government to help, that help must observe all individual freedoms. There’s no such thing as a ‘modern battlefield’ inside the US. Land is either foreign territory ruled by a foreign power or domestic territory ruled by the Constitution, with law enforced by non-military police.


12/18/18- Nvidia Generates Human Faces That Look [Almost] 100% Real (link)

I was once told that humans lack the ability to imagine a fully original and realistic face, which seemed to be true – but apparently computers can. I don’t believe the faces are yet at 100%, enough to fool human intuition and ‘gut feeling,’ but they may be close enough to get past the casual observer or analyst.

In past posts I’ve gone through the variety of ways deaths could be faked, and identities ‘canceled’ for political or social engineering purposes, e.g. in a shooting or bombing staged just before an election, or a fake crime committed by a problematic group or personality type, etc.

It’s easy to imagine the many ways this and other kinds of deception could be aided by face-generating technology. We’ve also seen how AI can realistically animate a person in video, using sample movements from another person, or samples of past movements of the subject. Artificial intelligence can additionally fabricate speech, once a sufficient number of samples of a person’s voice (e.g. from the NSA, who ‘inadvertently collects’ all text and voice call records) are obtained.

The establishment has provably engineered hundreds of events, including dozens upon dozens that were outright fake. Given their rock-bottom credibility and advanced technological ability, fake-staged-managed until proven real-organic-unmanaged (‘proven’ i.e. establishing an evidence-based level of certainty above reasonable doubt) and suspension of judgment have to become the new model when it comes to interpreting events of great media focus and political or social impact.


12/16/18- Another Year, Another Fake Government Shutdown

Another day comes, another Mueller-Russia circus act dominates the media-intel propaganda sphere aka ‘the news;’ and as another year ends, another fake ‘government shutdown’ looms.

Local (and to a lesser extent, county) governments, via property taxes, provide virtually all of the law, order, and public-y things you encounter on a daily basis: local roads, gas and electric, running water and sewers, police, fire, EMS, schools. Bridges and interstate highways are funded by tolls and gas taxes. Seaports and airports are funded by duties, tariffs, and aircraft/vessel entry fees built into passenger ticket or freight prices. The USPS is almost entirely funded by user fees, as are state and national parks. (See recent post for more on this topic.)

So for starters, none of these things would or at least should be at all affected, since most aren’t on the federal level, and where they are, are essentially self-funding and operated in the budgetary manner of private enterprise.

But even in a so-called shutdown, which happens every few years and threatens to almost annually, the trillion-dollar ‘defense’ machine steams forward, the Treasury owners get their $400B interest payments on time, the politicians get their $200,000 salaries and huge pensions on schedule. Then what actually stops in the dreaded, frequent event of a ‘shutdown’? Only the most visible things, those that annoy the public the most, elicit the most protest, and inflict the most pain: closed national parks and monuments, slowed postal services, crowded airport security lines, etc.

This phenomenon is known as the Washington Monument Syndrome. The term was coined in 1969 by NPS director George Hartzog, who observed that while most of the profligate federal spending continued apace after the supposed shutdown, the NPS was forced by Congress to close all Washington DC monuments, the operation of which constituted a negligible portion of the budget (the nationwide NPS budget is $3B/yr, or 0.07% of federal spending).


A personal anecdote on WMS: One year not long ago during a ‘shutdown’ I was in Utah on a road trip through Zion and Bryce National Parks, and the Route 12 area. At Zion, most trailheads and lookout entry points in the enormous park were ‘blocked’ with cones and caution tape, but no rangers were present. Foreign and American tourists, who had come from great distances and were apparently emboldened by a few initial violators, almost all walked around or ducked under the tape and entered the park anyway, saw the sights and wildlife, and appeared to respect the environment and pick up their trash. As expected, no disasters occurred.

At Bryce Canyon the tact was more aggressive. Rather than manning the main, small lookout area that most tourists came for, the government-pressured NPS took the same number of armed park rangers and blocked the gate, where those same employees could have respected the tourists’ time and money (most of them were Europeans on a long awaited trip), collected entry fees, and managed the lookout point at a profit instead of a loss. Not only that, but they sent up multiple helicopters, at untold expense, to spot ‘trespassers.’ Like at Zion, most visitors followed the lead of some earlier, unknown rebel, parked next to the entrance, and streamed down an alternate path to the canyon rim, and the menacing, circling helicopters, having no way to corral the scattered tourists and no place to land on the rugged terrain, were ignored and ridiculed. Sure, to be fair, the helicopters might have been there partially to ensure that no tourists ventured deep into the park, or put themselves in danger. But had there been a more reasonable approach to the situation than a spiteful, costly, total shutdown of national parks – starting with limited access, at the least – this wouldn’t have been a concern.

12/15/18- Time Magazine Complains 40% of Americans Don’t Plan on a [Toxic, Ineffective] Flu Shot (link)

And other articles note more than half have never gotten one. Hopefully we can get the don’t-plan-to number back near 100%. I’ve never had a flu shot, and in the last ten years have gotten what might have been the flu maybe twice. Meanwhile people who religiously get the shot every year continue to get the flu routinely, sometimes more than once a season, and expose themselves to unnecessary vaccine additives all the while – mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and many other harmful substances. The flu shot is the most toxic and least effective of all vaccines – so why is the establishment so obsessed with our getting it?

They’ve pushed the agenda through corporate pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, who having long advertised free flu shots on giant placards outside their stores, recently upped the ante by forcing their cashiers to ask ‘would you like your flu shot?’ at the checkout counter. It isn’t mine, and no, I’ll pass.


12/14/18- Steph Curry Is Right: We Absolutely Haven’t Been to the Moon

I’ve stated a few times recently that the Moon missions were fake without attaching much evidence (which I had already done here before, further back in the post history), focusing more on Mars lately and on the why of space fakery. But in defense of Curry and in opposition to establishment-b**** commentators like Max Kellerman, who called Curry ‘irresponsible,’ a brief rundown of the strongest evidence is needed, each themselves evidence enough:

1) The original moon landing film footage was ‘taped over’ by NASA. The centerpiece of a $200 billion project (inflation-adjusted), of perhaps the greatest [fake] accomplishment in human history, and perhaps the most important [fake] video footage ever, taped over like a bad home movie? Never; give me a break.
2) The rocket and shuttle plans were ‘lost’ by NASA (see also). Many questioned whether the rockets had the fuel and thrust to reach space, and whether the shuttle could protect the astronauts and journey 237,000 miles at high speed. Well those schematics and specifications – again, the results of a $200 billion project, and the key to ‘returning’ – are unavailable, even in copy form. This is because the plans weren’t even theoretically sound, let alone successfully enacted. The rocket only needed to wow the crowd and take the shuttle out of sight of spectators on the ground, then drop it immediately into the ocean where the ‘return’ was filmed in advance and falsely presented later as live footage; it was all rushed, if enormously expensive, theater.
3) All ‘moon rocks’ outside of NASA custody have been proven fake or lost (see also). All of the alleged moon rocks held by museums or privately owned have been proven to be phony upon inspection: unique rock types from Antarctica, petrified wood from the US, meteorites. Those that haven’t been checked have disappeared. The only ‘real examples’ left are under glass, in NASA custody, and not available for independent analysis. With the moon rocks, raw video footage, and rocket plans gone with the wind, there is no direct, physical evidence of the moon landings, only cheesy film props like the lunar lander and spacesuits.
4) Unedited footage shows that NASA faked their only image of the Earth. A black piece of paper with a circular cut-out – in reality only showing a tiny portion of the Earth’s surface, which at their real altitude would have dominated their entire field of view – was used to simulate a distant blue ball with clouds, surrounded by black space. This is the only live video of Earth from the Apollo missions. In the edited version shown to the public, only a few seconds were broadcast. Why fake the shot, why not just wait until reaching a greater distance?
5) We’ve never been back. A perfect first attempt, five more of them in three years, all flawlessly executed, but no returns in 46 years and counting. Surely there would be much more to learn and explore: the geography, the geology, the mineral wealth, the possibility of telescope installations. Settling for a few [fake, terrestrial] rocks on one tiny portion of the surface and calling it a half-century is laughable.
6) The Challenger accident was faked to quiet inquiries into why we hadn’t been back. All of the Challenger astronauts are alive and well, as a recent post demonstrates. By the 1980s, people had begun to wonder when we were going to ‘go back,’ and why we hadn’t yet. The initial explanation was that it was too expensive. After Challenger, NASA was able to claim that they couldn’t put their brave astronauts at risk again, not without good reason. See Snopes’ feeble debunking (link) of the ‘fake sibling technique’ used in the Challenger incident and also employed at Sandy Hook and on 9/11.
7) Several extremely compelling clues point to Stanley Kubrick as the director. Many scenes in The Shining (1980) make reference to the Apollo missions and the stated distance of 237,000 miles, associating the number with a skeleton in the closet. In one of them (link), Danny, while wearing an Apollo 11 sweater, slowly stands from a crouching position, as if to launch, then walks into the forbidden Room 237 (see also) (which Kubrick changed from the Room 217 in the Stephen King original), the only numbered room in the movie, where the Moon is said to be 237,000 miles away. Jack is Kubrick, and the young-woman-turned-corpse inside 237 (link; maybe NSFW), whom he embraces under a Moon-like fixture, represents the payoff and his later regrets. Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut, aptly titled, was held after its completion and posthumously released on the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch date (July 16th 1969, 1999, the latter date also that of JFK Jr.’s death). The odds of all this – where Kubrick is said to have nothing at all to do with it; and is not just a random person selected after the fact, but had been long fingered as the Apollo director, where the hoax needed a skilled perpetrator – are immeasurably low.

This is only a small sampling, and several dozen more major exhibits exist, such as the bizarre, shamed demeanor of the actor-astronauts at the first Apollo press conference, where they resemble blushing teenagers called into the principal’s office for misbehavior; or Neil Armstrong’s 25th anniversary speech (‘much left undone’ ‘truth’s protective layers;’ link to full version), after decades of total seclusion from the public eye. The conspiracy critics, typically self-styled champions of reason and empiricism, generally haven’t looked at any of the above evidence, let alone refuted it, focusing instead on weaker points they can explain away more easily.

We never went to the Moon and haven’t gone even 0.01% of the estimated distance, and neither we nor anyone else is going anytime soon. If we do allegedly go sometime soon, it will again be fake.


12/12/18- Can we send the authoritarian tech gurus on a permanent retreat?


Censor-happy Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just spent ten days meditating in a cave in Myanmar. By all appearances, Jack Dorsey remains an unenlightened, authoritarian ass, like Google’s Eric Schmidt and the other establishment clowns at places like Burning Man and Esalen.

We need to break up the out-of-control, anti-democratic tech monopolies and dispense with their sold out and servile leadership; I’m sure the NSA will welcome them back with open arms. There are plenty of civil libertarians at the higher echelons of IT, and they need to be given a chance to run things in the private sector.

To be clear, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about meditation, prayer, contemplation, ‘spiritual work,’ etc., in and of themselves; but they cannot be used to aid just any purpose.


