‘Pizzagate’ Is Anything but Fake News

Warning: the following contains highly disturbing images and descriptions; all links are safe and direct to non-pornographic websites and image files. I could embed the images but would rather not contaminate this website with them.

(Note added in September 2017: While since early this year I’ve thought it’s possible that ‘Pizzagate’ was something of a managed reveal, possibly linked to the Trump campaign, as some then suggested, everything in this article refers to real phenomena that are many decades if not centuries in the going, and none of the information below is untrue or misleading. My objection to the ‘Pizzagate naysayers’ was their calling the scandal a hoax or psy-op or distraction when it had to do with a disgusting, urgent, and real problem, and when none of the assertions made in relation to the scandal were false, any ulterior political or other motivations there might have been notwithstanding).

Following Hillary Clinton’s election loss, the ‘mainstream media’ propaganda outlets, the kings and queens of fakery, have spun into a frenzy over the threat that ‘fake news’ and Russian propaganda pose to our country. Anyone who speaks counter to the corporate news media’s narrative has been labeled as a ‘purveyor of fake news’ and ‘witting or unwitting instrument of Russian propaganda.’ The Washington Post even created a ‘black list’ through its proxy website ‘Prop or Not,’ where anyone who has disagreed with the mainstream propaganda narrative is ludicrously branded as working for ‘the Russians,’ whether they know it or not, echoing George W. Bush’s ‘either with us or with the Terrorists‘ mantra (notice convicted child abuser and former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert seated behind Bush). Were this blog big enough, it undoubtedly would have made their cut as ‘Russian.’

But even before Hillary’s defeat, the term had begun to make the rounds. First seized on by news outlets in late October, it was directly coincident, possibly to the day, with the breaking of the so-called ‘Pizzagate’ scandal, where Clinton-server emails recovered by WikiLeaks uncovered communications appearing to refer to child sex abuse (and kidnapping, and murder), and independent researchers obtained and archived now-deleted social media content related to same. Snopes, Wikipedia, and other mouthpieces of establishment propaganda instantly deemed the damning reports as ‘fake news,’ and labeled it the most egregious and dangerous of fake news themes now in play. Never once was the evidence for the theory laid out for public examination, since just a glimpse of it would show that there is most certainly ‘something to see here.’ Even the article for the ‘debunked conspiracy theory’ on heavily politicized Wikipedia, locked from edits as usual, does not cite any of the evidence on which the theory is founded.

The totality of the following evidence speaks for itself as strong evidence of child sex abuse, trafficking, and even murder. I believe any rational person will see enough smoke to conclude that there is fire, that the people involved are in fact serial child abusers, not pizza fanatics or eccentric but harmless art collectors. While names must be named to tell the story, this is not intended as a witch hunt. Readers are asked to view the cited evidence critically and at its primary source, and to form their own independent judgments. The bigger issue here is not the identity of the people involved or what ultimately happens to them (though that must include public pressure that results in removal from our government, even if criminal wrongdoing cannot be proven in court), it’s the inescapable fact that the power structure we live under is not honorable, dignified, or secure, but is insane and reckless, immoral, and rotten to the core. ‘House’ must be cleaned and reformed, first and foremost to prevent this from continuing into the future, and better still to keep its well-connected perpetrators from escaping justice for their past crimes, if justice can be expected from a system currently rife with these criminals themselves.

I dislike the term Pizzagate since it is a silly, glib description for a scandal that appears to involve the rape and murder of infants and small children, but will use it here since no alternative term has been coined. And while it disgusts me to go into graphic discussion of child sex and murder, let alone do so in publicly accessible blog posts, I feel the subject is too important to ignore.


The ‘Pizza’ Language


The first task in understanding Pizzagate is to establish that the language and symbols- namely, pizza, pasta, cheese, hot dog, chicken, ping pong, walnut, handkerchief, map, dominos- that were used in the WikiLeaks emails, on social media accounts linked to Comet Ping Pong, and in other evidence cited, including correspondence about and between Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton, do refer to things other than which the words normally refer (and then to establish that those things relate to sex and sex abuse). A few of the emails make it eminently obvious that this is the case.


The most frequently cited email is one between Susan Sandler of major Clinton donor the Sandler Foundation and John Podesta, CC’d to Herb Sandler, billionaire chief of the foundation. Podesta is a major Democratic Party ‘operative’ and Clinton’s chief of staff. The email reads:

‘The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems pizza-related . . . It was black w/ white.’

Some questions the most naive person who does not instantly recognize code language might begin to ask after seeing this could be A) how many people do I know who use handkerchiefs, let alone checkered black-and-white ones? B) have I ever seen a map on a handkerchief? C) have I ever seen a map that would be described as apparently but not certainly related to pizza? D) what are the odds of encountering all of these things together, i.e. a checkered handkerchief, with a map on it, that appears to be but is not certainly related to pizza?

