An Overview of 2016

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Demystifying Cancer: Why Have Cancer Rates Skyrocketed?

Contemporary anti-cancer efforts focus on screening and treatment (and throwing money at unaccountable, opaque institutions), not on prevention and raising awareness of the causes of cancer, which include xenoestrogens from plastics (e.g. BPA), high-radiation medical tests (1 CT scan = 1 atomic bomb), dramatically increased EMF load (from WiFi, smartphones, smart meters), genetically modified (especially soy and corn) and trypsin-inhibiting foods (soy, wheat, canola), herbicides (e.g. glyphosate aka Roundup) and pesticides (e.g. atrazine, the ‘gay-frog’ estrogen mimicker that poisons otherwise anti-cancer berries and cherries), and new or recently more widespread carcinogens such as (liver-damaging) statins (and other pharmaceuticals) and aflatoxins, as well as chemotherapy and radiation, which dramatically increase the probability of getting cancer again. Heavy consumption of processed sugars, particularly high-frucose corn syrup, should have been added, as they have been shown to accelerate growth of early-stage cancer. Additionally, sugar-induced diabetes can sharply increase the chance of getting cancer, probably due to a reduction in enzyme production by a weakened pancreas.

As these new causes have been introduced, protective factors have gone missing: foods high in potent anti-cancer compound amygdalin (millet, buckwheat, cassava and tapioca, sorghum, flax, organic berries and cherries), once staples, have disappeared from Western diets, consumption of fermented foods and offal has declined, and fewer fresh, enzyme-rich foods are being eaten. These last two have taxed the digestive system, compromising the body’s protease enzyme supply, its main internal defense against cancer.

There is likely no easy answer to cancer prevention. The most sensible strategy seems to have four main components, none of which are dispensable: A) Minimize exposure to the above carcinogens, as well as those that are not new and mentioned above such as phytoestrogens (e.g. soy), heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.; these can be gradually removed not with potentially destructive chelation, but with nutrient synergies like low- or moderate-dose selenomethionine and methylselenocysteine), irritants (smoke, excess alcohol, excess hot beverages, repeated sunburns, solvents, etc.), and excess load on any body system (obesity, overeating, drinking in excess), B) protect your enzyme supply by easing digestion (eating more offal in place of protease-demanding muscle meats, eating more probiotic foods, taking supplementary enzymes) C) maximize consumption of anti-cancer foods and herbs (various foods containing amygdalin, berries and cherries containing proanthocyanidins and other polyphenols, Brassica aka cruciferous and Allium vegetables, especially those rich in methylselenocysteine; turmeric and other spices, and vitamin C- and other antioxidant-containing foods, to name just some dietary factors), and D) minimize the chance of diabetes by moderating glycemic load and avoiding processed sugars. Cancer appears to be related to a natural healing, perhaps regeneratory process that goes awry in the absence of these regulating factors, which were usually a given in pre-modern life. The focus should be on optimizing these regulating factors and minimizing genetic and tissue damage, not treating cancer as a mysterious, inscrutable foreign invader that cannot be prevented and needs to be destructively radiated out of existence once detected. Objections to the premise that cancer rates have risen, e.g. that people are just living longer and never had a chance to get cancer before, can easily be refuted by pointing to incidence of child and young adult cancers, which have risen much faster than the adult cancer rate.


The Trophoblastic Thesis: Enzymes as the Body’s First Line of Defense Against Cancer

The ‘trophoblastic theory of cancer,’ pioneered by Scottish scientist John Beard, holds that trophoblast cells are the same kind of cells as cancer cells and can be regulated and eliminated from the body in the same way, given that there is sufficient available trypsin, a protease (protein-digesting) enzyme produced internally by the pancreas and converted from dietary enzymes. Trophoblast cells are reproductive germ cells (cells that are able to divide and become any type of human cell) that are the first cells to divide from a fertilized egg. They become the blastocyst, the structure that attaches to the uterus in pregnancy and forms both the embryo and placenta. Trypsin dissolves the outer protein coat of excess placenta cells, allowing white blood cells to penetrate and kill the cells and keep the placenta from growing out of control, while sparing stable, vital, non-foreign tissue.