12/11/18- ‘The future’ (as the media has recently presented it, usually returning to the subject in slow news weeks) is constructed of a few predictable themes, of course with deep ulterior motives:

‘Mind uploading:’ The most frequently repeated theme. Futurists drool that if you manage to live long enough, your mind will be transferred from your dying body to a computer, then downloaded into a cyborg, making you immortal. The problem is the robot won’t be you, it’ll just be an annoying, non-human counterfeit. Your relatives will soon tire of the expensive toy and sell it for parts. The allegedly brilliant people (e.g. Ray Kurzweil) who can’t understand this are more than a few cards short of a deck.
Space travel / Mars colonization: I covered this subject a few posts down. During the fake moon missions, astronauts likely went to somewhere around 100 miles altitude (link), where the Moon has been estimated at 237,000 (and Mars 33 million). The lethal Van Allen radiation belt is at 600 miles, and blocks human travel (link); wearing an Apollo condom suit (link) won’t protect you, when a mere dental X-ray requires a heavy lead apron.
UFOs and alien enemies/friendships: UFOs were unheard of prior to the push for world government, and the number of sightings per year jumped by 281x immediately after the founding of the UN. That’s because UFOs as alien craft don’t exist or have never been seen. What have been seen are classified government aircraft meant to appear or incidentally appearing as otherworldly, with government agents and citizens fabricating the other stories. The reason the shadow government is doing this is that an alien encounter has for decades been planned to ‘unite’ humanity towards a common cause, e.g. an external friend or enemy, and usher in a world government. Few other raisons d’etre are available, with the case for ‘climate change,’ formerly global warming, once a hoped for basis for a UN-levied carbon tax, today more nebulous and less believed than ever. See post.
Sex robots: While I don’t doubt some will resort to sexbots, it’s a pathetic waste of a major part of human existence. That’s all that really needs to be said.
Cashless society/biometric security: An article about cash in Sweden – a totally anomalous nation (and just 0.1% of world population) where huge numbers trust the government (and as another anomaly, have historically done so not entirely without reason) and don’t care about privacy – comes out every week or so. Sweden’s 20% cash transaction rate is said to signal imminent cash extinction. Meanwhile the percentage of cash transaction in the rest of the world sits at about 80%, with no move towards cashlessness, and trust in politicians only declining. Biometric security and phone payments would be a disaster. If you have any kind of liquid wealth, you could be robbed or kidnapped for your all-important phone, and have all credit and debit accounts emptied. With biometrics, you’ll lose an eyeball or fingertip, if they let you live. High-def cameras can already capture fingerprint and iris structure, allowing for 3D-printer replication. At that point your security is forever compromised. Disposable, reproducible, and/or distributed security and payment tokens (e.g. PINs, decryption keys, plastic cards, cash bills) are far more secure than biometric and smartphone payment, and thus more advanced. So why aren’t they being promoted, and are instead being called obsolete? Because they won’t help enslave you. See post.

Let’s repeat: no cash (and later, microchip in body), ‘sex’ with robots, alien threats, ‘climate change,’ world government, Mars theater, promises of fake immortality. These are your permitted expectations and conversation topics. Reading between the lines of these endlessly recycled themes, the real establishment vision becomes clear: unlimited taxation and inflation via the total, unavoidable tracking and surveillance of one’s person and finances (under the guise of counter-terrorism, -piracy, etc.); restricted movement (via things like Agenda 21 and low real wages, as people fantasize about fake Mars colonization and space travel), reduced consciousness (via pollutants, pharmaceuticals), and degraded spirituality.

What the future could eventually hold if the people take more control: free or near-free energy, unrestricted travel, increased but not unlimited lifespans, local economic sovereignty, political decentralization to the desired level, the end of dangerous pollution, the end of extreme poverty and hunger. Of course, there would still be bad intentions, crime, some war, etc., but it could be better than what we have now.


12/10/18- Another Day, Another Mueller-Trump Distraction

Briefly scanning Google News this morning for the media-intel complex’s propaganda themes du jour, I saw that as is the case most days, a Trump-related, relative non-issue topped the list: this time, the Cohen-Stormy Daniels affair.

Trump is obviously a scandalous and insecure person in many ways, the kind of person who gets validation from trolling Miss America dressing rooms and serially ‘dating’ porn stars. The kind who stiffs thousands of businessmen in desperate bids to gain wealth far beyond what any sane person would ever seek. He (allegedly) drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day and wears three-foot ties. Clearly Trump has some issues, and I think most Americans know that now, and knew or assumed it going in.

(Due to widespread, TDS-related tunnel vision, we must include that he was challenged and preceded by others who had issues: a serial-contract-murdering, serial-defrauding, insider-trading, serial adulter-ing, speechbribe-taking aspiring serial war criminal; a suspected-crack-cocaine-abusing, apparently illegally immigrating, suspected-multiple-contract-murdering, sexually harassing, serial adulter-ing, speechbribe-taking serial war criminal; an accomplice in the murder of 3,000 Americans and book-signing war criminal responsible for the deaths of over 1 million innocent Middle Easterners; a serial adulter-ing, serial-raping, serial-contract-murdering, speechbribe-taking serial war criminal; a JFK assassination accomplice/cover-up artist and war criminal responsible for poisoning 250,000 US soldiers; a mass-incarcerating, massive-debt-accruing war criminal; etc. etc. Yes, this is serious, and yes, these descriptions are all basically accurate. I could back this paragraph with a few hundred citations but will leave you to do the research.)

As to whether his payment to Daniels was a campaign finance violation (a relatively minor offense which Obama was found guilty of during his presidency and only fined for, with little or no media commotion), most of Trump’s ‘misconduct’ was not known of prior to his 2016 campaign. So it is entirely plausible he would pay $130k (less than 1/60,000th of his apparent net worth; in any case a negligible portion of his leverable funds) at least in part to hide the scandal from his wife and family, including a young son, as well as to promote a positive and reasonably wholesome public image, on which major hotels and a ‘Middle America’ TV audience depended. Whether or not he would go on to win the election, his dirty laundry was exceedingly more likely to be found and aired during the campaign, hence the timing of the payment.

Short of a recorded statement where Trump says “this payment was for my campaign and nothing else,” this investigative thread is more dog dung, as is everything we’ve seen so far in shadow-government operative and 9/11-cover-up agent Mueller’s 2-year Russia circus, from the Trump-irrelevant Manafort tax charges to the apparently fake Steele dossier to Cohen and his Trump-irrelevant taxi medallion schemes. And even if some kind of damning inculpatory evidence did emerge, Trump was just donating to his own campaign, which if somehow a technical violation due to improper reporting, is generally legal, and hardly a high crime. Due to the illegitimate centralization of wealth (link), we need campaign finance reform, including a repeal of Citizens United. But until then, it’s only fair to take Trump’s violations, if they could be proven, as small potatoes.

The real question in all this is: if Trump is a relative outsider, why won’t they (i.e. the shadow government, the media-intel sphere) let him govern, and if he’s a relative insider who’s playing a part, what are they stalling and setting him up for?


12/5/18 – A Different Perspective on George H.W. Bush

In November 1963, America mourned the brutal, premature death of JFK. In December 2018, it mourned (or at least the media mourned; no one I know seemed too broken up) the only man in America who had no idea where he was or what he was doing when JFK was assassinated (‘somewhere in Texas’), even though he was provably in downtown Dallas at the time according to FBI records, staying at the Dallas Sheraton, an easy three-quarter-mile walk from Dealey Plaza, cooking up red-herring false leads for the media in typical Agency fashion (see link; first response is worth the read): CIA boss George H.W. Bush, the son of Nazi banker Prescott Bush, eulogized by a son who oversaw and likely had knowledge of the greatest crime in American history, the 9/11 false flag attacks. (see also; YouTube version banned yet again)

Bush may have been a fine father, brother, friend, etc., and there I’m sure there are fine people among his ancestors and descendants. But like the warmongering menace McStain wasn’t a good senator, Bush 1 wasn’t a particularly good president, even by US president standards: higher taxes, more fruitless wars (including the pointless First Iraq War which poisoned 250,000 veterans with Gulf War Syndrome in order to funnel tens of billions to the MIC and banks, betray former US puppet Saddam Hussein, and destroy Iraqi oil production to raise oil prices), more of the same. NWO henchman is a better term. If this kind of public life is ‘great, noble, decent, dignified, classy, honorable’ blah blah blah…what isn’t?


12/4/18 – Thoughts on the Merits of Zionism and the Future of West Bank-Gaza Palestinians

Since I’ve mentioned the thorny topic of Zionism, if only incidentally, I’ll offer my thoughts on it, considering how prominent a subject it is in the conspiracy and political blog worlds, if not much here.

For obvious reasons, differing historical interpretations notwithstanding, there is enough argument for a Jewish state, whether the land is in the Levant or somewhere else. Some Jews, like gypsies do, argue that preserving adaptability and trade-mobility have historically enabled the groups to survive longer as groups than most other nations have, and have reminded that nation-states can be targeted by external forces, or become corrupted and self-destruct, and this is an argument against a Jewish state, and probably a superior, if counter-intuitive argument for ultimate national preservation. But in a world that is blanketed entirely by nation-states, it’s hard to argue against the sovereign nation-state as the chosen vehicle.

From a legal property rights standpoint, the claim of Jews to Judea expired 1,400 or so years ago (or 1,800+ depending on perspective). My sense is that in order to have legal standing in the matter, a person must have been directly involved in a property dispute, even if just as a child of the dispossessed. Once all or most who were present for the event grow old and die, the window closes. The most generous legal interpretation might extend it a few more generations, still ancient history.

From a world-peace-and-stability perspective, almost anywhere else (parts of Argentina and Uganda were possibilities prior to the UK’s invitation to the territory after WWI) would have been better. But at this point, what’s done is done. It was founded in that place, it’s not going anywhere, and the current population had nothing personally to do with any of it. Western imperialist powers cherish the geographic choice that was made and were the first to back it, since it ensures that the West/Atlantic power sphere will perpetually be able to insert itself into Eurasia and continue to spend $1T/yr ($1000B) on ‘defense’ of the US ‘and its allies,’ with $3B/yr in aid a negligible cost of doing business. Without instability, tension, and destruction in the Middle East and thereby with a relatively stable Afro-Eurasia, the Americas risk becoming a peripheral island that lacks the geopolitical relevance of a superpower. But when the center of the game board is smashed, as it has been for decades, the edges are put together and the center becomes the Americas.

So it has been the rulers of the US and its closest allies (UK, France) – not the people of those countries, or of Israel, or the rulers of Israel – who have been gained the lion’s share of money and power from the founding of Israel where it is. Western/New World devices for Old World control or destabilization have been in place uninterrupted since the beginnings of ‘the West’ as any kind of identifiable power structure: via the Crusades (1091-1492), the age of exploration and colonialism (1492 to the 1960s), the British conquest of the Ottoman Empire in WWI (1914-1918), and before that war even ended, the UK’s Balfour Declaration in 1917, as well as the continuous acts of ‘liberation’ in other Mideast nations starting with the CIA-managed Iran coup in 1953. By supporting radical elements at every turn, removing secular, democratically elected leaders from power, and sponsoring the rise of Israel and the oil kingdoms, the US-led West has installed both its friends and its enemies in the region. Hopefully the Israeli people won’t meet the same end the other temporary geopolitical friends of treacherous Western-imperialist bastards have.

Setting aside law and diplomacy, which are frequently disregarded in military actions and group conflicts, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of border shifts and conquests in Europe and everywhere else, and while some still take umbrage at the loss of territory, most who live in these places have resigned to the outcome and moved forward, and few outsiders even mention or are necessarily aware of the event, e.g. Germans and western Poland, Poles and Lithuania, etc. Almost no nation-states that exist today were founded in an entirely just or peaceful fashion, including the US. In almost every case of national founding, some people lost ‘their’ land, and believe themselves wronged. Whether right or wrong, Jews fought a war 70 years ago (with smaller conflicts for decades prior to that) and conquered the area they hold today, in the same manner that most other states were founded. If Israelis who have now been there for 2-3+ generations have to leave or submit to a new government, the argument could then be made that all white Americans should go back to Europe or submit to new Indian-nation governance; as could countless similar arguments. War usually isn’t fair, and the war is long over.

If the Palestinian government and people recognize Israel as a nation – the PLO/PA in West Bank [sometimes] has, Hamas in Gaza hasn’t (the possibility of Israeli control of Hamas as an obstacle to a two-state solution must then be explored, where many elements in the Israeli government oppose that direction; including the possibility that the ineffectual rockets and other attacks may be false flag stratagems)- and the conquering nation, they can perhaps then exist as an independent state or as some kind of semi-autonomous, politically separate unit, without federal standing in Israeli matters since Jews would instantly become the minority. Without recognizing Israel, they risk being treated as prisoners of war of sorts. Short of indefinite detention they’d have to fight, leave voluntarily, or be expelled, which are what have been happening in slow motion. Frankly, I think voluntarily moving to another nation, Arab or otherwise, and starting over (as so many defeated groups have done) would be the best option, since Israel holds the cards and will keep the firm power advantage, and the tiny size of the habitable territory guarantees ongoing tensions. Of course Palestinians can think and do what they want, but I’m talking about the most productive path forward.