Clearly we are dealing with code, the question is for what? After examining all the forthcoming evidence it will become clear that pizza refers in some way to sexual acts. The most precise meaning seems to be that of ‘[getting some] ass’ or ‘nookie,’ i.e. general sexual activity by men or women with men or women. And as will be demonstrated, not just any sex, but non-consensual or semi-consensual sexual activity with male or female prostitutes, trafficked sex slaves, or people otherwise designated as sexual objects and not peers of the other party involved, including in Satanic sexual abuse rituals, as will be evidenced later.

Cheese pizza is a long-used code word for child pornography, or CP as it is also called (1). This, along with the wealth of evidence that will be posted below, establish that pizza does indeed refer to something both sexual and illicit, not some other illegal vice, e.g. drugs. If pizza refers to sex in the way described above, then what does map refer to? If a physical object has a ‘map’ on it that is apparently but not certainly related to sex, I think we can infer that map is a stain or mark, probably from some kind of body fluid. Next we might look at the reference to the ‘handkerchief’ being black with white. In the long-used ‘hanky code,’ the color black refers to S&M sex. White can refer to virgins, minors, or children. Putting this all together, the realtor appears to be saying that Podesta left behind some kind of small, mail-able object, perhaps a towel, cloth, or garment, with sex-related body fluids on it resulting from non- or semi-consensual S&M sex with minors or children, likely including blood due to the nature of the sex, hence the need for the ‘black-and-white’ descriptor. Since the realtor offers to either throw the object away or hold it for Podesta, eliminating the possibility that the cloth item may be viewed by Podesta as sensitive, inculpatory evidence, we can assume that the realtor thinks Podesta may be interested in keeping it as a perverse memento, a common practice among abusers.


Another oft cited example of coded language in the emails is between Herb Sandler and Podesta. In it Sandler says:

‘P.S. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?’

Dominos are black and white, and domino has been used as a codeword for domination [sex], or the D in BDSM (1, 2, 3) So we can infer that this is another reference to S&M sex with minors. As code for child pornography, cheese means child. Based on its use in other emails, this meaning would be redundant. Cheese and pasta are clearly code, and as will become clearer later, cheese in this context refers to either gender or age, with cheese being very young children, let’s say under the age of 8 or 10, and pasta perhaps adolescent or pre-adolesecent children, or sexual activity with such. The other possibility is that cheese refers to young boys or girls, and pasta the opposite gender. Another of Sandler’s emails may help clarify:

‘Mary and John [Podesta], I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have been long in place. I immediately realized something was different by the shape of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the square shaped box. Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy.’

Based on the ‘dominos’ email, we know that pasta and cheese do not refer to foods, so it is clear code language is again being used, made more obvious by the playfulness of Sandler’s writing. One might then ask, what are the ‘strategies long in place’ regarding the delivery of ‘cheese’ and ‘pasta’? Sandler appears to be discussing the careful, clandestine delivery of trafficked individuals for sexual abuse, perhaps in some kind of box or crate containing a cage, though this interpretation may be too literal. The more elongated or rectangular the ‘box,’ the older the person, the squarer, the younger. References to shape of the ‘box’ make it more likely that cheese and pasta refer to age than gender. Assuming the latter, Sandler would be asking Podesta whether he will have a more satisfying experience having S&M sex with young children, or with adolescents.


To provide some more examples, the following is from State Department envoy Todd Stern to John Podesta:

‘The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…’

John Podesta is a multi-millionaire and does not have a hot dog stand in Hawaii. Hot dog is another code word that may mean underage male, or, as a counterpart to ‘pizza,’ denote sexual activity with specifically male prostitutes or trafficked persons. Stern would appear to be yearning for Podesta’s access to and perhaps venue for sex with such males in Hawaii.


From Stratfor employee Fred Burton to Don Kuykendall and other Stratfor employees:

‘Subject: RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago, assume we are using the same channels?’ Response: ‘As long we get the same “waitresses”

No one would spend $65,000 to ‘fly in’ pizza and hot dogs for a small party. This equates to over 3,500 pizzas or 60,000 hot dogs. Moreoever, it is illegal to bring mass quantities of outside food into the White House. All food is prepared on-site for security reasons. The ‘same channels’ Burton speaks of availing himself of clearly do not relate to food. The wrapping of the word waitresses in quotations confirms code is being used.


Jim Steyer, ‘child advocate’ and founder of Common Sense Media, wrote to Mary Podesta, John Podesta, and his billionaire brother Tom Steyer:

Subject: Re: Walnut sauce! ing
Indeed, Mary. :).
I’m coming to town the week after next and will bring some walnuts!

Then to John:

Hey John,
We know you’re a true master of cuisine and we have appreciated that for years …
But walnut sauce for the pasta? Mary, plz tell us the straight story, was the sauce actually very tasty?
Love to all the Podestas from the Steyers!