Trypsin’s action against malignant cancer cells is identical. If the pancreas loses function or trypsin supply is exhausted by the diet (or by pancreatic dysfunction related to diabetes), and anti-cancer nutrients are not able to compensate, cancer can take hold and grow. Optimization of trypsin supply, including by reducing or eliminating consumption of trypsin-inhibiting foods (soy, wheat, canola, to name a few) may be just as important to minimizing cancer risk as is having a high intake of anti-cancer nutrients and a low exposure to external carcinogens,

As mentioned in Demystifying Cancer, cancer appears to be the distortion of a natural healing and regeneratory process that morphs out of control absent regulating factors. A similarity between cancer and stem cells, the latter of which have shown promise to be able to regenerate all kinds of human tissue and are usually harvested from fetal trophoblast tissue, can be observed in cancers such as teratoma, where teeth, hair, eyeballs and even non-living fetuses aka fetus in fetu (in both men and women) are contained in tumors in the brain and other places outside of the reproductive areas of the body.


Was 9/11 a Nuclear Event? An Overview of the Evidence

A wide variety of physical evidence disproves the official ‘pancake collapse’ narrative of 9/11, as well as the ‘only-nanothermite’ thesis. We are left only with the possibility that a sequence of several mini- or micro-nuclear weapons were used to pulverize the buildings into dust. But even nuclear weapons do not account for a few of the features of the buildings’ destruction, leaving open only the possibility of more exotic weapons, such as directed energy technology. However, since these weapons are not known to exist at the required scale, and since the scant evidence that seems to rule out mini-nuclear demolition might be somehow explained, nuclear demolition remains the best working thesis.

Physical evidence surrounding the collapse that unequivocally rules out the official narrative includes: 1) Evidence of extreme heat that kept steel in a molten state for weeks after the event, a phenomenon documented by more than 35 highly credible witnesses, as well as three independent, unrelated dust studies. These sources suggest temperatures of over 5,000 degrees F were reached, several times hotter than the hottest fires. The intense heat also melted and bore out huge craters in the thick Manhattan Island bedrock below the buildings, i.e. lava was produced. 2) Complete pulverization (turning into dust) of the buildings. Debris piles in controlled demolitions are universally around 12.5% of original building height, but were <1% of original height in most areas. 3) Ejection of large steel columns more than 600 feet from the building at a 45-degree (upward) angle. 4) Higher incidence of cancer among first responders than was documented at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and not only lung cancer caused from the asbestos-laden dust, but also thyroid cancer as well as leukemia and myeloma, which are often caused by excess radiation exposure. 6) Off-the-charts proportions (over 50x normal) of rare elements and isotopes associated with radioactivity, such as tritium, barium, and strontium. 7) Testimony by building staff of skin hanging off bodies in sheets from the extreme heat, which was observed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 8) Parking lots full of burned out, blackened, rusted cars in the Towers’ vicinity, consistent with nuclear events. 9) Evidence of electromagnetic pulse (EMP), such as stopped clocks and power loss in cell phones. 10) The code name for the FBI’s investigation of 9/11 is PENTTBOM, meaning Pentagon and Twin Towers Bombing, neither of which were bombed according to the official story. In addition, ground zero has always been the term for a nuclear weapon point of detonation.

Using dial-able mini-nukes (0.1 to 0.5KT) would allow the operation to be carried out by a handful of people on short notice (or long in advance) and remove the need for hundreds of explosive charges and thousands of yards of demolition cable. The excessive destruction of the building might be explained by the simultaneous implementation of back-up plans (thermite pre-weakening at key structural points, and a limited number of strategically placed conventional explosives) with no failures having occurred. Pulverizing the building would also prevent an accident such as the tipping over of one of the towers. Above all, the shock and awe and necessary suspension of disbelief for such a spectacular destruction of the towers would make for a more malleable citizenry who would be more accepting of the radical police state agenda that was meant to be foisted onto them immediately after the event.