Obviously I don’t support any acts of brutality by troops at its borders, rhetoric in the vein of ‘one shot two kills,’ or any kind of external subterfuge, but these are separate issues, just as the many atrocities on the US’s hands (or the UK, Australia, Belgium, etc. etc.) over the years aren’t generally used to challenge national legitimacy, if we’re applying the same standards.

12/3/18 – Fury vs. Wilder: Yes, It Was Rigged

I’m an occasional fan of boxing and watched the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder heavyweight WBC title fight yesterday. Fury is an Irish Traveller from Manchester UK, Wilder is from Alabama. I liked Fury and Wilder about equally, and called a late-round Wilder TKO of Fury beforehand, knowing Wilder’s punching power and will. Both fighters have great heart, are exciting to watch, and while they surely fight for money, are about more than just that (for this fight, Fury gave his whole $10M purse to homeless aid). Gab-gifted Fury had become intensely popular and widely interviewed in the podcast world in the immediate lead-up to the fight.

I’ve never seen a bigger robbery in boxing, or such indefensible, bald-faced bias in any sport in decades, maybe my lifetime (Lewis-Holyfield 1 is a frequent comparison). Fury indisputably won at least nine and possibly ten rounds. Short of a knockout, the win was clinched by the final round: I (and Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, and other boxing legends who were present) had it 108-100 going into 12: four round-flips away from a draw, which was the official verdict. Wilder’s two knockdowns in 9 and 12 were in the only rounds he won. Devastating punches, but if you get up from them, they don’t mean all that much to the score.

Fury made some controversial comments on several subjects recently. As a result he was banned from boxing for two years, stripped of his belts, and now this. I don’t fully agree or fully disagree with him, his opinions and perspective are not mine, but if we’re going to call this a free society people should be allowed to peacefully say what they think. Fury never called for violence or committed a crime. We saw this with Alex Jones, who I’m not a fan of and who I believe is a counterintelligence asset himself, and the ‘purge’ of countless social media accounts in the last few years. It has become a knee-jerk intolerance of dissent or difference and it is gravely unhealthy for a democratic society. Whether the dissent is right or wrong, ideas that can’t stand to open criticism generally aren’t worth much.

It’s my belief that people unhappy with Fury pulled some strings, and that’s why the record lies that he didn’t win. And no, I’m not necessarily talking about the ‘Zionist media’ comments; there were many potentially aggrieved parties, of all religious stripes, and his opinions on homosexuality, gender dysphoria/transgenderism, and abortion were what had him banned. Clearly there is a strong establishment agenda around these topics, one that is not in line with everyone’s beliefs and sensibilities. Again, my own opinion on them is not in either camp. YouTube has deranked comments with thousands of votes calling the judging fixed, and mainstream coverage has disabled comments.

So that’s what we’re coming to be left with in sports. Mega-corporate-sponsored everything – from stadiums to bowl games to instant replays to locker-room interviews; rigged matches, and mercenary athletes with no connection or loyalty to their host cities, chasing dollars above all else, unfree and in some cases uninterested to voice thoughts of their own, particularly on anything of remote controversy. The public isn’t helping: ‘shut up and play,’ etc.

Like most of the rest of the high-echelon entertainment world these days, a big yawn is what it amounts to; I’ve never been much of a pro sports fan, but now it’s worth even less time and attention.

It goes without saying that Alejandro Rochin is a disgrace to boxing and people of integrity worldwide. At the end of the day, Fury remains the lineal champ. For those who object, ‘who cares, he’s just a boxer,’ if you don’t think athletes, especially undisputed heavyweight champs with mouths on them can influence society, you’re not paying attention. To easily observe that this fight was in fact rigged and nothing else, just watch the first five rounds, though the whole thing is worth a watch. Rochin scored them 5-0 Wilder, while everyone (including Mayweather, Lewis) and his blind grandmother scored them 5-0 or at worst 4-1 Fury. And for those who lament a long KO count, the time from first contact with canvas to standing on feet is 9.5 seconds; this can be measured (and surely was by both sides afterwards) and is not a debatable point. Wilder’s instagram post of the count is either sped up in the beginning, or starts at the instant of the punch, and not a remotely realistic simulation of a typical ref reaction to a potential KO.


11/30/18 – NASA’s Moon Is Arizona and Its Mars Is Canada. Where Will Venus Be, Yellowstone?

I’ve pointed this out before, but like NASA’s Moon was the Arizona desert and a Kubrick film studio, NASA’s Mars is a photoshopped (merely red-tinted) version of Devon Island Canada. There is no exploration of Mars happening now, and there will be no [real] colonization in the foreseeable future. Neither humans nor spacecraft from any country have ever been to either place, at least not anytime in historical memory. Humans have only reached 1/1000th of the theorized distance to the Moon (254 miles vs. 237,000; up to 12,000 miles for spacecraft), let alone 133,000 times farther to the theorized Mars distance (254 versus 33.9 million).

NASA employees who are not in the know are unwittingly viewing footage of Devon Island, and the Mars ‘voyages’ amount to computer simulations built on mathematics derived from a mostly theoretical universe model. Things like the Mars Rover project can easily be accomplished via compartmentation, without revealing that the vehicle will rove only the Earth.

To answer objections that space-related fakery is a Cold War relic, the use of fakery by the shadow government in other arenas hasn’t gone away, and has only gotten worse.

The reasons why they are doing this are endless, but the simplest and one of the biggest is that Mars and Moon deception are just new renditions of the Divine Right of Kings: they glorify the rulers and bolster confidence in them, and sow doubt before any alternative political and economic paths

More specifically, to the extent space hoaxes are believed they empower the religion of Science, as the establishment, in the very long term, attempts to dispense with democracy and bring in a Platonic scientific dictatorship led by unelected, mutually appointed ‘experts.’

And to address the gap between the Apollo missions and present-day hoax production, see the fake Challenger incident from 1986 (which provided an excuse for the now 49 years and counting it has been since the initial fake missions, on the basis of their being too dangerous. Note: in at least some of these cases, shockingly, the people are still going by their pre-fake-death names):

Collared lemming spotted in large panoramic shot of Devon Island-as-Mars; an amateur photoshopper imitating NASA’s antics in just over one minute of effort, apparently taken from the Burren in Ireland, one of many ‘otherworldly’ places found throughout the world, on all continents:

Top-notch lampooning of NASA’s Mars hoax, published in 2012:


11/25/18 – Revising Human History, part 1: ‘Ancestor Figures’

The photo on the left is a funerary urn from Guerrero Mexico, estimated from 0 AD to 500 AD and believed to be Proto-Toltec in origin, published in a book from 1965. The figure on the right is from southeastern Turkey, known as the Balikligöl Statue, discovered in 1993 a few miles from Göbekli Tepe and estimated by archaeologists to around 9,500 B.C.

This particularly simple and striking comparison stands among hundreds upon hundreds of exhibits that disprove mainstream or ‘consensus’ understandings of human history, including human migration and technological progression, which for the most part rest on academic theories, rather than a broad body of physical evidence.

The civilizational arc proposed in the 20th century – from Paleolithic to Neolithic, etc. – is thoroughly proven to be BS. The Beringia/Clovis-First theory has long been in tatters, with several dozen pre-Clovis sites now unearthed, some in excess of 100,000 years old according to dating methods. Certain ideas and people crossed all oceans and lived on the remotest of islands and in the harshest of climates untold thousands of years ago. They possessed knowledge and abilities official narratives say they couldn’t have, e.g. the Dogon and their astral knowledge. I believe something or someone helped them to expertly navigate and repopulate as they did, perhaps ancestral survivors or preserved knowledge from a lost, advanced civilization.

The framework that increasingly does appear to be correct is ‘pre-diluvian’/pre-Flood – where societies may well have been more advanced than our own – and post-diluvian; or pre-cataclysm and post-cataclysm if you prefer less biblical phrasing. This is not to say Flood/cataclysm timelines match those in the Bible, only that there was such an event(s). Contemporary geological dating methods indicate the most recent one was around 12,500 years ago. The rudimentary tools and technology we have found in the post-cataclysmic age appear to be evidence of relearning, not first learning.

If you refuse to at least entertain these ideas in spite of the enormous and growing tide of evidence in support of them – geological, archaeological, historical/euhemerical, etc. – you risk being less a free thinker, and more a Shermerian/Maherian zealot for the religion called Science, adherence to which is based overwhelmingly in faith in authority, rather than on confidence derived from independent understanding (the lower-case version is an intellectual pursuit that has no agenda, is never settled, defers to no imagined consensus or community, and accepts no assurances from so-called experts).

In addition to the two above, see the following pieces, which are displayed in the Trans-Atlantic Deception post. Most of them are thought to be post-cataclysmic, but all predate ‘discovery’ by ostensibly more advanced Modern (i.e. post-medieval) Europeans, some by millennia (Irkutsk Siberia (2), Easter Island (2), Nigeria, Marquesas Islands (2), Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Peru, Ukraine (2), Armenia, Ethiopia, New Zealand (2), Papua-New Guinea (2), Mongolia, China (2). These poses weren’t in any way cherry-picked; in many of the aforementioned places they are the most common form of human depiction found over periods spanning thousands of years:

Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, Kurdistan, Italy, France, Corsica, Bolivia:

11/22/18 – Re-examining the Roots of Crispus Attucks: A ‘Black’ Pokanoket Indian, and the First to Die

Coming off Veterans Day, and now amid race-pandering by talk radio and YouTube personalities about Thanksgiving and its history, it seems an appropriate time to re-examine the life of Crispus Attucks, a Massachusett Indian (likely Wampanoag/Pokanoket, who met the Puritans at Plymouth) and the first person to die in service to the country, in an eminently American way as I see it.

Attucks got in the face of illegitimate, unjust authority, rallied his fellow sailors to protest British rule (with defensive weapons in hand), and was gunned down by crown troops in the Boston Massacre of 1770. This act played a key role in tipping the scales away from hostility and towards eventual war.

Crispus Attucks is also considered an important figure in black history, in addition to Revolutionary history. Indeed, he was seen as black then, and is seen as black now. But who was he and where did he come from? That’s where the record seems to vanish in the fog. Surely there must be ample scholarship around the man, and I set out looking for it. But all I found were children’s books (link) and mostly low-caliber academic texts by little known professors (who were given book deals by big-name publishers), both of which were light on or free of primary-source citations and rigorous review of the available evidence, with some of the academic works written almost as if few would ever read them, but where as ‘credible’ sources from PhDs and known publishers, they could provide a base for a false narrative. Among early black figures, Attucks presents a particular problem to establishment historical narratives for several reasons, mainly how public and well known his act was, and how old his story is and thus close to his indigenous American roots, where most of the others lived in the 19th century, further removed from their prior identity, e.g. Nat Turner.

Attucks is an unusual name I hadn’t seen before, so I started there. From colonial dictionaries I learned that Attuck is the word for deer in the language of the Narragansett Indians and that of other New England tribes. Looking through the rather short Wikipedia article on Attucks (since completely overhauled, in spite of the onslaught of pro-establishment editors) and several other online biographies, I found it peculiar that this fact and speculation on a specifically Massachusett heritage (as opposed to vague ‘possibly/likely part Native American’ [and thus mostly African] claims) were universally absent. If a person’s surname were D’Angelo, Herrmann, or Kim, would they be supposed merely as having ‘possible European/Asian heritage,’ or would a link to Germany/Italy/Korea be safely assumed? I searched Google and Facebook for people with the name Attucks, and to no surprise, they were all ‘African American’ people, mostly residing in the Northeast and New England.