Walnut is pedophile slang for the genitals of a young girl. While walnut sauce is indeed used in some northern Italian cuisine, does Steyer’s cutesy delivery suggest he is actually talking about that, given the established use of other pedophile code and overwhelming evidence people in the email chain are interested in sex with children? As far as I’m concerned, most certainly not.


From Hillary Clinton’s Department of State chief of staff to Cheryl Mills to Clinton:

‘With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch…’

Chicken is pedophile slang for a young boy. Moloch is a Canaanite god to whom normally children and babies, and occasionally large animals, not chickens, were sacrificed. At the annual Bohemian Grove meeting (the political attendees of which are primarily Republicans, lest anyone think this was solely a Democratic Party issue), participants perform a mock sacrifice to a giant statue of Moloch. On his Instagram account, Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis tags a picture of a man holding a baby with ‘#chickenlovers,’ pedophile slang for an adult man who seeks out sex with male minors. While Mills’s email is still likely code for something else given its undisguised nature, it is nevertheless noteworthy and disturbing.


In an email from Tamera Luzzatto, director of Pew Charitable Trusts and associate of Hillary Clinton, to John Podesta and others, Luzzatto says:

‘We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.’

When we have strong evidence that all or nearly all of the people in the email chain, including John, Tony Podesta, are open pedophiles, we can only assume the worst intention in their idea of entertainment, and in the listing of the children’s ages, particularly the ‘almost 7.’ Who would describe a child as almost 7, unless the age was of particular interest to a pedophile with strict age preferences? That Luzzatto is related to the children is disturbingly not evidence that things are on the up and up. Anyone who has read on ritual sex abuse or child sex abuse in general (or simply seen news stories on it) knows that pedophiles often abuse their own children and ‘lend’ them to others for sex.


From White House senior communications advisor Jennifer Palmieri in an email to John Podesta’s assistant Eryn Sepp, canceling ‘dinner’ plans (which were at a somewhat distant locale) due to a snowstorm in March 2015:

‘Have to settle for the pasta john gave us at Christmas. Really sorry to miss.’

Is it normal for anyone, let alone a wealthy person, to eat 3-month old pasta dishes? Again, this is almost certainly code that may refer to sex with adolescents.


From John Podesta to White House communications advisor Tara McGuiness:

‘Thx for coming out. Always happy to babysit.’

No comment necessary.

If you have doubts that references to pizza relate to sex, specifically sex that relates to the occult, see these links to images recovered from Instagram and social media accounts connected to Comet Ping Pong and Clinton and Podesta associates including James Alefantis (NSFW): link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link (with more to come in links below).


How James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong Relate to the Podesta Emails


Little to nothing is known about James Alefantis before he opened Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC in 2006. Seven years after that he was ranked the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC by GQ magazine, though he continues to be portrayed by the media as a humble pizza shop owner flabbergasted by wild, baseless conspiracy theories surrounding his restaurant. As you might have guessed, nothing could be further from the truth. Alefantis was originally linked to ‘Pizzagate’ through emails to John Podesta, and the use of his restaurant to host Clinton campaign and Democratic Party functions. Comet Ping Pong has received tens of thousands in ‘donations’ from both George Soros (via American Bridge PAC, founded and run by Alefantis’s longtime boyfriend and Clinton campaign strategist David Brock) (1) and the Clinton Foundation. Barack Obama’s campaign held phone banks at Comet Ping Pong (1, 2) and apparently invited Alefantis into the White House on at least five occasions (1).

Some of the major evidence implicating Alefantis in the scandal is contained within his social media postings, which have since been deleted or set to private. Many of these postings were archived before they were blocked from public access and are linked below. A large circle of Alefantis’s friends on social media liked the images and had pedophilic images on their own accounts. Many of these accounts belonged to Comet Ping Pong employees as well as several members of the Transformer DC arts council, which Alefantis heads.


30 ‘Things You Need to Know’ About James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong


