Phantom ‘Jihadists’ and Muslim Immigration

Contrary to recent themes in news media and political rhetoric, there are few to no hidden, violent ISIS ‘jihadists’ (a made-up word coined in the 1990s) among Muslim immigrants and natives in Europe or the US, and there were no Al Qaeda ‘sleeper cells’ either, since virtually all Islam-related terror plots in American history have been either hatched and enabled by law enforcement or entirely staged or faked. The idea of the global Islamic terrorist, and the international terrorist in general, has been dreamt up out of nothing by those in power, perhaps from the expectation that such a person might one day exist, and has never had any authentic, real-life embodiment (or if it has, there is no evidence of it). It is the stuff of Hollywood, and it has been injected into the ‘official’ version of reality of much of the West via both semi-real and completely fabricated cinematic productions by intelligence agencies and news media. Like most human beings everywhere else, the overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants are normal, peaceful people. They are fleeing their families, cultures, and sunny homelands solely because of the almost 100-year-old Western destabilization campaign in the Middle East, and they will continue to do so until we stop wreaking havoc there. Ironically, they are in general acutely aware that ISIS is a product of intelligence agencies (but often afraid to say it publicly), while many native-born people around them are repeatedly tricked into backing wars and the dismantling of civil liberties based on the threat of manufactured enemies like Al Qaeda and ISIS, and are therefore potentially at least as dangerous to society as any amount of immigration might be.

Immigrants aren’t members of ISIS, because ISIS does not exist as any kind of global organization. It was created by Western intelligence agencies to break up Syria and Iraq as part of a larger campaign to undermine Afro-Eurasian stability, which would render North American and Western European (and allied) governments less relevant economically and geopolitically, and make the financial interests that own them lose control of natural resources. By created I mean they provided money for its vehicles and buildings, provided money to pay its salaries, aided in recruiting and managing its members, and in some cases have acted as actual members of the organization. ISIS consists of unsophisticated, otherwise unemployed mercenaries funded by Western nations and their Middle Eastern allies, and is headed by the latter’s intelligence operatives and associates. Its only tactical action has been to take over a sparsely inhabited chunk of desert in Syria and Iraq, not the most difficult of objectives, especially in the midst of a civil war. The area controlled by ISIS currently includes two medium-sized cities and a few desert towns. The group contains some people willing to commit acts of terrorism within its territory as a means of asserting political control, but none who have any desire or capacity to operate outside of the Syrian civil war theater. Aside from the makeshift, West-commanded mafia of military contractors who have participated in this ground campaign, ISIS really doesn’t exist, and outside of Syria and Iraq is little more than a media- and intelligence-produced propaganda show.

Most to all of its various ‘chilling,’ ‘sick,’ atrocity-depicting videos- the beheadings, cage burnings, etc- are fictional films in which no one died. Its known membership as portrayed by the media is also by and large a fabrication. Occasionally we are told about the capture or death of ‘commanders,’ who, assuming they actually exist, are likely just dupes elevated to a middle management position in the ISIS military government in Syria, then betrayed and paraded before the public as would-be global threats. The lower-level members (which according to the media’s definition includes those who were ‘inspired’ by ISIS and have nothing to do with the organization) who are arrested are typically mentally handicapped or -ill incompetents groomed by Western intelligence agents for months, handed dummy explosives, and coaxed into tape-recorded confessions, often under the influence of drugs or alcohol, before being taken down in highly publicized, ‘dramatic’ raids illustrated in ‘iconic’ photos, and then never heard from again. Planted weapons wrapped in ISIS flags weighted down by Korans are ‘uncovered’ regularly by police as proof of the group’s penetration into the West. Claim a mentally challenged person has been ‘radicalized’ or ‘inspired’ by ISIS – whatever that means- hang up a flag in his apartment, and voila, ISIS now has a new ‘member’ and ‘cell’ in a new country.