The argument against mini-nukes consists of the following: that strangely, most paper objects were seemingly not burned or destroyed, consistent with direct energy since the energy destroys higher-mass and density objects and spares lower-mass objects. The seismic records show two extremely large explosions about 5 seconds before the towers collapsed, which is consistent with neither mini-nukes or directed energy, though this could mean that the foundations were destroyed with a large explosive, which might have created a void that might have kept force from higher-altitude explosions from transferring to the ground. However, no directed energy weapons of the required scale are known to exist, and it is not known if they can cause the variety of cancers and radioactive elements observed.

No matter what was used to destroy the Towers, we know the following with absolute certainty: 1) it wasn’t only conventional explosives or nano-thermite (for some time the leading theory among ‘truthers’), and therefore 2) it wasn’t a band of ragtag terrorists led by Osama bin Laden that was responsible for it. As for the tale we were told about passenger planes and hijackers, I recommend the following documentary.


What’s Behind the Increasing Media Deception? Fake Aliens and Other Potential Endgames

The use of outright fake events to further political agendas such as gun control and the erosion of due process and free speech has been accelerating since the fictitious Sandy Hook shooting and Boston Bombing events of 2012 and 2013. A deluge of other partially and wholly staged and fake events have happened since. The purpose of acclimating the public to believing these events are real may be to attempt to pull off an impending ‘mega-hoax’ in order to usher in world government. The most likely of these events would be some kind of extra-terrestrial event, either an alien encounter, i.e. a second War of the Worlds, or a cosmic disaster (e.g. an asteroid impact a la Armageddon) that can only be solved with international cooperation.

The idea of aliens and UFOs, as cemented as it is in our national consciousness and dear to the hearts of many conspiracy researchers, was only recently manufactured by men. Images of flying saucers and little green men have their origins in the minds of science fiction authors and government propagandists, not in genuine close encounters. UFO sightings have been up 168,000% since the founding of the first global governing body, and 82% of them have occurred in the US and its close allies. Magically, only the US, comprising 6% of land area, was able to recover ‘crashed’ spacecraft and only it has the purported secrets. We are to believe they don’t visit anyone else? Before World War I, encounters were few and typically centuries between, and of a more divine or ephemeral nature, never involving spacecraft and humanoid figures. Again, these are inventions of mankind, as tempting as they are to entertain. Such improbabilities are all you should need to realize UFOs, at least those we have seen thus far, are fake; anything more is academic. The probability in a 14-billion year old universe of a 281-fold spike in real alien contact precisely coinciding, down to the year, with the formation of the first global governing body, and with the professed and real need for alien contact to justify world government, is zero. ‘I want to believe’ too, but I can’t. If we haven’t had a real sighting in 10,000 years of recorded history, there’s not much reason to believe our first one is right around the corner, as Bill Clinton, other Presidents, and globalist luminaries like Henry Kissinger repeatedly remind us is the case. Moreover, there is every reason to believe whatever we do see will be fake, like the thousands of fakes before it.

Before World War I, UFO sightings were few and generally centuries between, and of a more ephemeral or divine nature, never characterized by metal spacecraft and humanoid aliens. The spike in sightings since then can be accounted for by the following: fake reports generated by government, fake reports by citizens seeking fame and attention, and real reports by citizens who witnessed classified and experimental government aircraft. These terrestrial aircraft would likely be used to stage any kind of alien encounter, as well as would secret, experimental weaponry, potentially including something like directed energy weapons, which as explained in a previous post may have been used in a test run to transform the steel and concrete of the Twin Towers into dust.