His mother was Nancy Peterattucks, who in primary source material is described as a ‘Natick Indian’ (see Praying Indians) and a negro. But where did he get the name, who was his father? First I thought I’d see what shadow-gov Google had to say:

Yes, the same claim as the children’s books and eighth-grade-level history texts. Prince Yonger was said to be an African who arrived either from Africa or the Caribbean, was eventually freed, and lived in Framingham Mass., where Attucks lived, and may have become Attucks’ stepfather when Attucks was 14 or 15 years old. He is important because Crispus Attucks looked black, and this fact needs a clear and simple explanation. Yet an examination of Framingham histories showed Yonger arrived in Massachusetts in 1725, two years after Attucks was born in 1723, and marriage records showed he didn’t marry Nancy Peterattucks until 1737. He had two children with Nancy in the early 1740s, both of whom took the name Yonger. Other than this second marriage, where he may or may not have served in a stepfather role (not necessarily likely since teenaged Crispus may have been working in a different household at that time) nothing ties him to Attucks or his three blood siblings, or asserts or suggests paternity. Multiple town histories discuss both Yonger and Attucks at considerable, multi-paragraph length, but none state or imply at all that they were father and son, or even co-habited as a mixed family. How could the authors – none of whom were basing their claims on any counter-evidence, aside from the citation-free children’s texts, which strangely enough is where the lie seemingly originated – have missed these easily discoverable problems in the timelines? Having seen this bizarre pattern with other black historical luminaries (where empty claims – usually involving a link to Africa or some African ethnic group – with no basis in evidence become accepted as fact via the layering of low credibility texts), I knew I was onto something and spent the better part of the day exploring further. Like every other well known ‘African’ slave I have encountered, from Toussaint L’Ouverture to Mathieu da Costa to Olaudah Equiano to Frederick Douglass, Crispus Attucks was a loose thread.

Several hours of research turned up many good finds, and painted a clear picture of Attucks: a black person and a former slave, but a fully American man with zero evidence of African descent, and not just a dock worker as the secondary texts claimed, but a whaler like his tribal ancestors. I’ll go over just a few here in the interest of brevity.

From ‘Selected Writings of William Cooper Nell,’ noted 19th-century historian and abolitionist:

[Nell quoting an 1860 letter from a Natick resident, also printed in an 1860 edition of The Liberator newspaper, which read:]
“Several persons are now living in Natick who remember the Attucks family, viz., Cris, who was killed March 5th; Sam, whose name was abbreviated into Sam Attucks, or Smattox; Sal, also known as Slattox; and Peter, called Pea Tattox… my mother, still living, aged 89, remembers Sal in particular, who used to be called the gourd-shell squaw, from the fact that she used to carry her rum in a gourd shell… the whole family are said to be the children of Jacob Peter Attucks… it has been conjectured that they are of Indian blood, but all who knew the descendants describe them as negroes.” The letter continues, “his sister [Sal] used to say that if they had not killed Cris, Cris would have killed them.”

In the vein of Slattox, Pea Tattox, and Smattox: Cris = Cris Peter Attucks = Cris P. Attucks = Crispus. (In what contemporary culture, more than in others, do we see the taking on of nicknames as permanent names of sorts?)

From ‘Muster Roll of the Company . . . at Fort Massachusetts, dated March to Decemcer 11, 1749:’
Moses Peter Attucks, Cent., Negro. . . Leicester [Mass.] (an apparent cousin or uncle of Attucks)

From estate inventory of Joseph Buckminster, 1747:
A negro woman, Nanny [Attucks] (ample evidence proves Nanny Attucks lived on Buckminster’s property)

From History of Framingham (Barry, 1847): Nov. 26 1739, voted that Mr. Henry Emmes and Capt. Thomas Buckminster [former owner of the Attucks family, Attucks meaning deer] be a committee to take care of the preservation of the deer.

Eventually I came across a submission by independent scholar J.B. Fisher of Southern NJ to Potter’s American Historical Record, Volume 1, published 1872 and entitled ‘Who was Crispus Attucks?,’ which, while failing to make some important connections, noted the evidence for only Indian descent, along with descriptions of negro appearance, which Fisher wrongly took as contradictory:

‘First the term ”Mulatto” was applied very loosely up to a late date. In 1834, in the Marshpee Indian case . . . here the terms ”colored person” ”black” and Indian are all synonymous, they all mean Marshpee Indians . . . in 1763, Marshpee [a praying town, now Mashpee Mass.] was incorporated as a district in words as follows: Be it enacted that all lands belonging to the [unbaptized] Indians and [baptized Indian] Mulattos in Marshpee . . . (lengthy passage; see link)

Quoting from ‘Reminisces’ by George T. Hewes, member of the Boston Tea Party:

‘Mr. Pierce remembers Attucks distinctly, though he never saw him before. Attucks, also, who he says was a Nantucket Indian, belonging on board a Whale ship of Mr. Folger’s, then in the harbor (and he remembers distinctly the peculiar noise of a frightful war whoop which he yelled) this Attucks he cautioned to keep off, and be careful.’

Fisher was not aware of several things, established in local histories that were already written: 1) Attucks was in fact a slave 2) Attucks was in fact described by society and government as negro, as well as mulatto. 3) Most of the negroes and mulattoes there were of American descent, not African.

John Adams, second US president, from a trial where as a lawyer he defended the British soldiers:The mob whistling, screaming, and rending like an Indian yell . . . a motley rabble of saucy boys, negros and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish Jack Tarrs . . . this Attucks had undertaken to be the hero of the night, and to lead this army with banners, to form them in the first place in Dock Square, and march them up to King Street with their clubs.’

From cross-examination in the trial transcripts: “Question: Did you see a mulatto among the persons who surrounded the soldiers? Answer: I did not observe. Question: Did they seem to be sailors or townsmen? Answer: They were dressed some of them in the habits of sailors. Question: Did you know the Indian who was killed? Answer: No. Question: Did you see any of them press on the soldiers with a cordwood stick? Answer: No.”

From an escaped slave notice in the Boston Gazette, October 1750:
“Ran away from his master William Brown of Framingham, on the 30th of Sept. last, a Molatto Fellow, about 27 Years of Age, named Crispas, 6 Feet 2 Inches high, short curl’d Hair, his Knees nearer together than common; had on a light colour’d Bear-skin Coat, plain brown Fustian Jacket, or brown all-Wool one, new Buckskin Breeches, blue Yarn Stockings, and a checked woolen Shirt”

The following is what appears to be the true biography of Crispus Attucks, as indicated by primary-source evidence exclusively:

1) John Attuck, a Wampanoag/Pokanoket Indian, is hanged by British colonists in King Philip’s War in 1678.
2) Following the war, Massachusetts Indians either flee or if they choose to stay, are forcibly organized into ‘praying towns,’ re-education camps of sorts, are baptized, and become slaves. Attuck’s wife and children are located to praying town Natick Massachusetts. Indian identity is criminalized. For example, calling oneself a Pokanoket Indian was punishable by death in colonial Massachusetts.
3) Descendant Jacob Peter Attucks, likely grandson of John Attuck, marries Indian (described also as negro) and Natick resident Nancy aka Nanny; both are slaves. They move to Framingham at some point and have four children in the 1720s, including Crispus in 1723.
4) Jacob dies, is sold off, or otherwise disappears at some point. Nancy marries Prince Yonger in 1737. They have two children in the 1740s, Phebe Yonger, and a son who died just after birth. Nancy is emancipated by her owner (all Mass. slaves are freed by law in 1780, though most are sold to the Southeast US or Caribbean first; hence the low numbers of blacks and Indians in New England).
5) Crispus Attucks escapes from slavery in 1750 and works in various places as a sailor and whaler, following in the footsteps of his nautical Indian descendants. He assumes different names to avoid detection, e.g. Michael Johnson, eventually returning to work as a whaler and dock worker in Boston, where the Massacre occurs.

Why is Attucks presented only as a black slave and ‘African American,’ and his Indian father, mother, and ‘squaw’ siblings buried? Because at that time, in the mid-18th century especially but also beyond that point, almost all ‘negroes’ and ‘mulattoes’ were simply baptized, Westernized Indians, and most Americans today who would be called black are of considerable Indian/American heritage, if not completely American in many cases, and these two things cannot co-exist in official histories that insist America was a mostly empty continent with a sparse, nomadic, exclusively ‘mongoloid’ population. There is more I lack time to go into (links to be added shortly), but this much is established: as with the most of the rest of ‘black history,’ and much of history in general, the official story of Attucks is a sham.

Below is a sampling of some of the Thanksgiving-related content from the Trans-Atlantic deception post, including this comparison of postcards from 1908 and then 1909, around the time when the Africanization and de-Indianization of American blacks began kicking into a new gear:

11/19/18 – HHS Official Daniel Best Murdered for Challenging Drug Prices, Covered-up as Suicide

HHS official and father of three Daniel Best was set to lower outrageously high prescription prices by force of government. He was found outside his apartment building’s parking garage, dead from multiple blunt force injuries to the head. Wasn’t a fall. The coroner’s verdict? Suicide. News flash: cops and medical examiners can be corrupted too. Look into Dr. Fahmy Malak.

This is how it works in most of the ‘free’ countries. Be less than acutely problematic to the rulers and buy all the official narratives, and you have nothing to worry about. Be otherwise, and depending how far and how visible/high you go and which method will work, you get surveilled, harassed, discredited, blackmailed, framed, and/or killed, i.e. suicided / ‘robbed’ / accidented / assassinated. Moles get whacked, status quo is preserved, control is maintained. That’s not at all to imply ‘non-moles’ aren’t living good lives and doing good things, but the point stands.

It must be noted that Best was a former Pfizer and CVS Caremark executive who was making $500k/yr prior to his time at HHS, so there may be more to the story. What’s clear is that powerful forces did have a strong motive to kill him and send a message to his replacement, and powerful forces did cover his murder up, presumably because they committed it.

The situation could be otherwise, where this kind of thinly veiled subterfuge didn’t work or work as much, but it would involve more of us using our brains and becoming ‘conspiracy theorists’ (which most of the rest of the world considers having a normal thought process), as an increasing number have already done (evidenced by the comments, where zero readers accept the official version).


11/17/18 – An Attempt at a Fair Look at the Trump Presidency to Date

I’ve seen references to the Trump administration being a ‘sh*tshow,’ and endless pining for the halcyon days of Obama. I don’t get it. I’m no big fan of Trump, but what specifically has happened in Trump’s administration thus far that qualifies as a disaster? Most things have actually improved slightly, or stayed the same, not that I’m content with the state of affairs.

A disaster, if you want to call it that, does loom in the form of an enormous stock price correction and bond/debt crisis (and/or a staged war-trigger event involving Iran, Pakistan, etc.), but neither Trump nor Obama will be to blame; rather, intelligence/media and banking elements (whom I often call the shadow or permanent government) will. On most fronts, the bad things Obama did, Hillary expressly promised to do in spades, so nothing much was averted there.