1) Under his Instagram handle ‘jimmycomet,’ Alefantis wrote ‘#musthave’ and ‘#hotard,’ defined by Urban Dictionary as ‘someone who is both a ho and a retard,’ next to a picture of a baby on his Instagram account. (One of the women in on Alefantis’s joke has registered herself online to work as a doula.)
2) He posted a picture of a baby facing the butt of a man in a speedo and wrote ‘ass-mazing.’
3) He posted a picture of a baby chewing on bundles of thousands of Euros.
4) He posted a picture of a baby for sale (apparently a mannequin) with a sign on its neck that read ‘German Baby, $1200.00’ and added the caption ‘way overpriced.’
5) He posted a picture of a man with a t-shirt that said ‘Butt’ on it staring at two young children in a hammock, with the caption ‘why does daddy like BUTT!’ and ‘whatwhat in the butt.’ He then posted another picture of a baby by herself in a hammock looking at the camera, with the same captions (Why does daddy like BUTT? and whatwhatinthebutt), along with hashtags ‘buttmag’ and ‘illtellyouwhenyoureolder.’
6) He posted a picture of baby eating a pizza next to a ping pong table and said ‘nothing will ever be the same.’
7) He posted picture of a man making out with a possibly dead dog with the caption ‘#babybirding,’ which you can look up yourself.
8) He commented ‘that’s me’ under a picture of Pan, a Greek god associated with, among other more innocuous things, child sex and bestiality.
9) His now closed Instagram profile picture is of the Ancient Greek sexual servant Antinous, a symbol of pederasty.
10) He posted a picture of a large sheet metal room that may be a freezer room, and captioned it with ‘oh yeah this looks fun’ and ‘#murder.’ Other users wrote #killroom and another ‘just rinse it off when you’re done.’
11) He liked pictures of child-sized coffins posted by Instagram user ‘werkingonmahnightcheese’ and posted a picture of a child-sized hole being dug in the basement of a building either beneath or adjacent to his restaurant, and captioned it ‘hmmmm…..’
12) He lied about his building not having a basement, when he has referred to the basement in several news articles. A photo on his Instagram account showed long ditches being dug in a basement using jackhammers, with ping pong tables leaned against the wall that were the same color, make, and model as those pictured in the restaurant. The caption read ‘Holiday Joy!’ and ‘Overtime.’
13) His restaurant regularly hosts the band Heavy Breathing, who said ‘we all have preferences’ and chuckled after an audience member yelled that someone ‘liked little boys’ (see also; warning: disturbing). He also regularly hosted Sasha Lord, a concert promoter for the band Heavy Breathing whose album art depicts Satanic imagery and the victims of serial killers. The band Sex Stains, who also frequently performs at Comet Ping Pong, displays ‘Boy Lover‘ pedophile symbols in their music videos.
14) His restaurant’s bathroom, which has a hidden entrance, had ‘shut up and fuck. amen.’ written on the walls in a conversation bubble.
15) The walls in the restaurant’s the ping pong table area bear paintings of nude adults tearing the heads off of childrens’ bloody bodies, and in others holding small heads. One of the figures has a large ‘all-seeing’ eye on her chest, and in one mural Satan, or some red, horned creature, is depicted massaging a nude women who may be having sex with a child. Another mural inside the bathroom shows a man playing ping pong (against a child-sized, alien-like figure) with one hand and masturbating and ejaculating underneath the table with the other.
16) His restaurant’s sign has four inverted pentagrams on it, also known as Sigil of Baphomet, with opposing crescent moons, both symbols of Satanism. Satan is also associated with comets, which have been believed to be an omen of the Antichrist. Ping Pong is listed in urban dictionary as a sex act involving three people and as child rape by Urban Dictionary in 2004.
17) He posted a picture of a pile of foreign cash and pharmaceutical drugs with the caption ‘ready for london,’ while a friend commented ‘ping pong in London sounds tempting.’ This establishes that ping pong is also a codeword, in addition to the other terms.
18) Posted a picture of his restaurant’s sign with the caption ‘long-dong pizza shop’ and #newname’ hashtag. another user posted ‘#no more #children’ in response to another user’s comment, which read ‘oh I bet it will really bring in a whole new class of people!’
19) He posted a picture of a man in a cartoonish panda bear mask, a cartoon bear being a common symbol for pedophilia, with the caption ‘#cumpanda?’ (another phrase with the initials CP, like Comet Pizza, Comet Pingpong). Like with dominos and the black and white handkerchief, the black and white color of a panda may indicate not ‘regular’ child sex but S&M child sex (see also).
20) He posted a picture of himself gesturing a pizza spatula towards a baby, captioned with ‘yum…baby…’
21) He posted a photo of a girl aged about 3, whose wrists were strapped to a table. A comment read ‘new seating area/procedure for youngest guests?’
22) He posted a picture of a man holding a baby with an orange necklace around both their necks. Orange necklaces or bracelets signify ‘kiss’ in the ‘sex bracelet‘ code system. In another photo he posted a photo looking down at a girl reaching for an orange with her tongue sticking out. In another photo he posted a girl of the same girl holding an orange and commented ‘good.’ He posted another of him holding a baby with caption ‘kiss’ posted below.
23) He posted an image of a checklist that reads ‘Democratic Party-Republican Party- Pizza Party.’ with pizza party checked off, and one user commenting ‘whip up a haitian special, extra cheese.’ Extra cheese is pedophile slang for extra young, here a likely reference to child sex trafficking from Haiti after involvement by the Clinton Foundation there, including the attempted kidnapping of 30 Haitian children by convicted trafficker and Clinton associate Laura Silsby, who was represented by a convicted sex trafficker in her trial. ‘Beyond Borders,’ a Clinton Foundation-funded charity which allegedly works against child slavery in Haiti, sits catty-corner from Comet Ping Pong about 75 yards away.
24) He posted a picture of young girls aged around 7 standing around a ping pong table, with a friend commenting below, ‘double sleepover kickoff at Comet Ping Pong.’ He also posted a picture of a child beauty pageant contestant, with the caption ‘I could care less about my beauty, i just want my pizza,’ which was liked by friends whose Instagram accounts contained (barely) veiled pedophilic images.
25) He has no children and apparently no nieces or nephews, yet his account was full of close-up images of babies and young children, some of which are posted below, which universally received comments such as ‘oh yeah’ ‘yes please’ and ‘must have.’ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
26) He posted a picture of a sign that says ‘cellphone use is strictly prohibited inside la boum boum room, please turn off your phone upon entry’ from L’Enfant (French for The Child or The Infant) Cafe, which is in Washington DC about 3 miles from Comet Ping Pong. The term boom boom is used in East Asian countries for sex purchased in brothels.
27) His second restaurant, Buck’s Fishing & Camping, which is next door to Comet Ping Pong, is two doors down from Besta Pizza, the latter of which is about 60 feet away from Comet Ping Pong. The logo of Besta Pizza is a pedophile symbol for ‘Boy Lover,’ which has since been changed since the Pizzagate scandal erupted (see also). The word besta means ‘beast’ in Portuguese. Terasol Bistro, across the street from Besta Pizza, about 65 yards from Comet Ping Pong, features the ‘Girl Lover’ pedophile symbol as one of its logos, with a very small hand superimposed onto a large hand added to the center; the logo was also removed following the scandal.
28) His menu contains crossed ping pong paddles in the exact configuration of the ‘crossed hearts’ ‘child love’ symbol frequently used by pedophiles to communicate. Underneath the paddles reads ‘play. eat. drink.’ which carry the initials p.e.d., a common abbreviation for pedophilia. By itself? Possibly a coincidence. In light of the rest? Highly doubtful.
29) His name is remarkably similar to J’aime Les Enfants,’ French for I Love Children. He later posted an image of the owner of L’Enfant Cafe wearing a ‘J’ (heart symbol for ‘aime) L’Enfant’ t-shirt and standing next to two male strippers. Nothing is known about his life or identity prior to Comet Ping Pong.
30) As noted, he is the owner of a small pizza parlor, yet was ranked the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC, ranking above hundreds or thousands of heads of major corporations, high-level politicians, and military figures.