Get Prepared for the Worst for Under $500

Our society and economy rests on a fragile chain of daily, global transactions. With our large and dense populations, chaos could ensue in the event of even a mild disruption of this chain, which could be triggered by a variety of manmade and natural events. ‘Prepping’ for such possibilites has become mainstream, but strategies are in most cases deeply misguided and a massive waste of time and resources. In some cases they’re commercialized, where a publication, e.g. Popular Mechanics, will attempt to sell you a $200 backpack, $250 knife, and $300 fishing net, as all being indispensable to your plans. In others, a juvenile cowboys and indians’ or ‘fort-building’ mentality reigns, and prepping becomes a fun hobby and the living out of childhood fantasies or the plot of a science fiction novel, rather than anything that is based in reasonable likelihoods and could actually be useful if those things don’t come to pass.

While the article focuses on preparations for a group 4-5 adults (or two adults and several children), which costs about $1100 for comprehensive preparations, a comparable level can be achieved for one person for around $500. This would provide means for personal protection (both firearms and non-lethal means), two months of food, water, medicine, and other essentials, including important knowledge in the form of a few print books, e.g. a field guide of edible plants.

Suggested ‘expansion packs’ for both a nuclear war and pandemic are included. While links are provided for all tools and supplies, I have no connection with any of the vendors and a host of alternatives are available for virtually every product linked, should you find a better deal. I am confident you will find the advice contained in the post more sensible, practical, and economical than anything you’ve seen elsewhere, including paid e-books.


Phantom ‘Jihadists’ and Muslim Immigration

The term jihadist is a creation of the 1990s, after the alleged fall of Communism. Starting with the staged World Trade Center bombing of 1993, in which an FBI informant planted a bomb in the building’s basement with the knowledge of the agency, and continuing to 9/11 and beyond, the concept of the international Muslim ‘jihadist’ has been manufactured by Western governments as a means to justify foreign military intervention and crack down on civil liberties at home. It is a made-up and not real phenomenon.

The latest media theme is the threat that ISIS poses to the West. In reality, the group is nothing more than a ragtag band of mercenaries who have conquered a mostly desert region of Syria and Iraq, was created by and is sustained by Western intelligence agencies: they provide money for its vehicles and weapons, train its members, and even act as its leadership. Beyond this territory and capacity, ISIS is a hoax and all of ISIS-related terror events in the West have been staged or fake events. There have been exactly zero major acts of terrorism in the West that were genuine since the 1993 World Trade Center bombings (including the 9/11 attacks), just as there was zero Islamic terrorism (manufactured or otherwise) in the West before the staged bombing of 1993. The films of various ISIS atrocities: beheadings, cage-burnings, etc., were cinematic productions in which no one died.

The staging of ISIS-related terror in the West combined with the engineering of mass migration to the West from Middle Eastern countries has created a new bogeyman of the secret terrorist immigrant. Nevertheless, let’s assume the threat is real. The best things we can do to reduce the volume and threat level of terrorist immigrants would be to first A) stop destabilizing and destroying the Middle East, which itself both creates hatred of Western countries and drives Muslims to Western countries, the only countries where they are legally allowed as immigrants in large numbers. Additionally, B) stop believing staged events and anti-Muslim propaganda that alienates Muslim citizens from the rest of society. If and only if this is accomplished and sustained for some time, then C) cancel instant welfare and voting rights for immigrants, which reflects the successful US immigration policy prior to the 1960s. That way conditions would be such that even an imaginary threat would not be viable as a tool of control by the establishment.


Why I Support Trump (over Hillary Clinton)

Trump is far from perfect. He appears to be a somewhat boorish, gaudy person who lacks self-control and due humility. However, unlike Hillary Clinton he is (apparently) not committed to a specific agenda that calls for the destruction of US national sovereignty through war and debt, and the institution of global government. Hillary is a servant of One World globalists, plain and simple. Trump might also be a tool of this cabal that controls most governments, but there is at least some evidence to the contrary.