Economy: About equal, maybe slight advantage Trump

Obama: Avoided presiding over recession due to Fed debt monetization [i.e., increasing; all monetization is debt] via ultra low interest rates. Majority of businesspeople dreaded his lack of touch with private enterprise, where private sector résumé at age 57 remains limited to ‘chooming’ and scooping ice cream in high school.
Trump: Has avoided presiding over recession due to Fed debt monetization via low interest rates (now rising to low-normal levels), and by taking on even greater deficits than Obama. Majority of businesspeople feel like they have more of an ally in Trump, and may be more comfortable making long-term investments, whether or not the comfort is justified. Whenever the decades-in-the-making recession happens, neither president will be primarily to blame.
Hillary: About equal, since it’s the Fed’s game.
Bush: ” “

Foreign policy: Considerable advantage Trump

Trump: Ordered symbolic air strikes in Syria that killed few or none and did little damage. Has made so-far empty threats of retaliation against Syria and North Korea. Said considered forms of whistleblowing to be treasonous. Oversaw virtual elimination of Western-intel creation ISIS in Syria, helping to stabilize Middle East for first time in decades.
Obama: Expanded drone warfare to seven countries and dropped 26k bombs per year on them, oversaw eight years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan (often via mercenaries) while claiming to end those wars. Oversaw provision of ISIS with hundreds of brand-new Toyota trucks, hundreds of millions in cash, and other intel gifts. Ordered assassination of American journalist and his teenage son for ‘inspiring’ terrorism, along with untold other assassinations without due process, based on AI-generated recommendations. Allowed torture and indefinite detention of foreign policy-related whistleblowers (referred to by Obama as ‘some folks’), and prosecuted record number of whistleblowers.
Clinton: Probably far worse than both
Bush: Far worse than both

Personal/sexual behavior and misbehavior: Probable advantage Trump

Trump: Had consensual sex with a porn star while married, paid her off in disclosed settlement. Multiple porn stars who there is no evidence knew Trump turned up dead just before and after election. Several women allege forms of legal, if embarrassing conduct. Boasted about sex conquests to male journalist who was in his 20s. Wanton prosecution and investigation of Trump associates has occurred, but after 26 months there’s still no evidence Trump himself did anything illegal. Business career mixed, with successes marred by repeated stiffing of any unsecured creditors.
Obama: Sexually harassed multiple male staff at Harvard Law Review while married, paid them off in confidential settlement. Multiple gay men in church congregation and Chicago neighborhood who appear to have known Obama turned up dead just prior to election. One man alleged crack cocaine use and consensual sexual encounters while Obama was married. That the media ignored these things doesn’t make them any less significant than Trump’s, which they frothed over. Like Clinton, makes living primarily from mid-six-figure bribes/paybacks from banks and large institutions, under the guise of speech-giving.
Clinton: Far worse than both combined; stealing homes from seniors, rigging elections, a dozen-plus contract hits, and who knows what else.
Bush: Whether he’s playing dumb, and what we don’t know; those make all the difference. Probably worse than both.

Speeches and public rhetoric: Advantage Trump

Trump: While slightly abrasive, first president since Kennedy to call out media-intel complex as true (or at least aspiring/competing) ruling power, and certainly not a friend of the people. More humorous and entertaining than Obama with his canned, predictable, safe jokes. Panders to ignorant elements of population, including Islamophobes and bona fide xenophobes (not referring to support for border regulation/security). Has made some offensive statements, e.g. ‘my African Americans,’ etc.
Obama: Singsong cadence and folksy style pleasing to some, but speeches a zero-substance, bland waste of time. In most of them, Obama’s words could be referring to anything, anywhere, at any time in history. ‘It’s time we look past our differences, roll up our sleeves, and move forward.’ Snooze. Translation: Do what I want now.
Clinton: Boring, uninspired, model-establishment. Mindless, empty-vessel mantras: ‘Forward’ ‘I’m with her’ ‘Change-maker’
Bush: “

Public image: You decide
(by public image I’m referring to the type of person people expect to be president, and how the person bears on the average or median citizen’s sensibilities; these do not necessarily reflect on my personal judgment matrix)

Trump: Bad hair. Ties way too long. Marriage appears to be somewhat a sham. Shoots from the hip, not infrequently resulting in embarrassing, idiotic statements. Mixed reviews from abroad, with some liking him, and others bewildered he is president. Zero points subtracted based on illusions about what the US was (with respect to events like 9/11, foreign wars, etc., etc.; where chaos, lies, and high crimes, beneath a veneer of diplomatic decorum, were the norm) prior to Trump.
Obama: Likely to be habitual cocaine user. Marriage not much different than Trump’s, with serial adultery. Likely to be an illegal immigrant. The ridiculed ‘birther’ claims are actually very well backed. Obama A) blatantly doctored the online version of his birth certificate B) claimed he was born in Kenya for more than 15 years in his publisher’s bio, and in other media C) strongly appears to have a stolen SSN D) likely worked in intelligence in his early 20s (many indications mother Dunham was an agent), where he could have obtained fraudulent US birth/SSN documents E) grandmother and other family members insist they were present for his birth in Kenya F) birth announcement in Hawaii newspaper does not mention place of birth, and birth announcements have no independent factual basis/requirements, and are merely submitted on the word of the parents G) several other items I’m not recalling. May be dual Kenyan-Indonesian citizen with fraudulently obtained US citizenship. At this point the most common response is not to refute this evidence, but to say ‘who cares,’ ‘even if it’s true,’ etc. I obviously have nothing against foreigners, but do we really want intel agents with ultra cloudy backgrounds and fake citizenship in our highest office, on sole account of their having a pleasing vocal tone? Zero points given for illusions about who Obama actually is.
Clinton: [IMO] Untold dozens of grave felonies including capital crimes (multiple murders for hire in death-penalty states).

Again, I’m no particular fan of Trump, nor was I of Obama, Bush, or Clinton. But if you want to be taken seriously by half or more of the population in your criticisms (and not just preach to your choir), you have to keep things in long-term perspective, instead of oscillating between despair and complacency every four or eight years on no articulable basis.

The lesson of this tiresome exercise is that the major party mafias are an imposed duopoly, not free choice or popular representation. We need an anti-war, pro-civil liberty, left-right alliance to break it; the lesser of two evils model is a total failure, and always will be.


11/16/2018 (2) – Jim Acosta and Press-Pass ‘Rights’

In addition to being transparently agenda-driven and non-objective, as he always is, Jim Acosta was disruptive and unfair to other journalists present, in a desperate attempt to hog more time and insert his cheap political point about the obviously engineered migrant caravan, and then, predictably, about Russia.

Allowing our current political system as a given, the White House has every right to bar him on those grounds, and CNN can try their hand with another of their Op-Mockingbird propagandists. There is no obligation to entertain prolonged screaming matches and tussles over the mic at White House press conferences.

If Acosta or CNN can sue for White House access and argue Acosta’s speech is suppressed, then so can I. Press licenses and ‘hard passes’ have no deep legal meaning, and amount to a form of crowd control to limit the size and length of press conferences, and vet White House entrants for security reasons. Press conferences themselves are not legally enshrined in any way either; eliminating shadow government operatives posing as journalists from the White House does not represent a Constitutional crisis, unless there is some wider crackdown; many US presidents did not have regular press conferences.

While press licenses serve some practical purpose given the number of citizens there are, they are against the spirit of and legally irrelevant with respect to the Constitution, which makes every citizen a journalist in equal standing. The clown Acosta has no grievance more than any of us do, and his employer is an immeasurably less credible source of information than the average citizen. Again, this and the Whitaker comment are made independent of support or lack of for Trump.


11/16/2018 – Whitaker’s ‘New Testament’ Comments Were Appropriate in Context

Newsweek: “Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Once Said Jews, Muslims, and Atheists Should Not Be Federal Judges” (link)

I know almost nothing about Whitaker. I do agree with his agenda to wrap up the Russia circus, since it is by all appearances a total hoax, waste of time and money, and a distraction from more important national concerns.

Whitaker was speaking to a group of highly religious people, of the same religion as he, and the context was a religious forum. So religion and its relation to law and judgment is going to be the vein in which he speaks. Or was he invited to the conference to put all the merits of organized religion up for debate, and give his Unified Theory of Everything that must account for all possible factors and potentially aggrieved parties?

It’s not as if every utterance a person makes in his lifetime now has to be CNN-panel, 12-hour-debate ready. Some might say, ‘It is like that now.’ I would say, no, it’s not, and that’s [part of] why Trump beat Hillary, and why Fakest News (i.e. media-intel complex propaganda) flounders and its viewership plunges to near-negligible levels.

Of course restricting the scope and complexity of commentary and suiting it to one’s audience can go too far and stray into ignorance and pandering, but that’s a separate issue, and doesn’t apparently relate to this.


11/14/2018 – Amazon HQ2 and the Sources of American Prosperity

Amazon is a retail mega-store, and the only difference between Walmart and Amazon is that ‘yuppies’ (for lack of a better term; where I myself may to some degree be one or be taken for one) mostly embrace and laud Amazon and mostly avoid and decry Walmart. At least with Walmarts, which are widely acknowledged as being highly destructive to local economies, there are some local jobs created, and local businesses that make money from them. With Amazon the destruction is done remotely, from foreign factories and Tech-Yogi corporate campuses in a handful of gov/bank-suckling cities and metros: San Fran, NYC, DC, aka the lands of no recession. The only local beneficiaries of Amazon are low-paid package sorters and van drivers, analogs of Walmart’s shelf-stockers and forklift operators, hardly leading economic figures that could empower regions and communities.

State and local politicians nationwide showed their true colors as they salivated over Amazon. They demonstrated they’re willing to pick the winners and losers, and that votes, privilege, and power are the name of their game, not representation, fairness, and equal treatment. ‘Regular’ businesspeople can go pound sand.

The ‘HQ2’ host cities are awarding Amazon up to $150k per job created. It takes far less than $150k for the average entrepreneur to create a job, and one that actually enriches the local economy or makes a relatively neutral contribution, where Amazon guts it. Many businesspeople find themselves in a troubled or relatively neutral financial position after creating jobs, as opposed to racking up $150k windfall after windfall. (Still, it must be noted that CIA & DoD contractor Amazon’s $150k/job payoffs [to erode local economies nationwide] pale greatly in comparison to the $500 million the DoD paid to train ‘four or five’ anti-ISIS fighters in Syria, who all quit shortly thereafter.)

Over the last year I’ve been in a position to get a better glimpse into what the economy is made of today, and what solvency and prosperity increasingly look like. The answers: 1) medicine/pharma [far and away #1] 2) ‘defense’ 3) gov check in mail (disability, Social Security, high-% pension) 4) education 5) civil service i.e. gov jobs 6) gov/med-contracting unions 7) insurance/gov-contracting/dependent law firms 8) banking 9) insurance. If you’re not in one of these fields, the ones near the tax/Fed faucet, your odds (unless you have a job that consists of providing various services to mostly these people) aren’t zero, but they’re stacked.

For all these occupations do and do not do for our society and economy, they are supporting or secondary economic sectors, not primary sectors. They should make up a small portion of activity, perhaps 15-20% or so total, but now make up the large bulk of it, and the overwhelming share of high-salary, high-benefit jobs. Like Amazon’s retailing, these roles and services can only exist as results of some other, more foundational economic activity. You can’t trade any of them as exports.

It’s ludicrous that a retailer that produces nothing is being held up as a jewel of the national economy, and the ultimate cap-feather of a local economy, when all Amazon does for the US is to worsen the trade deficit at the enrichment of Jeff Bezos, the empowerment of the shadow government, and the often mortal expense of ‘Main Street,’ where the Amazon customer, in exchange, gets temporary, decreasing discounts, higher taxes, higher postal costs, sneakily rising Prime subscription rates, and much lower/no privacy. As impressive as Amazon and Walmart have been from a purely tactical business standpoint (that is, in their early years – before they kissed the ring to go mega), there’s not much of a case they’re a good thing for Americans or the world.

Externally tradeable goods and services are what an economy is built on. All the poorest countries have government employees, police, teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers. The determinant in them making $80k/yr and not $2k/yr is the exportable economic basis of the country. No exports = no power/standing. Of course, the alternative to this game is internal self-sustainability, but that’s a whole different animal; one I support, but for another discussion.

Aside from CIA dirty tricks and the menace of carpet-bombing (aka liberation) for Dollar Ditchers, what does the US rest on today? It has become an economy of threats, payoffs, scams, and schemes. As the outside world tires of us and internal morale flags, prescriptions, delusion, and escapism rise. Hopefully we’ll fundamentally reform the economy, take our due knocks, and turn course before it’s too late.

At this advanced stage, making that shift to rebalance our economy is going to mean that people do the unthinkable and vote for their principles, at the possible, eventual, temporary expense of their pocketbooks.