At closer look, Alefantis and his companies own at least 15 properties in the Washington DC and New York areas, including several secluded country properties near Washington. (He also makes reference to ‘the farm,’ presumably a pig farm in Emmitsburg Maryland he referred to in a map.) But that still won’t get you in the Who’s Who by any means. His outsized power in all likelihood comes via connections to human sex trafficking and his instrumental role in the production of blackmail to keep politicians in line, as does Jeffrey Epstein’s power.


Back to the WikiLeaks Emails: Who are John & Tony Podesta?


John Podesta is a longtime Democratic ‘operative’ who has been an associate of the Clintons since the 1970s. He was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s Counselor, and Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. His brother Tony is a lobbyist and avid collector of ‘art’ depicting child sexual abuse, torture, and murder. The two run The Podesta Group, a political consultancy and lobbying firm.

Serial tweeter John Podesta went silent for over a month once the Pizzagate scandal broke in early November, but has resurfaced recently calling for intelligence briefing of electors over the phony intelligence reports alleging Russian interference in the election, encouraging electors to take the unconstitutional step of betraying their pledge to vote as their state’s populations voted.

While much of the coded language in the WikiLeaks emails involves the Podestas, it is by no means the only evidence tying them to pedophilia and child sex abuse.

Tony Podesta’s personal ‘art’ collection, the center of frequent Washington DC social functions, contains the work of artists who depict the following:

A) Paintings of men in long cloaks having sex with child-sized and infant-sized figures, while other men and women restrain the children or watch (see also)
B) Paintings of men receiving oral sex from a line of toddler-sized female figures (1), as well as forced oral sex from young boys
C) Images of dead children discarded in woods and swamps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
D) Paintings of young children in their underwear, hog-tied in tiled rooms (possibly a pool or large shower; likely a pool due to fallen leaves on the floor), some dead, with trauma to the rectal area (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
E) Paintings of nearly nude young boys and girls around the age of 6 or 7, strung up onto a wall by their wrists
F) Paintings of men wearing bloody aprons and restraining snarling dogs (1, 2, 3), together with those of menacing men standing behind dentist chairs (potentially related to the disposing of bodies) and also wearing aprons, heavy gloves, and masks made of human skin, holding iron-chain wrist restraints (1, 2 3)
G) Painting of a man electro-shocking or whipping a small child tied to a wall
H) Painting of a smiling man holding a teddy bear and stepping on the chest of a child while she reaches for the toy
I) Painting of a man stabbing a pregnant woman in the genital area, possibly performing an abortion, with a small child on all fours drinking the resulting blood from a dog bowl on the floor next to the woman
J) Painting of two men restraining a young child in a stretched pose while a third man in the middle holds some long implement. Suspended above the scene appears to be an image of a skinned and gutted child
K) Painting of toddler-sized children being kept in cages by two adults (the same artist has a variety of paintings featuring black and white checked and striped patterns)
L) Painting of a disemboweled woman lying on a table (see also)
M) Photo of a 2 to 3 foot-long dagger-like sword being delivered for use in a ritual
N) Photos of nude prepubescent girls and of a nude young boy being pulled through a sewing machine (1) (link is to the latter)
N) Photos of nude children and young teenagers photographed in their parent’s homes (link is to secondary newspaper source, not photos)
O) Sculpture of a nude, contorted, headless man in the pose of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, with apparent blood-like paint spattered on the surrounding walls
P) 73-year-old Tony Podesta has several teddy bears and stuffed animals in his otherwise modern, dojo-like bedroom. Recall that a brown teddy bear is a symbol of pedophilia and ‘mascot for pedophiles.