Based on campaign-trail platforms, Trump is far better than Clinton on the vast majority of issues, and has a more admirable, if deeply flawed personal background. On foreign policy, he has called for mending fences with Russia and staying out of the Middle East. Hillary has threatened to ‘obliterate’ Iran, likened Putin to Hitler, called for full-scale regime change in Syria, and feverishly advocated for war in Iraq and Libya. On trade policy, Hillary’s only allegiance is to the globalist corporate borg, which seeks to gut the American economy and transfer production to the developing world. Trump’s platform is to end agreements like NAFTA and TPP, which have decimated the American workforce solely to the benefit of multinational corporations. On tax policy, Hillary has lauded the US government for ‘taxing everything that moves and doesn’t move.’ Trump wants to lower the highest-in-world corporate tax from 39% to 15%, which would spur new investment and the return of offshore capital to the US, and increase receipts by obviating the need for strained, expensive tax avoidance strategies. On a personal level, Trump has an immature, pageant perspective on women, though simultaenously trusts women with his most valuable assets to a greater than average extent. While his infamous recorded statement was likely by and large ‘locker room’ bluster, he has in all likelihood made some unwanted advances towards women. Hillary has built her wealth on insider trading and influence-peddling, conned dozens of senior citizens of their homes, hired hitmen to murder scores of political enemies with Bill or on her own, lied to Congress, mishandled classified information, and sent thousands of Americans to their deaths in misguided wars. For a number of other comparisons see original post.

Had Johnson, Sanders, or Stein any chance whatsoever of winning, we might have a harder decision on our hands. But they don’t; too few people are ready to walk out of the two-party circus. Better to roll the dice for meaningful and positive if imperfect change on Trump than ride the Clinton train to the certain, openly planned debasement and destruction of the nation.


‘Pizzagate’ Is Anything but Fake News

There are now hundreds of exhibits of evidence that Pizzagate is a very real story worthy of investigation and is in no way debunked ‘fake news.’ Use of pedophile slang in messages regarding a ‘pizza-related map on a handkerchief’ and ‘playing dominos on cheese or pasta,’ and talk of ‘almost 7 [year-old]’ children not in the presence of their parents providing ‘entertainment’ for older, unrelated adults in heated pools, to describe just a few pieces of the evidence, makes this abundantly clear.

While there is not yet conviction-level proof of criminal wrongdoing, any honest observer of the evidence will conclude the following: that A) dozens of people associated with Comet Ping Pong, several of them highly influential Washington luminaries, are likely to be predatory, sadistic pedophiles who have sex with trafficked children and use the restaurant as a meeting place to organize their activities and scout for or recruit children, and perhaps as a venue for sex, B) John & Tony Podesta are likely practicing pedophiles with the latter having a deep interest, if not hobby in child [S&M] sex, kidnapping, and murder (judging by the numerous paintings of murdered and abused children that adorn his living room and home, the venue for frequent Washington DC social functions); C) John & Tony Podesta should be the prime suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and that D) the highest echelons of our government and the wider power structure are and have for decades been rife with child sex abusers and abusers of trafficked individuals broadly, at an exceedingly higher rate than the general population.

Blackmail related to deviant sex, particularly profoundly criminal sex, is probably the primary way individual politicians are kept in line with the agenda of the overall establishment. A relatively ‘clean’ person cannot be controlled nearly as easily as a dirty one. The owner of a single, small pizzeria came to be among the Top 50 most powerful people in one of the most power-rich cities on earth likely because of his instrumental role in a ‘blackmail industry’ to control people in positions of great power and to keep them playing ball.

As the linked documentaries demonstrate, an epidemic of child abuse and trafficking has stricken the US for at least half a century, and stretches far and wide, into the world of children’s books and entertainment, amusement parks and children’s museums, and a vast number of ostensible anti-trafficking and child welfare organizations and orphanages. Some of the most high-profile advocates for child welfare appear to be involved in child sex abuse. Since collaborative research into the scandal on platforms such as Reddit (now banned) and Voat has been ongoing, the large amount of evidence (150+ exhibits) contained in the original post now comprises well under half of the total evidence, perhaps under a quarter of it.