An aside on the value of Amazon Prime. When you shake it all out, is it worth it? Even putting aside the harm they do to the domestic economy, and ignoring the stench of Bezos’ war and surveillance-loving Washington Post, probably not. You pay $115/year for ‘free’ shipping, which can take 20 or more shipments just to pay for itself. Things like electronics and stationery are usually available for about the same and sometimes lower prices elsewhere on the internet, often with free or low shipping (lower than Amazon’s non-Prime shipping). And when Amazon prices are the lowest, the difference is usually only $1-2, which again, requires many purchases just to overcome the cost of Prime. Whenever possible, especially for larger purchases, I buy for less directly from the producers themselves (where they don’t lose out on Amazon’s 15-20% cut), or from other online retailers who elect not to passionately kiss Deep State butt, track me, and sell my data. Personally, not to say I’ll never use Amazon, but I’ll be canceling my Prime membership before Amazon raids my account unannounced this winter, with a new surprise price.


11/12/2018 – Thousand Oaks = Yet Another Fake Shooting, Apparently

The presence of a ‘survivor’ of the fake Vegas massacre among the Thousand Oaks witnesses – which a researcher made note of recently – is all you need to see to tentatively put this one in the fake/staged column, where it joins 90-95% or more of such events in the US and Western Europe. Of course more evidence is awaited, but at this point it’s a safe call.

The odds of finding oneself in the midst of two of these events are essentially zero, yet many other of the fake events feature cameos by participants in prior ones. For example, a Boston non-bombing survivor showed up at Vegas. This kind of thing has already happened a half dozen times or more. What we appear to be seeing is a traveling troupe of crisis actors on what might be called the World Terror Tour.

Clearly the event producers could just recruit new participants, so why have a Vegas survivor make an appearance? Some possible answers:

1) To make it seem as if the events are so commonplace, experiencing multiple would be plausible, even normal.
2) To put absurd props in your face and see how you react, increasingly dividing the population between critical questioners and blind accepters / believers.

There was no reason to have dead Sandy Hook children sing at the 2013 Super Bowl with Jennifer Hudson either; or to put 26 Christmas trees behind the firehouse, in plain view of helicopter cameras. They like to mock us, and shock us into submission. “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it,” etc.. Disbelieving the narrative and acknowledging fakery would require an uncomfortable paradigm shift many are not willing or able to undergo.

As I’ve offered in explanation many times, these incidents appear to be classified ‘mass casualty’ training exercises. My theory/belief is that state and local law enforcement, media, and local DHS/FEMA/FBI personnel are asked to participate, but not informed that other such drills have occurred. Participation is not really voluntary, and justified on the basis that deceiving the public is necessary to achieve maximum realism and thus maximum preparedness. Only high-level staff inside certain federal agencies would be aware of an ongoing, nationwide program. They could also sometimes just be live propaganda productions, which have been legal against US citizens on US soil since the passage of the 2013 NDAA in late 2012.

For a real-world example of this kind of broad participation see Operation Closed Campus, a planned, unclassified drill in Kansas in 2011, just prior to the wave of fake events. It was canceled after public outcry at the bizarre drill format, particularly the over-the-top, multi-level government involvement and play-acted media coverage (at which point I surmise the program went classified). Or the London subway drill which involved more than 2,000 participants with fake wounds and injury wraps.

Behind the new trend of faked events there is likely the usual one-stone, as-many-birds-as-possible M.O.:

1) The scene is managed and controlled; no inconvenient bystanders who saw too much, no unintended or unwanted human or property damage.
2) No lawsuits from aggrieved parents, spouses, etc., who make it their life’s mission to get justice and find out the truth of what happened.
3) Brings reality closer to the TV studio. Custom-written scripts, crisis actors, and green-screen media coverage replace live, ‘hot’ events.
4) Public may come to accept anything. Believe one of the ridiculous official narratives and then the next, and you’ll eventually believe anything (see Fake Aliens post).

With Thousand Oaks in particular:

1) Track and surveil vets: they’re genuinely patriotic, armed, proficient with firearms and tactics, and many know the truth of the overseas conflicts: that they’re pointless, often immoral, and wasteful of blood and treasure, hence the high suicide rates. Vets inside the US present a significant obstacle to the shadow government/’cabal’ takeover of the US that’s currently in progress, and they threaten the ‘optics’ of $1T/yr imperialism/’defense’ budget, as the Pat Tillman assassination illustrated.
2) Mix it up: clean-cut soldier, Hillary-loving environmentalist, goth trenchcoat guy, quiet non-descript neighbor. Anyone and everyone can suddenly convert into an ‘active shooter,’ rampage through a public space, and off themselves. Don’t trust thy neighbor, trust the government.

Where were the PTSD shooters after WWII, Vietnam, and the Gulf War? There weren’t any, because the PTSD Shooter is a fake character created by the media-intel complex’s scriptwriters, as the Public Rampage Shooter also for the most part is, where the vast majority of public, random mass shootings are either staged or faked outright. Thankfully, the Kindergarten Shooter is a wholly fictional character, with the staged, UK-gun-banning Dunblane Massacre and Sandy Hook as the only two historical examples.

So why stage a shooting in a gun-restricting state? The goal appears to be not heavy, nationwide gun control, which has zero chance of passing, but the establishment of shadow government agencies as the arbiters of mental health, allowing the ringleaders of the media-intel circus to decide who is sane and who isn’t, and to turn the general population into unpaid Stasi informants in service of this process.

As for the dead sheriff’s deputy and dead shooter, law enforcement and the military are common recruiting grounds and undercover positions for intelligence. Simply transfer the newly recruited or undercover agent overseas, or even domestically, with a new identity (or reversion to birth identity); old identity dead. How does $500k/year and a paid-for mansion in London or Dubai sound for the start of your new assignment? There are at least tens of thousands of people out there who operate under multiple identities, and who leave identities, friends, and acquaintances behind. These identities can be canceled and ‘die’ for political purposes.

While there hasn’t been much to go on with regard to the Pittsburgh incident, I find it odd that a man on a one-shot kamikaze mission to reduce the Jewish population would target a small, old congregation with an average age of around 75. Then there are the DHS ‘active shooter’ training activities in the area just beforehand. As I always maintain, there may well be the occasional real shooting, if only 5 or 10% of them, and there are certainly real people who indiscriminately hate Jews, so I suspend judgment on this one as evidence comes forth.

The beauty – if you want to call it that – of the fake events is that if they don’t work, as they haven’t been, at all, or if the public gets wise to them, as they increasingly are, they can just cancel the program and return to the ‘hot’ events of the past, and those in the know will let sleeping dogs lie. The question is, will they wake up and do so, or go for broke and risk losing all vestiges of goodwill and credibility?

11/7/2018 – If This Was the Election of Our Lives, How Come Nothing Changed?

Now that the smoke has cleared from the ‘election of our lives’ yesterday, I notice that all the following things, today, still promise to obtain, based on who won, who may or may not be appointed to the Supreme Court down the road as a result, etc. etc.:

1) All real property (including all public property), all possessions, and all income that are taxable and exclusively tenderable in US dollars or if not, are owned by an income-taxable ‘US person,’ as well as all government revenues, continue to be literally the titled property of the Federal Reserve (it’s written right on the paper bill, in plain English), which is owned by its private member banks (i.e. US and non-US-based commercial and investment banks), and are merely on loan, at interest, for the moment. All Federal Reserve Note money that exists is interest-bearing debt principal, and all FRN-denominated debt is ultimately owned by and payable back to the original creditors, i.e., to the creators of FRN money. The owed interest does not exist.
2) Upwards of $1T/yr continues to be spent on non-freedom-protecting military aggression and security theater, and nearly a half a trillion more (and rapidly growing) on interest.
3) Truly absurd medical prices remain the norm, where five minutes of attention in an emergency room – without ambulance transport, after a long wait – might run you a cool $1500 (with hourly-adjusted services charged at about 2,200x the minimum wage), and where a night or two in a hospital, with maybe an hour of actual treatment, might set a lower-wage person back a year’s take-home pay. Of course no one actually pays these instant-bankruptcy prices, but they allow the insurance and corporate-health cartels to set the rules of the health game.
4) As do truly absurd education prices, where a decreasingly valuable bachelors degree might put you $100-200k in the red in non-dischargeable, interest-bearing debt, before you can even think about a house, car, or food on the table. Of course no one actually goes without food to pay student loans, but it’s another axe over our heads, to keep us fearful and obedient.
5) The national debt soars past $20T at a clip of $1T/yr, with tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities, making promises of Social Security and Medicare for any Americans under age 55 or 60 (if not older) completely and utterly empty, and claims of solvency, good faith, and credit a fantasy.
6) The real value of the Dow sits at 5-7,000 (as the bubble number stands at 25,000), just a rate-hike pin-prick away. And that’s assuming there has been consistent, solid growth every year since the 1980s, where many might argue a real decline or flatline has occurred. Again, a mere realignment of stocks with growth trends in CPI, real estate, GDP and other core markers means a catastrophic 75-80% plunge, annihilating scores of trillions in never-was, 401k paper wealth.
7) Faked and staged events abound, chemtrails fall, and rates of cancer, dementia, once-rare allergies and immune disorders, reproductive and hormonal issues, and other manner of ailments steadily rise.

In other words, the average citizen in ‘our democracy’ continues to be held firmly by the _____, while being ______ up the ___, big-league/bigly. The above observations aren’t doom and gloom, they’re just the absence, or partial rollback, of delusion.

Yes, I too met ‘my civic duty’ and voted. I sat in front of the computer checking results, as Fakest News played on the TV in the background. And as I did that I thought, as I have many a time and many a year back, that this is about as real and long-term-relevant as professional sports, which I also enjoy on occasion, and which are covered by said News in an increasingly similar fashion.

To be clear, I voted only on the tactical basis that my five-minute detour to do so might be worth the inch of difference it could make, and as I indulged in the media coverage, I held no hope that any of the above items – the ones that actually matter – would change.

We could have real and well founded hope and optimism, we could take the power back overnight, we could reform our monetary and foreign policy, but it would require the tiny handful of decent people in Congress, not the vast majority of corrupt hacks, to be elevated to the top (and yes, fan-boys and girls, your local Congressperson is in all likelihood one of the paid-for hacks). It would require that the citizens popularizing these politicians and ideas not be shadow-banned, openly banned, and worse by the media-intel shadow empire.

And to rise above the partisan fray is going to require the left and right to compromise and form an anti-imperial, pro-liberty third party, not remain divided and gloat over meaningless, alleged victories at 51-49/49-51 margins every two years.

11/3/2018 – The FDA: An Attack Dog for Pharma, and Little More

The disgraceful FDA has been making headlines in the past few weeks:

‘After failure at federal level, FDA pressures states to ban kratom [which safely helps 5M users quit opiates]’
‘FDA approves synthetic opioid 10x more powerful than fentanyl’
‘FDA approves synthetic marijuana extract for medicinal use [while supporting ban of plant]’

The FDA is little more than an attack dog for pharma and needs to be abolished. This warning letter to ‘Front Range Kratom’ provides some clear insight to how the abominable, Tenth Amendment-violating agency operates:

The claims on your website and social media sites establish that the above-mentioned products [mine: dried leaves with no additives] are drugs as defined by section 201(g)(1)(B) of the FD&C Act, 21 U.S.C. 321(g)(1)(B), because they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. As explained further below, introducing or delivering these products for introduction into interstate commerce for such uses violates the FD&C Act.

This succinctly elucidates the FDA’s official, foundational stance: that nothing from nature is good or works, only synthetic, patented, bank-owned products are/do. Food doesn’t affect health, it’s just calories. Diseases don’t have causes, they just exist. If you want to manage or reverse them, you have to buy drugs, and the ones we favor. And if you dare to say otherwise, we’ll spy on you, SWAT-raid you, shut you down, seize your product, and send you to prison.

Obviously nothing could be further from the truth. With few exceptions, synthetic vitamins are ineffective and sometimes cause disease, while whole-food micronutrients support critical body functions and prevent illness. Psychoactive plants are as a rule good or relatively innocuous, while synthetic psychoactive drugs are almost universally net-negative and often disastrous. Changes in diet can transform health and prevent disease, while prescription drugs merely manage symptoms (very often the result of bad diet), and their innumerable side effects can trigger new illnesses.