A picture may sometimes be worth a thousand words, but when you actually describe what is being depicted (instead of pretending you are looking at something different, or something ambiguous), it is all the more shocking, to me at least. When one familiarizes himself with the nature of Satanic ritual sex abuse, it is clear that Tony Podesta’s art relates to it. Satanic ritual sex abuse involves raping, murdering, and sometimes dismembering and eating victims, who are often infants and children (and aborted fetuses). It is not an imaginary phenomenon from the 1990s and is supported by decades of consistent testimony (often by very young children) and physical evidence of ritual dismemberment and cannibalism (that is strongly reflective of the art in Tony Podesta’s collection). Again, it disgusts me to discuss these things, but they need to be said. (If this sounds crazy to you, I ask that you spend a few hours reviewing the links at the bottom of the page before passing judgment.) Even if one dismisses the large amount of evidence that Satanic ritual abuse is real and labels it an unfounded moral panic akin to the Salem witch trials, doing so does not negate or necessarily have any bearing at all on any of the other evidence presented here: I am presenting some evidence through the lens of ritual abuse, but through any other lens one might view it it is highly disturbing and suspicious, if not by itself incriminating.

Do you know anyone who has art like this, who has paintings of raped and murdered children on all the walls of his or her living room? Have you ever seen art like this in a museum? I lived in several neighborhoods of Manhattan including several arts districts for five years, I’ve known many eccentric people inside and outside of the US, and I’ve never seen anything like the above. If I ever did, I would assume the person who owned it is a pedophile and likely also an abuser and probably murderer of children.

While most discussion between John and Tony Podesta uses code, an email titled ‘last night was fun’ contains following:

‘Still in torture chamber
Another question. Do you two wanna have feb 14 valentines day dinner’

Given the use of code elsewhere, this is probably ‘reverse code,’ i.e. a description of a room that is not a torture chamber (possibly the movie theater in Tony Podesta’s basement) being termed as such. To recap, John & Tony Podesta A) frequently speak in coded language that is the same as pedophile slang, B) collect art that depicts child sex abuse and murder, and C) associate with apparent pedophiles such as James Alefantis, generally and at pedophile hangouts such as Comet Ping Pong. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, walks like a duck quacks like a duck, and so on: John & Tony Podesta appear to be part of a ring of predatory pedophiles who have thus far escaped justice due to their money, power, and status.


It Is Highly Likely That John & Tony Podesta Abducted Madeleine McCann

The evidence for this is as follows:

1) John & Tony Podesta regularly traveled to Europe, including Portugal, usually to buy ‘art’ i.e. (primarily) paintings of ritual child sex abuse and murder.
2) John & Tony Podesta’s chief of staff Sara Latham was the public affairs director at Freud Communications, run by Matthew Freud, son of British politician and thrice-alleged pedophile Clement Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud, who lived part-time in an estate in Praia da Luz, Portugal, and knew the McCanns. An anonymous FBI source claimed that the Podestas were in Praia da Luz on May 3rd, 2007, staying in the home of a ‘Clem,’ the use of which had been lent to them. Freud was investigated over McCann’s disappearance and found not be in Portugal at the time. While there is no direct evidence that the Podestas knew Freud, it is not unlikely given they ran in close professional circles, and that a source, if an anonymous one, corroborated their relationship with him.
3) Praia da Luz, Portugal was a known pedophile haunt. One of the main bars in the town, Plough & Harrow, now closed, was dubbed Plough & Paedo by local residents, who painted this nickname on the side of the building. The Plough & Harrow building sits under 100 yards from the McCann family apartment. Given Tony & John Podesta’s documented interest in pedophilia, it would be not be an unlikely destination in Portugal, whether or not they were associated with Freud.
4) Portugal has higher than average pedophile activity due to its low age of consent of 14.
5) The crime sketches of the two suspects in McCann’s abduction bear an uncanny resemblance to the Podesta brothers of ten years ago. I challenge anyone to find a crime sketch of two suspects (link, link, link, link) that more closely resembles two people who are closely associated with one another. Even details like moles and depressions on the nose from glasses match the brothers.
6) Madeleine McCann was abducted on May 3rd, 2007. The ‘Podesta emails’ recovered by WikiLeaks resume after a long pause on May 4th, 2007. This indicates that several months of emails on and before May 3rd, 2007 were deleted from Podesta’s inbox. The odds of this date coinciding with the point above, setting aside all the other evidence, are virtually zero.