The establishment has flown into a panic over Pizzagate, defending it with all its machinery, including CBS (firing Ben Swann) and all the other usual news network suspects, Paypal (closing accounts of researchers and activists), GoFundMe (canceling campaigns of filmmakers), Facebook, YouTube (altering search results and view counts), and Google (blocking sites from search results). High-level researchers have received dozens of death threats since the story broke. The hysteria over ‘fake news’ by the media establishment coincided with the break of the Pizzagate scandal down to the day.


The Big Ugly Bubble: The Coming US Stock Market Implosion

(Note: original post contains several key charts.)

A stock bubble nearly 50 years in the making that began with the decoupling of the US dollar from gold in 1971 is about to break. Signs show that ‘QE’ is no longer working. Since the late 1960s the US has gone from the world’s largest creditor nation to its largest debtor nation. A robust manufacturing economy has turned to a service- and consumer goods-heavy economy propped up by import-oriented spending of an overvalued currency.

The bubble inflation began in earnest with the open materialism of the 1980s (driven by the explosion of government spending and debt under Reagan) that was momentarily tempered by the 1987 crash, then came the dotcom boom of 1993-2000, then the early 00s crash, then the subprime boom of 2003-2007, then the crash of ‘08, then the stock mega-boom of 2009 to present. What was at best modest growth since the late 1980s appears meteoric if tacked to the Dow Jones index. For stock prices to return to a parallel point with GDP (itself a heavily manipulated statistic), the CPI, and the house price index, among other core economic indicators, they need to collapse by 65-85%. 80% is too large, you say. Well, the Nikkei, Japan’s Dow Jones equivalent, crashed by 82% after the bursting of the Japanese asset bubble, which was not fueled by nearly as much credit.

The only way forward is to recognize the fakeness, sweep it away, and return to a real economy run on sound money, or at least government-issued money that is not lent into existence by private banks. Burying our heads in the sand will only open us up to bigger punishment. We have an educated population, advanced infrastructure, and a can-do attitude, and can get back on top of the world economy, even above China’s enormous economy, but we need to reckon with the mistakes of the past and knock ourselves down a few pegs first- or burn down the world to avoid doing so. I pray we choose the former.

4 thoughts on “An Overview of 2016

    1. Yes, September Clues is a disinfo piece meant to discredit the reality of no (hijacked, passenger) planes. Simon Shack (and Ace Baker) appears to be a full-time agent who inserts forged evidence (e.g. the non-existent sound cues, doctored photos on cluesforum, among others) into his works to throw the wealth of valid evidence into question and muddy the waters. 911 Taboo contains all real evidence and is a much better documentary. 9/11 had elements of fakery, e.g. CGI plane animations, but was not a ‘movie’; many people died in the towers. I want to be clear that I have no affiliation with you and don’t endorse your content, and believe the Flat Earth ‘movement’ is a massive disinformation campaign intended to make conspiracy researchers look crazy, and to seduce them into insanity and the abandonment of critical thought. I and others called out your Port Dalhousie video as bunk and you made no correction and continued posting BS about Flat Earth after that. Regarding nukes, I don’t rule out that early films of bomb tests in the early 1950s were manipulated for dramatic effect, which is the foundation for the ‘nuclear [weapon] hoax’ theory, but there has been far too much evidence that they are real since then. To say ‘nuclear science is a fraud’ deserves no response; clearly nuclear power is a reality.

      1. Hi Pat. I admire your research work, it’s really impressive.

        What I would point to in your reply above, is your statement regarding nuclear weapon “…but there has been far too much evidence that they are real since then.”. I would kindly ask you to share links or sources which would substantialize your statement. Please don’t take my request as any attack, I’m only trying to start a debate about something much more fundamental.