The Middle Easterners who have come to the US and Europe can’t be blamed for not fighting for their countries, as the countries themselves are artificial entities arbitrarily carved up by colonial powers, and even if they weren’t, enormously powerful outside forces that oppose peace in the region are intentionally giving them an unwinnable situation there. Since the entire Arab world has been destabilized by the West for at least 65 years now (arguably since the end of World War I), and they aren’t legally welcome or funded anywhere but Europe and the US, that’s where they go. (‘The West’ in this context refers to one or more parties from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Western Europe minus Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, and perhaps Portugal, and Scandinavia minus Iceland and Finland, and mention of non-Western allies refers primarily to Saudi Arabia and Israel.) Many of them do not have qualms about taking welfare- maybe because they feel that the West has enriched itself at their nations’ great expense, and in some cases killed innocent members of their families, and therefore perpetually owes them one- and since they are a lot different than the locals they live together. As a result they sometimes do not assimilate well and become resented by native citizens. But far from being ISIS members or supporters, they oppose ISIS and generally understand (at a rate much higher than their fellow citizens) that nearly all ‘terror’ events including all ISIS events are staged by the West and/or its allies. I don’t support a free ride for them or other immigrants, but let’s hold off on complaining about it until we stop destroying their home countries. That also applies to Latin America, where the US deep state has been overthrowing governments, installing dictators, and collaborating with drug cartels for decades. The compatibility of the political and social mores of certain Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia (which contribute few immigrants) with Western society is a subject for another discussion, one in which West-engineered ‘ISIS’ or ‘Al Qaeda’ terrorist events should never be invoked.

The goal of the international cabal that is drawing these people into Europe, and to a lesser extent the US, is to sow mistrust and division among the people, reduce cultural homogeneity, and add to already large groups of  economically dependent, politically compromised citizens, so that host countries cannot unify politically against their plan to weaken national sovereignty and institute a world government; while nationalism and protectionism have many unsavory features, they are some of the only obstacles to this globalist agenda, which is why nationalist politicians are universally demonized by the media. The ‘secret jihadist’ storyline also provides a context and ready-made scapegoat for the outright faked or staged, Gladio-style terrorist events that have been occurring and may continue to occur, including on a larger scale as discussed in the previous post, further fueling division and allowing the government to impose a police state on the native and immigrant population alike.

Unfortunately even American political candidates somewhat outside of the mainstream believe, perhaps wrongly, that they cannot admit that ISIS outside of the Middle East is largely a hoax and survive the resulting media firestorm (or, perhaps rightly, the intelligence agency backlash). Since few people in the national spotlight will publicly acknowledge reality, the best steps we can take as ordinary individuals to resolve these problems are to stop fueling destabilization of and resulting migration from the Middle East by voting for war-mongering political candidates (1) (2), and to stop being fooled by faked events like the Brussels ‘bombing’ and Bataclan ‘shooting,’ so that we don’t get pulled any deeper into these machinations and are able to interact with newcomers from a sane, clearheaded perspective, as many already do, not with propaganda-generated suspicion and resentment. If the goal is for immigrants to assimilate and respect the native culture, resenting and avoiding them based on pretend events and histories won’t help achieve it.

As for immigration rules, people have the right to travel and work wherever they want. They don’t have a right to show up places with no income, low to no skills, and no ability to speak the language and then demand money. For any nation who wants a well-balanced, sane immigration policy, the solution is simple: A) we first stop destabilizing and destroying your nations (i.e. bombing civilians mistaken as ‘militants,’ sponsoring ground invasions by neighboring countries, overthrowing and assassinating elected leaders, installing puppet dictatorships and terrorizing dissenters, arming and funding separatist groups and fomenting civil war, partnering with drug lords and organized crime, etc) and forcing you to leave your homelands, and B) if after that you come, you cannot collect welfare or vote for a significant period of time, say 20 years. That way, immigrants can’t be used as political pawns, and only people who envision staying for a lifetime and have needed skills, a support network, and/or some type of plan for themselves will come. It won’t be perfect, but it will be a big step away from the madness of current Western foreign and immigration policy.

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