The chief and very weak objection to the claim that the Podestas were the kidnappers is, ‘why would [wealthy and powerful men like the Podestas] do it themselves?’ The reason is because, given sky-high recidivism rates, sexual criminals and child murderers get off on their behavior, including the act of abduction, more than anything in the world. Hiring a proxy to do it for them would be pointless.

The overwhelming sentiment in Portugal regarding the kidnappings, backed by a wealth of evidence, is that McCann’s parents are lying, and that McCann was not abducted in the manner they allege. It is not uncommon for pedophile predators to abuse and even on occasion kill their own children, or to sell them as sex slaves to others. The consensus in the country before the Podesta link emerged was that the disappearance never happened, that she died in an accident and was disposed of and that the abduction was made up to garner sympathy and donations, and deflect investigation into her parents and their role in her death. In light of that link, however, the most likely scenario is that McCann was offered up by her parents to the Podestas.

To reiterate, A) the Podestas bear an uncanny resemblance to the two suspects, moreso than in any case I and I believe anyone else has seen, B) there is evidence John Podesta deleted all emails in the months leading up to the abduction, C) the Podestas were known to visit Portugal on occasion, and D) there is strong evidence the Podestas are pedophiles as well as evidence they knew pedophile Clement Freud, who lived in the town where the abduction occurred and knew the victim’s parents. This is more than enough probable cause to initiate official investigation into the Podestas for the kidnapping.

UPDATE: It has just been revealed that John Podesta had been pre-selected for Secretary of State by Hillary Clinton in the event of her victory.


How High Does This Go?


Evidence linking the Podesta-Comet pedophile ring to the highest level may be scant in comparison to the above, but is certainly noteworthy. Vice President Joe Biden is notorious for his bizarre and inappropriate behavior around women and girls of all ages. In this video, all compiled from a single swearing-in session of incoming Senator-elects, his antics are disturbing. He appears to touch the breast of a young girl of about 4 years (who elbows him and moves away), whispers into and attempts to nose-nudge and kiss the ear of a 13-year-old (who tries move her head away), repeatedly touches young girls and universally asks them their ages, and asks Senators’ families for photos of himself and their young daughters without their families in the photo (‘can I have one with Jesse alone?’). He also says ‘I love kids more than people,’ which would be a strange but possibly innocuous statement, though not likely so in light of the rest. It is something that must be watched to be understood. In video (21:20) from another swearing-in ceremony, Biden reaches to stroke the hair of the toddler granddaughter of Senator Jeff Sessions. Sessions swats his hand in Biden’s direction, ostensibly brushing something off her head, says ‘don’t touch her,’ and inserts himself between her and Biden and promptly walks off the stage, with Biden responding ‘oh what happened?’

Then you have the friendship bracelet from Biden to President Obama, bearing among a few other tokens a slice of pizza.

As far as Obama goes, his coded pizza and dogs are referred to in the Podesta emails. Personally, I believe at least one of them and probably both are involved to some significant degree. Blackmail for sex crimes or sexual deviance is one of the primary ways if not far and away the single largest way that politicians are promoted to the upper levels of the power structure and kept in line with the agenda of the establishment. Few to none are dirt-free for that very reason. Anyone who is relatively ‘clean’ is at risk of going off the reservation and threatening the existence of the racket.

As noted, Hillary Clinton held multiple campaign events at Comet Ping Pong. She also tweeted ‘guilty as charged’ under a link that read ‘Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Driven by Pizza, Anal…'[ysis finds]. Additionally, she modified her campaign logo to include cartoon pizza slices. The Romanian hacker Marcel Lehar aka Guccifer, who has sat in prison for hacking Hillary Clinton’s server while the career criminal ran for president, claimed in a letter that she is a ‘high priestess of the Illuminati and the occult.’ This may sound bombastic and incredible, but considering that A) some occult-linked organization associated with many wealthy and powerful people does exist and B) Hillary Clinton is closely associated with many of these people, I don’t doubt it.

It is beyond the scope of this post, but epidemic child sex abuse by the political and economic elite is a truly global and decades or centuries-old, perhaps even ancient phenomenon, which some of the documentaries linked below help elucidate. Most people who seek to control large numbers (i.e. millions) of other people are deeply sick, or they become sick once they get great power, with few exceptions. I’m not talking about local political leaders or small businessmen; this is about national- and international-level figures. Human beings have limited capacities and scale does matter.