        I would as well refer you to the research work of Miles Mathis on this subject of nuclear power/weapon i.e. here: . Miles has as well done a monumental work in the physics area, showing and proving how even physics got manipulated beyond recognition.

        Anyway, we seem to have a dual problem when trying to prove the possible reality of nuclear weapons. Firstly, judging through the lens of 9/11, MSM videos can’t be trusted as the media clearly manipulates the content and consequently shapes our perception of what is “real”. Secondly, even if you would manage to see a trustful video (or picture) of a big explosion, there is no exclusive reference or “trademark” of a nuclear bomb explosion, meaning you would have to rely on some authority/trust when describing one explosion as a consequence of a nuclear bomb detonation. Mainstream scientist would fall into the same category of trust as mainstream media outlets, which is zero in my opinion and experience.

        You may say that Hiroshima and Nagasaki »nuclear« bombings would be proof for existence of such bomb, but there are so many disclosures of alleged nuclear bomb attack in august 1945, all proving carpet fire bombing was the cause of the destruction. Photographs of Hiroshima match the characteristics of conventional firebombing when compared to cities like Tokyo, firebombed in March 1945. Hiroshima lacks any characteristics that would be unique to a claimed nuclear bombing.

        Is the science of nuclear chain reaction even there? When looking at this particular issue and knowing about Miles Mathis, Stephen Crothers or Pierre-Marie Robitaille disclosures of science fudges, I strongly doubt the nuclear bomb science is real. I would add, that I think nuclear power plants are realistic application of knowledge of radioactivity being harvested for electricity production. But beyond that, everything seems like a Hollywood movie.

        1. On a conceptual basis I don’t at all rule out that it could be faked, i.e. that seemingly enemy, non-allied superpowers would cooperate to fabricate the existence of some weapon or whatever other threat (e.g. a fake alien invasion/encounter, as discussed in another post) in order to terrorize citizenry the world over and enhance their power. I’ve seen Mathis’s post and from what I remember it amounts to what I stated, that there are indications that in the 1950s and early 1960s video recordings of nuclear tests were manipulated, apparently for dramatic effect. But you also have things like documented ill health effects in areas subjected to heavy nuclear weapons testing: elevated rates of cancer, birth defects, residual radioactivity. Molten rock e.g. Trinitite, Kharitonchiki (could all be faked/misattributed like 1960s moon rocks, but haven’t seen evidence of that). Sharply elevated cancer rates at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sharply elevated (non-lung) cancer rates on 9/11. There’s no evidence that conventional bombs can cause cancer esp leukemia and thyroid cancer. And I just don’t believe the visual effects from the largest tests could be replicated with large amounts of TNT, and video manipulation technology from that era was not known to be even remotely sophisticated enough to fake what we see. I have nothing to compare in terms of ultra large conventional vs. nuclear, and there’s really no way to win that argument since there have been no admitted ultra large TNT tests by the military, and civilians are never going to get their hands on tens or hundreds of thousands of tons of TNT, let alone be able to detonate it. I remain open to the concept but would need to see more evidence that post-dates the handful of cases of mild film manipulation from the 1950s (which do not involve video or photo manipulation of the explosion or its effects; they involve people in the vicinity, fake reactions of witnesses, etc.); Mathis’s post didn’t cut it for me (as proof of total, ongoing hoax) and I haven’t see anyone else make the claim and back it with evidence. It’s an interesting idea and could be useful for people to at least consider as an exercise in paradigm shift, as something analogous to the faking of nuclear weapons could eventually occur again (similarly large-scale, multi-national deceptions have already occurred, e.g. the trans-Atlantic slave trade; see recent post).

          What could be called a hoax is the ‘we’re all gonna die’ myth around nukes that the media and governments propagate, when any nuclear attack of a realistic strategy and scale (e.g. a pre-emptive tactical strike to cripple a nation’s military and return-fire capability) would be highly survivable for the overwhelming majority of citizens who weren’t in close proximity (see ‘Get Prepared‘ post), and would not come remotely close to a human extinction level event.

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