The FDA’s cover story is that it’s all for your safety. Given the revolving door with pharma, the bald-faced fraud perpetrated in its campaign against kratom (see post below), and a huge number of other indications, we know that’s bull, and that any honesty and protective action are only incidental, mere costs of doing business in its mission to protect patents and profits.



As for how the below post applies to the Pittsburgh incident, I can’t say. I had no time to view live coverage, and in the preceding months and years the entire sphere of official-narrative criticism (who would often point out glaring holes in narratives, unconvincing acting performances, etc.) has been slowly dismantled by the tech giants, namely Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, as well as by Paypal and other funding services. The only channels left standing on YouTube appear to be fed-infested militia honeypot groups, with any independent voices having their videos blocked from upload and channels IP-banned. Sure, there are commentators like James Corbett who have independent websites, but he and other higher-profile outlets shy away from talk of full-on fakery, likely to preserve their mainstream viewership, which seriously deflects the pertinence of their content.

But to return to the issue of whether or not Pittsburgh was engineered in some way, manipulation wouldn’t necessarily mean no one died. As we saw with 9/11 and dozens of incidents before it (as well as more recent incidents like the Sikh temple shooting, a false flag event where real killings appear to have been carried out by military contractors of some kind), the shadow government, who has murdered well over 100 million people directly and indirectly in the last century or so alone, has no qualms about real death. But again, it has recently become more difficult for often second-hand commentators like myself to form judgments one way or the other, since any non-establishment ‘front-line’ analysis has been purged from all the major social and search platforms also known to many as the internet.

In that vein, there was a Paypal-aided shutdown of Twitter-alternative Gab (characterized as neo-Nazi by some websites, which wasn’t my impression of it; most of the content I saw a year or two ago seemed to be Breitbart-ish in politics) less than a day after the event, based on the alleged shooter’s membership alone; yet his membership on the major networks prompted no such shutdown.

— Oct 2018

If you just can’t come to terms with the reality that many of the media-featured ‘tragedies’ of late are death-free, faked events (and thus the human props in them are, in at least some cases, indeed actors), and wouldn’t spend any more than a minute even entertaining the notion, this video, perhaps the most damning single piece of evidence out there (among thousands of compelling exhibits between all the events), is for you (YouTube version here: /watch?v=kfsInwOGdxM). It allegedly shows ISIS member Brahim Abdeslam blowing himself up at a restaurant in the alleged Bataclan attacks in Paris, where 130 were said to die. The bomber vaporizes from the explosion’s force (the article reads, ‘there was so little left of Abdeslam’s body, that forensic officers had to rely on a tiny portion of finger print to identify him’) — yet glasses, ashtrays, and people – feet and in some cases only inches away – escape completely undamaged and unmoved (what is actually occurring I can’t say; a small firecracker inside a down pillow, overlaid by a CGI Abdeslam?).

The odds this could happen are precisely zero: fakery proven, conspiracy theorists correct, naysayers and vigil attendees duped. Yet mass delusion, while on the sharp decline, persists. As Mark Twain said twice in his autobiography, ‘how easy it is to make people believe a lie, and hard it is to undo that work again,’ or for the unverified/paraphrased version, ‘it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.’ Yes, I’ve railed on this general theme a hundred times, but we live in a country full of 6-month historical memories and 8-second attention spans.

— Oct 2018

TSA unveils plan to mugshoot, fingerprint, and eye-scan all foreign and domestic travelers (If you haven’t been abroad recently, as of several years ago citizens of certain countries were made to submit to a mugshot and fingerprints upon entry. Then about four years ago, it became foreigners from all countries, and for about three years now, all Americans returning to the US are mugshotted upon entry, and the camera terminal also contains a fingerprint scanner. It was already clear, but the TSA now acknowledges plans for biometric entry and exit for Americans, as well as for domestic air travel (and later, maybe bus and train rides, even highway driving).

The shadow government has been treating us more and more like prisoners over the past several decades, and this is why I oppose a wall. There are many other, less permanent ways of regulating the border. More often than not, walls have been used to keep an oppressed people in, rather than foreigners out.

The 4A-violating TSA needs to be abolished immediately. Its existence and antics are based almost entirely on one staged shoe bombing, one staged underwear bombing (where said bomber was escorted through security and onto plane with no passport), and two cartoon airplanes. Neither deep-state page Obama nor Trump-knows-best are the answers to this lunacy. Instead we need reasonable leadership who understand the importance of civil liberties, e.g. people like Rand Paul and Justin Amash on the right and Tulsi Gabbard on the left, ideally together as a third party, which is probably the only way any of them could rise above the establishment idiocy and win.)


— Oct 2018

Paul Craig Roberts banned from Twitter (I’m not a fan of all of Roberts’ work, but most of it is relatively on point. His exile from Twitter shows that the long arm of social media censorship has reached further and further into the mainstream. As Jimmy Dore, whose channel may be next to go, just predicted, the recent purge might have less to do with political correctness, and more with a pre-emptive silencing of opposition to war with Iran (and let’s hope not Russia). The trigger for war? Perhaps a fake or real nuclear/dirty-bomb attack on a US city, or that of a US ally, falsely blamed on an Iran-sponsored terror group.

Unless the tech giants are broken up as monopolies, there’s little that can be done about the clampdown other than to fully recognize what is occurring, that most of the online discourse, let alone the laughable news media propaganda, is increasingly controlled and unrepresentative of society. That way the credibility and relevance of the sold-out court commentators and intellectuals who are left standing will continue eroding away, and lose (or having already lost) the critical mass needed to sway public opinion.

This is why grand plans always – without any historical exceptions – fail, the ‘inevitable’ futures proclaimed by the rulers never come to pass, and the power-mad dupes who bought in end up on the real or karmic gallows. They lose touch, get impatient and over-confident, and squeeze too tight.)


— Oct 2018

Let’s take a quick look at the likely phony package bombings. First, the bombs were exceedingly poorly made and none even partially detonated, so we can rule out any intention to kill. Furthering that point, it was clear that none of the packages would be opened by the actual targets, but low-level staff at best. So a false flag of some kind – i.e. a deed performed by someone other than the supposed: in this case, an imaginary right-wing terrorist – can be safely assumed. To narrow down on a culprit, cui bono, who benefits? Certainly not Republicans, libertarians, Greens, not Antifa, no one benefits at all but the ostensible targets themselves, establishment Democrats, and intelligence and media figures. Being ‘bombable,’ to quote Seinfeld, generally means you’re important, relevant, radical, imminently dangerous; establishment Democrats are none of these things; conversely, they’re boring, predictable hacks who most Americans, left and right alike, just want to retire and go away.

Let’s consider what the non-bombings might have at least been hoped to result in: A) justifies increased security theater and surveillance [check] B) makes the population look divided, and the political climate chaotic [check] C) makes Republicans and people opposed to the media-intel complex look unhinged and dangerous [check] D) makes corrupt, core-establishment stooges look like heroes, martyrs, revolutionaries [check] E) galvanizes Democratic voters into turning out and bringing the media-imagined, unlikely ‘blue wave’ to fruition F) makes the midterms into some earth-shaking saga, when unfortunately, few candidates from either party with any promise or street cred have even made it past the primaries [check].


— Oct 2018

Anyone who does not weigh or at least entertain all of the following nuance when debating the complex issue of immigration in the context of migrant caravans, that:
1) there is a shadow govt aka media-intel complex aka deep state 2) the many caravans strongly appear to be shadow-govt ops 3) the migrants’ homelands, both in Latin America and the Middle East, have for decades been ravaged by the US surface and shadow govts, with an enormous death toll, at the behest of Western/US corporate and banking interests 4) immigrants of the past did not have to pay $15k in legal fees and wait many years in limbo; they merely signed a book, got checked for disease, and entered 5) people born on this Earth have the God-given right to peacefully travel and trade where they will on it 6) legitimate democracies and other bona fide, consensually formed communities have the right to regulate permanent settlement in their territories 7) people born on this Earth do not have the God-given right to collect welfare and other state benefits or vote themselves those benefits, things most immigrants of the past did not do 8) there would be less need and more money for these social programs if the banking system weren’t siphoning off a larger and larger share of the economy, and taxes were spent wisely
… is part of the problem, not the solution. All that said, I don’t oppose Trump blocking the clearly engineered march, based on points 1 and 2 alone.


— Oct 2018

Under FDA pressure, Ohio moves towards kratom ban (The zero-credibility, bought-and-paid-for FDA has waged a years long battle against the Southeast Asian tree kratom, lobbying for DEA scheduling to no avail. Plan B has been to pressure states, most recently in Ohio, one of the states worst hit by the heroin epidemic. The FDA has built its case mainly around 44 ‘kratom-related deaths’ since 2011, all of which involved ‘other factors,’ including a gunshot wound to the chest, a fall from an upper-storey window, and cocktails of highly lethal prescription opiates; for instance, tramadol, which was ingested alongside kratom in nine ‘kratom-related deaths,’ a single prescription drug, has killed at least 30,000 in the US alone over that time, **about half as many as violent homicide has;** several other deaths involved fentanyl.

Aside from its fraudulent death claims, the FDA’s remaining basis for a ban is that kratom, a leafy plant in the coffee family, is ‘opiate-like’ since it interacts with opioid receptors; but so do wheat and cheese. I’ve never taken kratom, but it seems to be safely helping its 3-5 million users manage pain and break free from prescription opiates, and there are no deaths attributable to it. That the shadow govt-owned FDA is willing to lie about kratom and kill tens of thousands per year in order to protect pharma profits is far from shocking, and sadly par for the course. Ben Swann has put out several good exposés of the FDA’s machinations on his YouTube channel.)


— Oct 2018

We all know the shadow government is behind these contrived Latino immigrant caravans. What’s happening is obvious: cash-rich shadow gov pays off the cartel coyotes (themselves intel assets/allies), who then offer free or heavily discounted transit for migrants from select regions, where people who don’t have $100 to their names suddenly have their $5-10k toll paid and decide to make the move. Unfortunately, entire nationalities get put into the crosshairs as a result of the bad PR. But it’s just another day for Fakest News aka the media-intel complex: staged limo crashes, manufactured migrant marches, fake shootings and bombings, CGI airplanes, distorted histories, fraudulent wars, the list is endless.


— Oct 2018

Over a long period of time, I have compiled significant observational evidence on one of the main points of contention in the ultra high vs. ultra low carb debate, about which diet is better for diabetes prevention. I’ve never eaten a high-carb diet (if defined as 80%-plus caloric share), but a clear pattern has emerged that when my carbohydrate levels have been higher, my fasting blood glucose has been significantly lower, as well as post-prandial (post-meal) sugar, on the order of 15-20 points lower, suggesting improved insulin function. During times when my diet has had the most fat and the least carbs, my blood sugar levels have been the highest, though still not in prediabetic range, and when dietary carbs and sugar levels (from fruit etc.) have been high or highest, blood sugar has been low or lowest. Granted, these were mostly whole-food carbs (mainly fruit, legumes, tubers), and there was little flour, sugar, or other refined carbs present. But I’m fairly confident that excess fat (let’s say near or above 60% of calories) can interfere with insulin response, that insulin efficiency improves when carb levels are normal, and that whole-food fruit sugars – in amounts that would give Eric Berg and Thomas DeLauer aneurysms – do not lead to diabetes.

If I had not also been restricting refined carbohydrates and eating large amounts of fiber, the highest-fat diet likely would have contributed to long-term risks of both heart disease and diabetes, and therefore cancer. A certain fat level (80%-plus a la keto) may be too much for fiber to handle, hence the persistent long-term CV risks/death toll even with high fiber and vegetable intake. So back to the original question: does fat cause diabetes or does sugar? Both can. Fat without fiber does, sugar/refined carbs without fiber does, and fat and sugar together, eaten without fiber (all the junk food classics), cause it the most (explaining the Chinese diabetes spike, as fiberless white rice is paired with more and more meat).

This is why I suspect animal fat has been blamed for diabetes, because many people who eat the most meat eat the least fiber; meat by itself, unlike nuts and seeds, lacks fiber and must be intentionally paired with it, and many fail to do that. Fiber, which you will get more than enough of just by eating a whole-food diet, is not just an optional tool for regularity, but an indispensable macro-nutrient that plays a key role in the prevention and reversal of all the most common diseases.