The Media Cover-Up and the Staged Shooting at Comet Ping Pong


For anyone paying attention, the media’s reaction to the scandal was by itself an indirect admission of guilt. It appears to have been the primary driver behind the fake news hysteria of recent weeks. Until this week, the media had outright refused to mention any of the evidence, due to the fact that any single exhibit of it would raise eyebrows and invite public investigation into the matter. This week, the New York Times, who had previously branded Pizzagate as ‘an onslaught of fake news,’ decided to cover some of the evidence pointed to by researchers. What will you notice is that they A) left out much of the key evidence, and B) did not in most cases refute it, but rather placed it in view and pretended its ‘fakeness’ spoke for itself, when it in fact did not. The cover-up has spread from the core establishment media to its outer fringes, as far from the center as Zero Hedge and Infowars, the latter of which is a counterintelligence operation meant to funnel interest in conspiracies through a single media source and to make ‘conspiracy theorists’ look crazy, aggressive, and unreasonable. Though it speaks out on some conspiracies, Infowars comes short of the truth on particularly ‘hot’ issues, such as Sandy Hook and Pizzagate. It recently deleted its high-view Pizzagate-related content and reversed its position, calling the scandal a distraction. Left ‘alternative’ propaganda such as The Young Turks (see also) and The Onion have also attacked it.

The blatantly staged shooting at Comet Ping Pong, meant to villainize and discredit Pizzagate researchers, deserves little mention. An alleged Pizzagate researcher who is an IMDb-listed actor storms into the restaurant ‘looking for pedophiles’ (when it is a publicly accessible restaurant), fires a few shots with a politically controversial ‘assault’ rifle into the floor, hurting no one, and is peacefully taken into custody. Does that make any sense to you? The event was clearly an operation.


‘What It All Means,’ and What We Can Do About It


While I was taken aback by the amount of evidence that has emerged from Pizzagate thus far, and that it emerged at all, I was personally not remotely surprised by the scandal itself, having been aware of the epidemic of pedophilia at the upper echelons of the establishment that was unearthed decades ago, and of the simple phenomenon that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The picture here is clear. The top of the system is sopping with immorality, and we are being lied to about who our leadership is. The only thing in this world worse than ritual child sex abuse and murder is when such activity goes unpunished due to the power and influence of its practitioners. Up to this point, victims and witnesses who have come forward, such as in the Franklin Scandal, have been smeared or murdered, investigators and prosecutors have disappeared or been murdered in staged suicides, and perpetrators have gotten off lightly, in most cases completely.

This country is too large and the prize of controlling it too valuable. It attracts the worst people of society who seek to control others, either directly as politicians or indirectly as ‘powers behind the throne,’ via money and blackmail. Short of (democratically, voluntarily) spinning off into more manageably sized political entities, the most meaningful step we can take is to overhaul our monetary system to a debt-free or commodity-backed system and cut off the establishment’s source of unlimited money, and therefore power and corruption. The combination of decentralized political and monetary power would achieve all we can expect to at this juncture. And at least then corrupting influences will have less of a hold on our law enforcement and judicial systems.

Until that happens everyone deep inside the establishment regardless of party must be rejected by voters as (in all likelihood) irreparably corrupt and probably compromised in some way, most often sexually (that is, unless there is a preponderance of evidence the person is relatively ‘clean,’ though I think this is very rarely if ever the case because of the way blackmail is used to promote people to the national-level political structure and because of the way power itself corrupts those who hold it no matter who they were before entering office), and the so-called mainstream media must be ignored in favor of alternative sources of information. Stop voting for career politicians, stop believing the incessantly lying media that attacks this scandal as ‘fake news,’ and we can have some hope of flushing this evil from positions of power and influence in our society.

Update 1/18/17: While I tried to include most of the evidence I was aware of at the time in this post, collaborative research on voat.co and other websites (Reddit has banned the main discussion forum on the subject) has uncovered much more since, to the point where the above now only comprises 25% or 50% of evidence. I encourage everyone to both confirm for yourselves what has been posted here and look into new evidence as it continues being discovered.


Further Reading and Research

Voat,co (similar to Reddit, who has banned discussion of Pizzagate)
Gab.ai (similar to Twitter, who has heavily censored discussion of the subject)
Pastebin of relevant links on the subject
Slideshow of some of the Instagram-related evidence
Conspiracy of Silence documentary
Boys for Sale documentary
Documentary on epidemic of pedophilia in politics
Documentary on Satanic ritual abuse in the UK
Documentary on Satanic ritual abuse in France
Testimony on Satanic ritual abuse in the UK


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  1. This is, by far, the most succinct and organized research that I have seen on Pizzagate. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together and for being utterly disgusted and outraged over this absolutely filthy crime. I am going to share this with as many as I can because many people are still unaware about the scope of this heinous crime.

    Everything is a lie….everything.

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