–Oct 2018

As established well enough below, the NY limo crash was a faked event, in which either no one died or everyone was already dead. Why car crashes would be faked was also covered (not that the why even matters when the what is physically impossible).

In this utterly insane circus of a political and informational context (one that Hillary would enthusiastically keep in place), hopefully the Bill Maher-loving, self-styled science and fact-checking champions on the left will finally start to see why people were willing to take a gamble on Trump, when comparing him to the bizarro world that is already upon is. But no, instead they’ll probably call the fact of limo fakery (a clear-cut beginner’s case with very many analogs of greater complexity and implications) ‘batshit crazy,’ and continue on in smug delusion.


— Oct 2018

A frequent theme here (discussed in depth in Fake Aliens post) has been the manipulation and manufacture of events with the aim of stretching the bounds of what is believable, so that anything will be believed and the world will truly become a stage, as much as it already is. I’ve also discussed the varied sources of ‘cancel-able identities’ that can serve as fake victims. This applies to all kinds of tragedies, not just ‘active’ shootings and public bombings: for just a few among the dozens to hundreds of examples (beyond the obvious and thoroughly proven in Sandy Hook, Boston, Orlando, Nice, Vegas, etc.), the Cassidy Stay murders did not happen as reported or likely at all, the Trayvon Martin incident is highly suspicious and appears at best to have been a set-up of some kind, and there are strong indications the Christopher Dorner manhunt was a training exercise.

Last year there were 34,439 fatal car crashes in the US, resulting in 37,461 deaths (1.08 deaths per accident), and surely all but the tiniest sliver of crashes are real in every sense. The recent NY state limo crash is an exception to that. The owner was an FBI informant, had links to [almost invariably Western intel-engineered/run] terror groups, no bystanders seem to have witnessed it other than to say they heard an explosion, and federal agents, mainly the NTSB, took over the investigation. The SUV reportedly hit another, much smaller SUV. It didn’t hit a brick building, train, or mountainside. Equal and opposite reactions dictates that in terms of force (mass over velocity) exerted, the moving and stationary objects in a collision are interchangeable. If a sheer rock face moving at 120 mph hit an SUV, you could imagine there being no survivors.

It’s just not believable that not one of the 20 would luck out and survive in this case, if just in the hospital for a few hours or days. But all instantly dead, without even long-shot attempts to resuscitate? I don’t buy it. In the single side-facing perspective of the vehicle (SeeBS report linked; the ridiculous animation is a must watch; see also video comments) that is available, no portion looks badly damaged, not even the windows. OK, so this is clearly a fake, but why fake car crashes? Distorting the public’s belief standards for car crashes is important (especially in the age of hackable, self-driving cars), since staged accidents, often plane or auto, are a common method of taking out shadow-government opponents (in addition, the more varied the fake scenarios are, the more thorough the dumbing down is). It is convenient to them if the publicly will uncritically accept every tale of an accident, and head to their local candlelight vigil to be filmed by news media.


— Oct 2018

While I don’t make any claims on Kanye’s mental health or lack thereof and wouldn’t be caught dead in a MAGA hat (not into cults of personality or pre-packaged viewpoints), pretty much everything he said during Chris Rock’s taped SNL monologue (described as awkward by heavily medicated Pete Davidson and others), and during previous rants, was accurate. That abuse of boys, girls, and women is rampant among the same male-dominated ‘elite’ who engineered MeToo (if you are blind enough to dismiss this outright, start with the banned/canceled film Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-Up).

That there has been a long-running, primarily Democratic party scheme to weaken and break up black (and white, Hispanic, etc, but especially black) families, and to have a government check in the mail take the place of husbands and fathers (and sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, neighbors). Whether these policies have racist and anti-family, anti-community motivations or not, those are their obvious effects.

There are definite echoes of Michael Jackson’s important speech that large parts of schoolbook history are indeed a fictional fraud, where rarely heard truth was cast as unhinged rambling. Most anything that the establishment and its Hollywood minions in good standing decry as terrifying, horrifying, batshit crazy, demented, sick, awful, dark-hearted, etc, etc, bears at the least some consideration, if it’s not self-evidently true.


— Oct 2018

Greek president to remind Germany of €280 billion in war reparations (All’s fair in love, war, and neofeudal debt-currency scams, and like begets like. Everyone needs to go Iceland on the out-of-control EU and its phony debt claims. Italy and Austria seem like the next to jump the Euro currency zone, meaning they’ll effectively be out from under the EU thumb, like the ‘members’ in Eastern Europe are and will remain, ignored timelines of the undemocratic, meaningless Maastricht treaty notwithstanding.)


— Oct 2018

Study Confirms that Humans Recognize 5,000 Faces (Other studies show that the average person can associate about 500 names with people at any given time. If I don’t know your name and face, you aren’t yet my friend, and you certainly don’t represent me, nor I you. Does that mean we share nothing? Absolutely not. But when it comes to the worldly and the corporal, human beings have their limits: names, faces, dollars, subjects / constituents, and it is vain in both senses to think otherwise.

Tribe, village, town, city-state should be the target range for human-scale political systems, where all or most power sits. Allow power to move beyond the capacity of men and you start to get monsters, more and bigger. Sovereign or mostly sovereign political units can share common laws and standards with other units to facilitate trade and travel, and join in enormous, unincorporated confederations (or ‘unconstitutional,’ as Tolkien called it), but the bigger the constituted unit gets and the more that is ceded to the top of it, the worse things will always get.)


— Oct 2018

I previously mentioned Joel Fuhrman as the single best high-profile nutritional voice for people without the time or patience for independent research, and I stand by that. Fuhrman’s ‘nutritarian’ approach and ‘G-BOMBS’ (Greens [including crucifers]-Beans-Onions [and other alliums]-Mushrooms-Berries [cherries, and other polyphenol-rich fruits]-Seeds [and nuts] mnemonic provide a simple and effective blueprint for whole-food micro-nutritional sufficiency and broad protection against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, that when taken with moderate amounts of meat and fish, also resonates with the traditional cuisines of most high-longevity cultures, as well as with what is available in most of nature.

Walking through a habitable ecosystem, the foods you will encounter overwhelmingly consist of greens, wild garlics or onions (allium genus), fruits (most often berries, currants, cherries), fungi, nuts and seeds, and one or more staple carbohydrate (acorns or chestnuts, easily processed legumes and grains, starchy tubers, tree syrups), as well as herbs and spices. Obviously other food types should be included, but if you build your daily diet around a fairly even balance of these categories, it will be very hard to go very wrong; a recent example: large serving of greens, stewed beans with onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms, moderate amount of high-quality meat; snack: walnuts and blueberries.

Eliminating both fruit and legumes deprives the diet of important fiber and phytonutrients and throws off normal macro balance, necessitating excess fat consumption to fill the caloric void, where I would define imbalance as anything much below 30% carbs (~180g/day) and above 50% fat (~125g/day), and with that profile most of the fats better be whole-food, fibrous kinds (e.g. nuts, seeds, avocados).


— Oct 2018

Vice producer: “There were people who were paid by organizations like [‘women’s advocacy group’] UltraViolet, to try to harness that energy in a way that would make those viral moments that we ended up seeing.” Paid to make viral moments. In other words, this and almost everything else in the media-intel focus is propaganda, as has been long known: the narratives, the staged photos on front pages, the WMDs, chemical attacks, etc.

Now the media is trying to say they technically aren’t paid protesters since they weren’t paid for this job, even though they agreed to do it for money, and have likely been paid in the past for the same work. Fine, they’re fake protesters, protesting on behalf of a fake victim. Do alt-right outlets and cointel shills in the conspiracy realm also employ fakery? Sure. Did Trump? I would guess, yes. But two or 10,000 fakes don’t make a real.


— Oct 2018

Kudos to Trump for ‘doubling down’ and calling a spade a spade: Ford is by all appearances a lying political operative, and the claims appear well enough to be a complete hoax. To all assault victims who have stories with fewer holes than swiss cheese, aren’t the daughters of high-level CIA agents, haven’t authored papers on self-hypnosis to ‘create artificial situations’ or spent decades teaching at psych-intel hotbeds, haven’t provably faked multiple phobias and trauma symptoms, haven’t lied under oath about polygraph-passing expertise, haven’t waited 36 years until the eve of your accused’s professional culmination that you and all your friends happen to be viscerally opposed to, don’t talk in a highly affected way that looks just like unwatchably bad acting, and haven’t accepted donations of $800k from GoFundMe alone, I sympathize with you and encourage you to come forward. Instead of clawing at the Supreme Court’s doors, victims and deluded protesters should be at Ford’s, given the perhaps unprecedented damage she did to past and future efforts to report sex crimes.


— Oct 2018

The Kavanaugh-Ford affair has highlighted a crisis that is occurring in this country and is a frequent topic on this blog, and it’s not about political division or gender relations. It is a bigger epistemological crisis, having to do with credulity and the standard required for belief. There will always be some scheme or ploy to move us in the desired direction. If the citizens cannot distinguish apparent fact from apparent fiction, and are unable to weigh evidence and make informed conclusions, democracy is gone and schemocracy, the rule of schemers and scammers over dupes, is in effect.

Regarding the logical non-sequiturs put on display: that people have personally been victims of assault or abuse, as unfortunate and unjust as that is, or that they can relate to [apparently fictional] stories of victimhood of other women has nothing whatsoever to do with whether Kavanaugh should be Supreme Court justice, unless there is also a preponderance of reasons to believe Kavanaugh is himself an abuser, and there wasn’t, at all. The discourse around confirmation, in sadly predictable fashion, morphed into a MeToo story-sharing forum and general protest against assault, without any hard examination of the evidence (probably since there wasn’t much to examine) that would make these things relevant or not to Kavanaugh.

Those who opposed Kavanaugh on political grounds, myself included (mainly on civil liberties, as I oppose all the other justices; while also opposing his attempted railroading on likely bogus allegations), must focus on reforming politics (or ignore/boycott it altogether), not shutting down mental processes and wilfully becoming pawns of the powerful. If reform is possible, the last half-century has shown that it will come through unity, compromise, thoughtful debate, and common ground, not ridicule, attack (or avoidance), and go-nowhere minority platforms (e.g. Progressivism, libertarianism). In the absence of that, the pathetic 4-year cycles of post-triumph complacency from one side, and indignation, dread, and revenge from the other (when all the while, the same core policies continue) will keep replaying.


— Oct 2018

Documentary from Hearst/Fox/Disney-owned Vice about ‘black identity extremists’ who are being harassed, surveilled, raided, and jailed without bond by the FBI and DHS today in COINTELPRO fashion (an illegal FBI program that included outright assassination of black activists, as well as multiple attempts to extort MLK into suicide just prior to his murder by the shadow government, among thousands of other high crimes) for legal self-defense initiatives that amount to a neighborhood watch organization. Haven’t yet watched and I imagine it’s rife with subtle propaganda, but it discusses an important topic.

Through a mistake in the mail I get a copy of the comical, thoroughly entertaining ‘Intelligence Report’ from the Southern Poverty Law Center every quarter. One issue contained a map of ‘hate groups’ (most or many of which are and have long been headed and heavily populated by federal agents). As corporate-left groups like the $400-million SPLC continuously tout their anti-racist credentials and rally blacks and people of color towards the Democratic cause and away from ‘old white men,’ it’s worth noting that in the report there were 4x times more ‘black nationalist’ groups listed than any other kind of group (some of the other categories were white nationalist, environmental, animal rights, [non-black] Native-American nationalist), and that a large percentage of the organizations appeared to be religious and historical societies, not political groups.

Any person or group asserting any kind of sovereignty/independence or seeking a fundamental change to the status quo (including its historical narratives) is an extremist or hate group to the bank-owned corporate left (and right). Same as it ever was, the rulers hate dissent; don’t be fooled by the new labels and new divisionary tactics.

And for

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